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Clint Farrell has extensive experience in high growth, startup and turnaround situations; top management experience in Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, and small business.


<ul><li><p>CLINT FARRELL LEADING RAPID GROWTH AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT NYC / Western CT area | 914 844 2081 | | </p><p>CEO / President / COO/ VP / Director Business Development, Lean Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT Systems </p><p> Confident leader with a record of achieving growth and profitability founded on developing innovative </p><p>strategies and actions; creating a lean enterprise with highly efficient processes; and implementing effective </p><p>IT systems. Extensive experience in high growth, startup and turnaround situations; top management </p><p>experience in Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, and small business. Powerful combination of </p><p>experience and advanced education in business, engineering, operations and technology. </p><p>I built a business in the extremely competitive aerospace industry; managed a tech startup; and turned around several </p><p>manufacturing companies. My expertise covers every aspect critical to business management and success. My </p><p>extensive industry experience includes aerospace &amp; defense, electronics, software development, sports, online </p><p>businesses, HD television, building products, electromechanical machinery, construction, electric power, transportation </p><p>systems, mining, oil &amp; gas. </p><p>Impactful Leadership with Technical Expertise </p><p> Grew an aerospace startup manufacturer at a 20% annual clip, realized a successful exit after 9 years. </p><p> Turned around two manufacturing companies, tripled sales, doubled productivity, turned 8 years of losses into multimillion profits in two years. </p><p> Faced and overcame numerous financial, customer and internal challenges in multiple businesses. </p><p> Led multiple Lean Enterprise implementations, ERP/MRP integrations, and ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality system designs and registration, achieving dramatically improved information flow for decisions, increased operational efficiency, and higher profits. </p><p> 120+ direct reports, budgets to $400 million, multi-site global operational management experience. </p><p>Pivotal Strengths That Bring Exceptional Value </p><p> PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS </p><p>NEXCELERATE, LLC, Somers, NY 2013-present </p><p>PRESIDENT | CEO | CHIEF CONSULTANT </p><p>Startup helping businesses achieve a higher level of sustained profitability and efficiency through effective strategy, lean six sigma processes, and integrated IT applications (ERP, CRM, web applications). I develop a framework for managing that dramatically improves the ability to identify and act on opportunities, </p><p>provides clear feedback on performance and rapidly adjusts to changing situations, fosters continuous improvement, eliminates waste, redundancy and unnecessary cost throughout all processes and value streams. </p><p> Strategy I help businesses realize their vision through sound strategies and actions, tracked and continuously improved using sound metrics and a Balanced Scorecard. I ensure a company does what it must for its growth stage. I create sound business, marketing, operating and financing plans with feedback for continuous improvement. I help get businesses on a solid financial footing. </p><p>Vision &amp; Strategy Formulation &amp; Execution Product Conceptualization, Design &amp; Development </p><p>Team Building Lean Six Sigma Quality </p><p>Lean Enterprise Continuous Process Improvement Manufacturing Plant Re-Engineering </p><p>New Business Development Manufacturing Planning &amp; Optimization </p><p>Budget Development &amp; Financial Management Supply Chain Development and Management </p><p>IT Systems (CRM, MRP, ERP) JIT Demand Flow </p></li><li><p>CLINT FARRELL 914 844 2081 | | PAGE 2 </p><p> Lean Enterprise / Lean Manufacturing I help create a sustainable Lean Enterprise and product/service delivery infrastructure, continuously improve processes and value streams, and achieve Lean Six Sigma results and quality. I remove constraints and increase throughput, re-design facilities and produce just in time delivery. </p><p> IT Integration and Management I help implement, integrate and manage cost effective ERP/MRP/CRM and financial applications, develop a fully integrated IT system making full use of existing applications for improved decision making ability, on-time product delivery, and profitability. I make sure a business is supported with an information-rich, manageable IT infrastructure. </p><p>CFX