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Hello, I am a 3rd year Product Design student. I am looking for 6 months Internship.Thank you for viewing my portfolio.


  • Cesare Tamagno

    -Portfolio 2013- design student

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  • drawings

    3d modeling


  • exclusive and relaxing space, in whiche Smart Joint demonstrates its stylistic and functional versatility.

    Insipred by the structure of the pantograph we designed a product able to change its own size and to adapt itself to any condition.

  • interweaving of bamboo fibers

    interweaving of bamboo fibers

    the weaving is intended not as a simple additional aesthetic embelishment to the existing structure, but as the sole and absolute protagonist of the project.

  • The challenge was to design a product able to be entirely supported by a naturally weaved and mobile structure.

  • days

  • this is me

    at this stage the first concepts are developed highlighting the positive and negative aspects

  • 2020

  • Storage of the wireless tablets in their base

    two combinated cooking tablets for one large pan

    Privilage the sharing of cooking and conviviality

    user scenario

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  • a practical first approach to the project with a drawings and 3d models.

  • The Van Der Rohe stool is an object easily assembled made of alluminum sheets and a supporting structure.

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  • Analysis: research of the company, of their products from design to distribution.

    First preparatory sketches to familairize yourself with the product and to understand its potential.

    In the third phase you analyze which are the characteristics to be favored to reduce the manufacturing process

  • Gf-001 comes from the formulation of one of the three concepts. During this phase the trolley was object to major deformations in the design of the handlebar, of the supporting structure and of the surface.

  • Two details of the GF-001 trolley show the care and precision of the design that meet the demands of the companys brief, Guitel Point.

  • A thorough research was able to reduce ergonomic problems due to the daily use of the trolley.

    Handle adjustment




    The trolley consists of two floors (one adjustable), handlebars, wheels Guitel poit M (mobile and fixed) a multi-purpose element and a structure easy to assemble

  • A thorough research was able to reduce ergonomic problems due to the daily use of the trolley.

  • for days

  • analyse asics brand

    new sub brand: Restart

  • A sport outfit that represents the values of the new brand

  • Design of the comunication campaign of the new brand: advertisement and web site.

  • Education2010-Today Master Degree in Industrial and Communication design in Italy ( Genova)2012-2013 - 6 months in erasmus at ISD ( istitut superieur de Design ) in France2010- Diploma secondary school ( liceo Classico)

    Partnership Projects2012- Guitel point m- Hand truck design (5 months) 2011- Design senza frontiere- create a new projects ( 6 months)

    LeaguagesItalian - native languageFrench - FluentEnglish- General KnowledgeSkills2d sketching( Ilustrator, Photoshop, Hand sketching and Rendering )3d Modelling e RenderingRhinoceros, 3dsmax, Alias Keyshot and V-rayTeam Work

    passionssports (football, rugby and cycling)cinemamusic


  • Thanks My portfolio has the aim to show you my interests, my style and my determination.

    Contact me for more information about me and to see more of my works.