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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>12</p><p>13</p><p>14</p><p>15</p><p>16</p><p>17</p><p>18</p><p>19</p><p>20</p><p>21</p><p>22</p><p>23</p><p>24</p><p>25</p><p>26</p><p>27</p><p>28</p><p>29</p><p>30</p><p>31</p><p>32</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDEAchterberg Sandy Elm off Hwy 539 29.4162 -98.0511</p><p>Altwein East of Hwy 725 to end of Grove Ln 29.6429 -98.0597</p><p>Antioc - Colored - Gonzales Co.Leesville -Hwy 80 - east on FM 1682 - south on cr </p><p>155 - south on cr 120 -across rd. from Caraway </p><p>cemetery29.3806 -97.7225</p><p>Appling Off Gander Slough Rd North of Hwy 90 29.6755 -97.7233</p><p>Askey -Colored_Gonzales Co.Leesville south on Hwy 80 -east on cr 114-southon </p><p>cr. 157 - east on cr. 113 29.3882 -97.7345</p><p>Bading 1 Hwy 1101 on left at County Line 29.7499 -98.0001</p><p>Bading 2Centerpoint Rd to Francis Harris Ln, North 1/4 mile </p><p>on right in pasture 29.7678 -97.9847</p><p>BartelsSouth of IH35 on Hwy 46, West to corner of River </p><p>Rock and Lake Front ave. 29.6903 -98.0886</p><p>Bauer Hwy 46 N, left on Elm Grove Rd, half mile on left 29.6295 -98.0332</p><p>Beall - (Wilson Co) FM 1346 north from HWY 87-left on cemetery lan, </p><p>1/2 mile on left side 29.3694 -98.1681</p><p>Behrendt Hwy 123 N.-FM758 west-between Swanson Rd. &amp; Huber Rd.-north side-north east part of field</p><p>29.7076 -97.9850</p><p>Belmont North of Belmont on Hwy 80 29.5269 -97.6838</p><p>Belmont-colored-(Gonz. Co.) in front of Belmont white cemetery-200 yds.on west side of Hwy 80 &amp; 90A intersection</p><p>29.5269 -97.6834</p><p>Bender 20652 South Hwy. 123 29.4174 -97.9657</p><p>BeutnagelBeutnagel Lane off Hwy 775 to end of lane 1/4 miles </p><p>to east by pond 29.4972 -98.0761</p><p>Beyeron Gin Rd and Blacksmith Way near Hwy 2538 just </p><p>outside Guadalupe County line 29.4826 -98.1700</p><p>Bielke (Larry Wayne) 235 Pankau Rd. - front yard 29.5718 -97.8880</p><p>Bird Southwest corner-Stagecoach and Hwy 725 29.5691 -98.0381</p><p>Blumberg McQueeny on Happy Haven Rd 29.6137 -98.0445</p><p>Bodemann West Zipp Rd off Hwy 725 29.6305 -98.0993</p><p>Boecker Leisner Road 29.519 -98.0421</p><p>Bonner-McIntyre100 yds north of old colony Rd &amp; Jakes Colony </p><p>intersection onwest side in field 29.4247 -97.9883</p><p>Bottego Memorial 2424 North Austin St 29.5940 -97.9651</p><p>Bracken - (Comal Co.) Northwesr corner - Hwy 482 &amp; Bracken Cemetery </p><p>Rd. 29.6088 -98.3270</p><p>Braune Hwy 1339 ro Hermann Rd-Halfway down road on </p><p>left, half mile in field to west 29.7602 -97.8864</p><p>Braune, Urban, RandowNortheast corner-Braune and Centerpoint Rd ehind </p><p>house in field about 200 yards 29.7780 -97.9627</p><p>Bremer 280 Ridge Crest, Lake Ridge Subdivisionm Rudeoff Rd 29.602 -98.0272</p><p>Brenner Brenner Lane