DYNAMICS, Lindenhurst, NY 2003-2012 </p><p>PRESIDENT | CEO | COO </p><p>Founded the startup manufacturer of aerospace mechanical and structural components for civil and military aircraft, serving prime OEMs and Tier I corporations and governments around the globe. </p><p> Faced dramatic customer demand cyclicality and intense competition for opportunities. Yet I realized this was a major opportunity as many competitors could not manage this and had poor delivery performance. Thus I focused on building enhanced, direct customer relationships, learned to anticipate customer requirements, and provided instant responsiveness to customer needs, which (along with six sigma quality) boosted delivery rates well above the competitors, gaining a significant competitive advantage. Result - Achieved 7 figure sales with 3 major customers within 3 years, and a five-fold increase in orders after just 3 years in business. Grew 2006-11 sales 110%. Recognized by customers as a top supplier multiple times. </p><p> Industry cyclicality, and growth opportunities arising from our customer responsiveness, presented tremendous financial challenges, along with an extremely difficult financing environment for smaller businesses especially in 2009-09. Result - Due to the quality of our financial data and performance metrics I was able to finance growth and refinance multiple times. </p><p> Implemented the Lean Enterprise to optimize operating and manufacturing processes and value streams. Result - Achieved six sigma quality and 100% increased productivity with just-in-time delivery over 3 years. </p><p> Developed and managed a registered ISO 9001 and AS9100 Quality System with an extensive non-conforming product database integrated into the ERP system that virtually eliminated defects. </p><p> Selected and implemented the ERP system; led development and management of engineering masters, inventory management system, and production planning. </p><p> Designed plant layout including flexible CNC manufacturing and assembly cells, introduced standard designs and standard work. </p><p> Led conceptualization, design, engineering and development of several new products. </p><p> Negotiated major sales contracts and financing arrangements. </p><p> Developed the supply chain and negotiated major agreements. </p><p> Developed an innovative way to reach the aerospace aftermarket, boosting sales. </p><p> Led OSHA safety training, selected health insurance, hired staff, set wage levels, developed company policies and the policy manual, prepared corporate tax returns, oversaw bookkeeping, accounting, product cost analysis (throughput basis). Built the website. </p><p> Faced and eliminated a union threat without a vote. </p><p>PHILIPS ELECTRONICS (SEMICONDUCTOR DIVISION), Briarcliff Manor, NY 1998-2003 </p><p>MANAGER OPERATIONS, PRODUCTION, FINANCE, IT </p><p>Recruited as a key manager of a Philips-backed HDTV startup. </p><p> As a key management team member of this startup business unit, I held multiple management roles in </p><p>financial control, systems engineering, operations, production, and IT systems administration. </p><p> Faced numerous challenges in these early days of high definition television product development, as the team strove to rapidly design several HDTV models shifting specs as the market developed and matured, financing and time constraints. I help build and manage the development environment (SW, CAD, board layout), created the prototype manufacturing infrastructure and built the supply chain for </p></li><li><p>CLINT FARRELL 914 844 2081 | | PAGE 3 </p><p>electronic components. Result Rapid turnaround of prototypes for testing and design improvement (cost down, layer reduction, footprint reduction, quality improvement). </p><p> Prepared market and economic analyses for numerous new product proposals, including a low cost TV set top box for the Chinese market, a picture storage and display device, and an integrated home device control concept. </p><p> Financial Manager for the five-site global development team across four countries with a $400 million budget. </p><p>HILLMAR INDUSTRIES, Richmond, BC 1997-1998 </p><p>DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS </p><p>Recruited to turn around this underperforming, global $10+ million industrial equipment manufacturer. </p><p> Despite an exceptional market opportunity, this manufacturer of electro-mechanical braking systems, thrusters </p><p>and cable reel drives for the global heavy moving machinery market was severely struggling with on-time delivery. I quickly realized the company had an underutilized ERP system, inaccurate engineering masters (bills of materials), lacked communication between sales and production, had poor inventory control, high turnover and