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EARTH DAY celebrated at CER Head Quarter Office Lalazar Rawalpindi Pakistan Activities involved children of Primary Level -Art work- On Trees


  • 1. TODAY IS

2. AL HAMDO LILLAH e RABBIL AALAMEEN 3. CER Creative Educational Resources PAKISTAN In Partnership with Presents EARTH DAY 2011 ALLAHS WONDERFUL WASHINGTON USA 4. ALLAH Created WATER 5. Allah created The Heavens 6. and The Stars 7. The Moon and The Sun 8. The Good Earth 9. And The Mountains 10. Allah Created Animals 11. Allah created beautiful birds 12. Allah created Life In the SEA 13. Shrubs and Trees 14. Allah Created Trees 15. Then The Best-of All- Allah Created Human Beings 16. Trees are Our Friends Let us see- HOW ? This Year EARTH DAY is for The TREES 17. TREES Protect Us Provide Us Prevent Us Preserve Us 18. TREES give us Fruit 19. TREES Give us Shade 20. TREES Give us FRESH AIR 21. TREES Give us WOOD 22. We use wood to makefire 23. We also make wooden Toys And bowls And furniture 24. We use wood to make houses 25. We must take care of our Earth It is Our Home We must Thank Allah Most Gracious for giving Us so many Gifts 26. Say Thank You All And Now let us begin