off Capote Rd-Hwy 466 29.5154 97.8434</p><p>Britton-Robinson - (Wilson Co)2mi. SE of LaVernia on Hwy 87-left on Cr 341-.5 mi </p><p>on left 29.3340 -98.0937</p><p>Brushy CreekGander Slough &amp; Woodrow Ctr. Intersection 500 yds. </p><p>North in pasture 29.6801 -97.7755</p><p>Burris -(Gonzales Co.)Hwy 80 south of Belmont-east on CR 108-by gravel </p><p>rd on east side 29.5041 -97.6902</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDE</p><p>33</p><p>34</p><p>35</p><p>36</p><p>37</p><p>38</p><p>39</p><p>40</p><p>41</p><p>42</p><p>43</p><p>44</p><p>45</p><p>46</p><p>47</p><p>48</p><p>49</p><p>50</p><p>51</p><p>52</p><p>53</p><p>54</p><p>55</p><p>56</p><p>57</p><p>58</p><p>59</p><p>60</p><p>61</p><p>62</p><p>63</p><p>64</p><p>65</p><p>Caddell-Knetsch Hwy. 467-South on Elm Creek-left on Mosquite Pass-1st lane on right after curve on mosquite pass</p><p>29.4776 -97.9809</p><p>Camino Real Crossing-Hays Co Hwy 123 north-east on old bastrop hwy-south on FM 621-half mi. on left-2 mi. on old road to dead end</p><p>29.8601 -97.8768</p><p>Capote Hwy 466 - Capote Rd. 29.5253 -97.81</p><p>Caraway -Gonzales Co.Leesville Hwy 80-east on FM 1682-south oncr. 155 - </p><p>south on cr. 120 29.3856 -97.7209</p><p>Cheatham -(Hays Co.)Hwy 80-west on Old Bastrop Hwy-north o CR 295-.8 </p><p>mi. on right on top of large hill 29.8717 -97.9106</p><p>Christ Lutheran Church of Elm </p><p>Creek Church Road off Hwy 46729.4353 -98.0724</p><p>Cibolo Creek 16398 N. Evans Rd., Selma 29.5879 -98.3060</p><p>Clearview Baptist -York Creek Hwy. 20 to Wade Rd. - Left on hill by church 29.7183 -97.8536</p><p>CliettHwy 80-west on Hwy 1977-north on SE River Rd-</p><p>west on Pecan Valley-west of house 29.8034 -97.8301</p><p>Community - (Comal Co.) 20500 FM. 2252-Garden Ridge 29.6313 -98.2711</p><p>Concrete Hwy 775 North of La Vernia 29.3808 -98.0971</p><p>Crayton South of Hwy. 1979 on Lehmann Rd. 29.7727 -97.8796</p><p>Crayton - Spruill 101 NW River Rd., Martindale 29.8426 -97.8466</p><p>Cruse - (Wilson Co)2 mi. SE of LaVernia on Hwy 87-left on Cr 341-.5 mi. </p><p>on right 29.3334 -98.0934</p><p>Curtis1 mile south of Co. Rd. 249 on hwy 80- west on lane </p><p>to pasture 29.5998 -97.6754</p><p>Dammann Across road from 6825 FM 725 close to river 29.6205 -98.0509</p><p>DauerHwy. 46 N.-right on Caprock Tr.-Souyhwest corner of </p><p>Caprock Tr. And Caprock Peak 29.6887 -98.0672</p><p>Davenport - (Bexar Co.) southwesr corner-east Evans Rd. &amp; Hwy. 2252 29.6035 -98.3269</p><p>Deicke - Schievelbein/ZunkerLeft off Hwy. 467 onto Hwy539, Right on Hartfield </p><p>Rd. for .8 mile 29.4157 -98.0750</p><p>Delany - Sheffield Hwy 466 behind Lifedate School 29.5322 -97.9145</p><p>Dewville (Gonzales Co.)Hwy 1117 &amp; Co. Rd. 121-south of intersection on </p><p>west side 29.3750 -97.8087</p><p>Dietert 3 miles on Old Zorn Rd. 29.7555 -97.9723</p><p>Dietert - Friederike Alois Dietert place on Old Zorn Rd. 29.7548 -97.9780</p><p>Dietert, John Driebrodt off Hwy 123-1/4 mile on right below hill 29.7518 -97.9446</p><p>Dietz 425 Valley Oak Dr., Schertz 29.5547 -98.2504</p><p>Doege .5 miles west of Blue Creek Rd. on Hwy 467 29.4304 -98.0885</p><p>Doisedo - (Wilson Co)FM 775 S.