many more severe upper management issues than can be detailed here. </p><p> Implemented full production control techniques developed accurate production masters, took inventory and put controls in place to prevent it from disappearing, created highly visible production planning and scheduling. Fully implemented the existing MRP system, and ultimately acquired and implemented a more robust ERP system. </p><p> Noting that product could largely be built in advance (with minor customization upon receipt of a firm order), I worked with sales to develop forecasts and used demand analysis techniques to develop customizable standard product designs and prebuild products just-in-time. Result - Increased on-time delivery to 95% from 10% in 6 months and grew profits 100% within a year. </p><p> To enhance performance I directed a total revamp of the plant to minimize travel and maximize efficiency, implemented lean six sigma techniques, created a quality system, improved engineering and CAD systems. </p><p> Managed production planning, qualified vendors, negotiated supplier contracts. </p><p> Turned control of a highly efficient company over to a family member. </p><p>DOUGLAS HOMES, Vancouver, BC 1994-1997 </p><p>VP OPERATIONS </p><p>Recruited to turn around this pre-built home manufacturer serving Japan and South Korea after 8 straight loss years. </p><p> This company had an enormous opportunity to penetrate housing markets in Japan and South Korea with a </p><p>more affordable, safer and more earthquake resistant product, and a prebuilt technique that produced a home ready to occupy in a fraction of the time compared to on-site building. However, ownership had minimal expertise beyond marketing and I quickly noted the result was late deliveries, poor communication between management, sales, and production (all based in different locations), lack of production planning, no cost data, losses that had reached eight consecutive years, and a union certification of the production staff. </p><p> Immediately began face to face meetings with sales and production staff. Trained sales staff to thoroughly understand design capabilities and constraints and production realities. </p><p> Redesigned the plant layout for highly efficient production. Improved the design process, CAD/CAM capabilities and training. Implemented an MRP system and production planning and scheduling. Implemented continuous improvement principles and a quality system based on lean six sigma principles. Met directly with customers (large developers), worked on-site in Japan to learn the product, and attended trade shows. Created marketing materials. Result - Tripled sales from $3 million to $10 million, exploded profits to 7-figures in 2 years. Doubled production efficiency. </p><p> Negotiated numerous supplier agreements and contracts. </p><p> Successfully negotiated the union agreement with no disturbance and no cost impact, as higher sales and productivity more than compensated for wage and benefit improvements. </p><p> Moved the entire plant 65 miles to a new city over a weekend after the owner sold the building. </p><p> Faced and successfully navigated numerous financial challenges due to unstable management. </p><p> Turned over a much improved, profitable business to a family member. </p></li><li><p>CLINT FARRELL 914 844 2081 | | PAGE 4 </p><p>EARLY CAREER Placer Dome, Vancouver, BC - Senior Analyst &amp; Engineer, Corporate Development Team 4 years Canadian Pacific, Montreal, QC - Senior Analyst &amp; Engineer, Corporate Development Team 3 years Monenco Consultants, Montreal QC, and Indonesia Engineer, Project Teams 3 years </p><p> Engineering design and economic analysis of mining, oil &amp; gas, rail transportation, telecommunications and electric power (nuclear, thermal and hydro) engineering projects. </p><p> At Placer Dome and CP, I often reported directly to the President or CEO. </p><p> Created and wrote numerous software analytical models for both engineering and economic analysis. </p><p>EDUCATION, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, AWARDS </p><p> Licensed Professional Engineer, APEGBC (British Columbia) </p><p>Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance &amp; Accounting, McGill University </p><p>Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Civil Engineering, University of Toronto </p><p>Associate Certificate Computer Systems (Honors), British Columbia Institute of Technology </p><p>USA Hockey Certified Coach, Putnam Panthers 10U Hockey Club (12 years experience across all ages) </p><p>Top Supplier (customer award) 2009 &amp; 2010 Most Improved Aerospace Supplier finalist 2008 Philips Innovation 2001 </p><p>Million Dollar Achiever 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 1996 </p></li></ul>