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<ul><li><p>a c s n e w s </p><p>C&amp;EN Celebrates Its 75th Birthday In Style </p><p>C hemical &amp; Engineering News cele-brated its 75th anniversary at the ACS national meeting in Boston on Sunday, Aug. 23, with a public birthday celebration for 1,000 people in the after-noon at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel and a black-tie gala for 480 people at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in the evening. Both events honored C&amp;EN's Top 75 Contributors to the Chemical En-terprise as nominated in a poll by C&amp;EN readers. At the afternoon event, 22 of the 30 living Top 75 contributors received </p><p>medals from ACS President Paul H. L. Walter and ACS Boaixl Chair Joan E. Shields. ACS Scholars took photos of ACS meeting attendees with the Top 75 honores, and C&amp;EN distributed T-shirts and bound cop-ies of its Jan. 12, 1998, 75th anniversary is-sue. During the evening gala at the Kennedy Library, guests toasted the Top 75 and also joined in a celebration of the evening's sponsors28 companies and two non-profit organizations. In all, representatives from more than 70 companies and three dozen universities attended the gala. </p><p>ACS President Walter paid tribute during the evening to C&amp;EN's Top 75 contributors: (standing from left), Dudley Herschbach, E. J. Corey, John D. Roberts, F. Albert Cotton, Mary L Good, Ernest L. Eliel, K. Barry Sharpless, Walter, Carl Djerassi, Roald Hoffmann, R. Bruce Merrifield, Gilbert Stork, Ralph Landau, Alfred Bauer, (seated, from left), Ronald Breslow, Herbert C. Brown, Frank H. Westheimer, Henry Taube, Glenn T. Seaborg, Samuel P. Massie Jr., Gertrude B. Elion, Harry B. Gray, and George A. 01 ah. Not pictured are Arnold 0. Beckman, Donald J. Cram, Francis H. C. Crick, Jean-Marie Lehn, Rudolph A. Marcus, Richard E. Smalley, James D. Watson, and Rosalyn 5. Yalow. </p><p>Guests at the Kennedy Library mingle in five-story reception pavilion prior to dinner. </p><p>48 OCTOBER 5, 1998 C&amp;EN </p></li><li><p>At left, Bayer's Klaus Sommer (left) and Mike Foote (center) talk with Caltech's Harry Gray. Above, Isabel and Alfred Bader chat with a guest during the reception. </p><p>At the afternoon birthday party, C&amp;EN Editor-in-Chief Madeleine Jacobs and Managing Editor Rudy Baum cut a giant birthday cake, while honores (photos from top left, clockwise) Herbert Brown, Samuel Massle (and wife Gloria, left), and Glenn Seaborg visit with ACS meeting attendees. </p><p>OCTOBER 5, 1998 C&amp;EN 4 9 </p></li><li><p>a c s n e w s </p><p>Jacobs (fourth from left) and Centcom's Ben Jones (far right) greet (from left) Eastman Chemicals9 Rodney Irvln, Garland Williamson, </p><p>Wiley Bourne, and Larry Snider. </p><p>From left, Helen Seaborg, Glenn Seaborg, ACS Board Chair Joan E. Shields, Grace Walter, ACS Executive Director John Crum, Diane Bender, ACS President Paul H. L. Walter, William Butler, Norma Merrell, and ACS Secretary Halley MerrelL </p><p>t*^i </p><p>* { </p><p>-t ~ </p><p>* * * </p><p>From left, Dow Chemical's Rick Gross, Jane Anderson, ACS Immediate Past-President Paul S. Anderson, Judith Olah, Woody Flschbach, Donna Gross, George Olah, Noreen Parker, and Dow Chemical's Michael Parker. </p><p>From left, OxyChem CEO Roger Hlrl, Dorothy Hlrl, Jacobs, OxyChem's Brian Kelly, Susan Kelly, Brenda Cook, and Wltco CEO Gary Cook. </p><p>5 0 OCTOBER 5, 1998 C&amp;EN </p><p>acs newsC&amp;EN Celebrates Its 75th Birthday In Style</p></li></ul>