-right on CR 321-right on CR 361 at first </p><p>turn on right 29.3350 -98.1567</p><p>Dugger Hwy 123 South 29.5016 -97.9515</p><p>Dutch Henry Ranft-Ussery Northeast corner of Nash Creek Rd. &amp; Dix Rd 29.5839 -97.7194</p><p>Ebert IH10 wesr-north on Santa Clara-right on Ebert 29.5316 -98.1325</p><p>Eden Eden Rd. off Hwy 90A 29.5623 -97.8711</p><p>Elm Creek Methodist Mesquite Pass 7 Settlers Way 29.4793 -98.0282</p><p>Emanuel Lutheran Columbarium 210 North Travis 29.5698 -97.9668</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDE</p><p>66</p><p>67</p><p>68</p><p>69</p><p>70</p><p>71</p><p>72</p><p>73</p><p>74</p><p>75</p><p>76</p><p>77</p><p>78</p><p>79</p><p>80</p><p>81</p><p>82</p><p>83</p><p>84</p><p>85</p><p>86</p><p>87</p><p>88</p><p>89</p><p>90</p><p>91</p><p>92</p><p>93</p><p>94</p><p>95</p><p>96</p><p>Engelmann - (Bexar Co.) IH35 south-exit olympic Pkwy-north on Brightleaf Dr.-left on Woodcliff Blvd.-right on Mountcrest Dr.</p><p>29.5784 -98.3313</p><p>ErskineCapote Rd. - First Ln. north after Vivroux Ranch Rd. - </p><p>Gravel lane to end on right 29.5260 -97.7697</p><p>Evangelical Luthern-Hermann </p><p>Sons-Melanchton Lower Seguin Rd., Marion29.5509 -98.1336</p><p>Evans-Cibolo Creek 16398nNorth Evans Rd., Selma 29.5879 -98.3060</p><p>Ewald(Robert &amp; Lucille) Ranch 9559 Hwy. 90A 29.5672 -97.8133</p><p>Ewald-JungHwy 46 North-Right on Krause-Half way up road-</p><p>right to horse barn-left to road end 29.6575 -98.0340</p><p>Faith Lutheran Columbarium 1326 East Cedar St. 29.5798 -97.9443</p><p>FarmyardHwy 20 to River Grove Rd. at San Marcos River-</p><p>backyard of house at first left turn 29.7568 -97.7843</p><p>Fentress Senneca Loop off Hwy 80 29.7429 -97.7625</p><p>First Methodist Columbarium 710 North Austin St. 29.5749 -97.9653</p><p>FlaggeHwy 1101 on south side before Huber Rd. by dry </p><p>creek 29.7428 -97.9798</p><p>Friederichs Family-(Wilson Co) LaVernia-2228 FM 1246-middle of field 29.3784 -98.1645</p><p>Galle (Fritz, Sr.)Hwy 123 north-west on old zorn rd.-1/4 mile south </p><p>in gate-about 100 yds in open field 29.7541 -97.9544</p><p>Galle Mexican(in Wade Cemetery)North Hwy 3353-right on York Creek to York Creek </p><p>Crossing 29.7406 -97.8915</p><p>Garden Of The Cross Corner of Hwy 80 &amp; Hwy 1984 29.8653 -97.8669</p><p>Garden of Memories (Colored) Hwy 90 east at Pratt Rd. 29.6226 -97.8722</p><p>Garza Caffey Rd. off Zuehl R. 29.5054 -98.1616</p><p>Gesche9494 FM 1101-south side-east of tank by property </p><p>line 29.7386 -97.9643</p><p>Gond 3800 Old Ilka Rd.-back in pasture 29.6048 -97.8985</p><p>Graeb, Katharina 50 Yds. East of York Crek Rd. and Hwy.3353 29.7361 -97.8965</p><p>Grimm Hwy 123 N-east on Laubach Rd.-lst lane to right past geronimo creek-west side of field by barn</p><p>29.6269 -97.9409</p><p>Grote Family Cemetery - (Bexar)Southeast of intersection-Lookout Rd. &amp; Mandelane </p><p>Dr. 29.5812 -98.3312</p><p>Guadalupe Valley Memorial Park Hwy 46 North on right 29.6448 -98.0391</p><p>GutzColette Ln. off Lower seguin Rd.-3rd house cul-de-sac </p><p>in back yard 29.5477 -98.1515</p><p>Halm - Neuse Hwy 46 to Canal Rd.-Cross bridge-left to power plant 29.6411 -98.0477</p><p>Haner - Flagge1 1/2 miles west on Hwy 1101 off Hwy 123 - grave </p><p>on north side 29.7417 -97.9695</p><p>HappleSouth of Hwy. 20 to cottonwood Creek &amp; south on </p><p>Sherrill Rd. 29.7319 -97.7739</p><p>Harborth First lane to right on Hwy 758 off Hwy 123 North 29.7093 -97.9714</p><p>Harris Hwy. 90A east-12 miles-right on Yell Ranch Rd 29.5354 -97.7499</p><p>Hassenbeck #1 620 Haeckerville Rd.- along Cibolo Creek 29.5451 -98.2151</p><p>Hassenbeck #2 620 Haeckerville Rd.- along Cibolo Creek 29.5432 -98.2174</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDE</p><p>97</p><p>98</p><p>99</p><p>100</p><p>101</p><p>102</p><p>103</p><p>104</p><p>105</p><p>106</p><p>107</p><p>108</p><p>109</p><p>110</p><p>111</p><p>112</p><p>113</p><p>114</p><p>115</p><p>116</p><p>117</p><p>118</p><p>119</p><p>120</p><p>121</p><p>122</p><p>123</p><p>124</p><p>125</p><p>Hays County IndigentNortheast corner-Posey Rd &amp; Old Bastrop Hwy-next </p><p>to San Pedro Cemetery 29.8053 -97.9821</p><p>Hector - (Hays Co.) Hwy 123 north-1/4 mi. from county line on right 29.8149 -97.9415</p><p>Hector GalindoLwer Seguin Rd.-left on Weir Rd.-grace is after 1st </p><p>sharp turn - left side 29.5248 -98.2171</p><p>Heinemeyer, Ludwig Hwy 123 north - west FM 758- north Swanson Rd.-421 Swanson Rd. - northeast corner of back pasture</p><p>29.7093 -97.9755</p><p>Helmke .6 miles east of Hwy. 1044 and north of Weil Rd. 29.641 -98.1211</p><p>Henderson Hwy 90 east - right on Jahns Rd.-1/4 mile on left side 29.6130 -97.8952</p><p>HermannLane going north from intersection of FM 20 &amp; Ilka </p><p>Switch Rd.-20 yds from house to east 29.6220 -97.9302</p><p>Hernandez - (Hays Co.)south .3 mile from Posey Rd, along IH 35 access rd, </p><p>on left side 29.8146 -97.9992</p><p>Herrmann Hwy 123 north-west FM 758-north Huber Rd.- 1 mile on left-in back pasture-200 yds behind house </p><p>29.72176 -97.9957</p><p>Highsmith (new) North of Hwy 90 at Gander Slough Rd. 29.6608 -97.7144</p><p>Highsmith (old)North of hwy 90 at Gander Slough Rd.- North of </p><p>railroad tracks-fourth mile from road 29.6632 -97.7102</p><p>Hoese 1/2 mile off IH10 on Santa Clara 29.5106 -98.1316</p><p>Hoffmann #1 south on Schmidt Rd. off Hwy 775 29.4782 -98.0660</p><p>Hoffmann #2725 north of McQueeney-right at old bridge bypass </p><p>lane to end by river 29.6414 -98.0582</p><p>Holland - Brill 2101 East Kingsbury 29.5928 -97.9299</p><p>Holmes -Colored -(Hays Co) 1101 Francis Harris-behind power plant on east </p><p>property line 29.7806 -97.9867</p><p>Holy Cross - (Bexar Co.) mile east of hwy 1604 on hwy 2252 on north side 29.6001 -98.3371</p><p>Hortontown - (Comal Co.) 1 mi. north of IH 35 on Hwy 46 - east side 29.7124 -98.1016</p><p>Huebotter Dix Rd. off Nash Creek Rd. 29.5833 -97.7210</p><p>Humphrey Humphrey Rd off Hwy 80 29.8326 -97.8204</p><p>Hurst Country Acres - Wendy Lane - end of street 29.6182 -97.9054</p><p>Ilka (colored) Ilka Switch Rd. 29.6157 -97.9087</p><p>Immanuel Lutheran North of Lavrnia on hwy 1346, 2.0 miles on left side 29.3626 -98.1449</p><p>Indian Oak Park Mall Parking Lot 29.5805 -97.9455</p><p>Jacob Christian &amp; Emma Murielle Hwy 78 - Left on Pecan Grove Rd.-Left side before creek</p><p>29.5538 -98.2595</p><p>Jahns2 Lanes west of Gus Beicker Rd.-north side of Hwy </p><p>466-close to county line 29.5415 -97.7945</p><p>JauerSaengerhalle Rd. - behind Church of Christ - on east </p><p>bank of creek 29.6923 -98.0697</p><p>Jechow100 yds. Behind Wade cemetery at York Creek Rd. &amp; </p><p>York Creek Crossing 29.7425 -97.8911</p><p>Johnson (old) 3 mi. north of Gander Slough Rd.-east of Poley Rd.-1/2 mi. back in pasture-enter on Gander Slough Rd. </p><p>29.6913 -97.7475</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDE</p><p>126</p><p>127</p><p>128</p><p>129</p><p>130</p><p>131</p><p>132</p><p>133</p><p>134</p><p>135</p><p>136</p><p>137</p><p>138</p><p>139</p><p>140</p><p>141</p><p>142</p><p>143</p><p>144</p><p>145</p><p>146</p><p>147</p><p>148</p><p>149</p><p>150</p><p>151</p><p>152</p><p>153</p><p>154</p><p>155</p><p>156</p><p>Jones Jones lane off Gander Slough Rd. - right in Ewell Caddo Creek Ranch-1/2 mile in pasture</p><p>29.7143 -97.7467</p><p>Juan Seguin Nelda and Saunders St. 29.4517 -97.9708</p><p>Kelly - Caldwell Co. Hwy 80 south of Prarie Lee - east on Plant Rd 29.7442 -97.7163</p><p>Kempkin -(Bexar Co.)West on IH10-northon FM 1518-west to 11826 Ware </p><p>Seguin Rd. 29.4902 -98.2511</p><p>Kennedy - MartindaleHwy 1979 -cross San Marcos river-turn right on SE </p><p>River Rd. -left on Cemetery Rd to end 29.8372 -97.8336</p><p>Kerschner Farm Hwy 775-south on Warncke-half mile east in pasture 29.4419 -98.0887</p><p>Kincaid - (Bexar Co.) Universal City Golf Course-next to 12th green 29.5752 -98.3123</p><p>King Family Gonzales at King 29.5695 -97.9502</p><p>Kingsbury Prarie Lee Rd. north of Kingsbury 29.6554 -97.8229</p><p>Knobloch 4648 Hwy. 1150 29.5982 -97.7562</p><p>KoehlerNorth of McQueeney on Hwy 725--by putting green - </p><p>BanditGolf Course 29.6324 -98.0523</p><p>Kohlenberg - Comal Co. 2827 FM1101 - back in field by alligator creek 29.7302 -98.0647</p><p>Kruse 2120 Hwy 46 south - Vogel tree farm 29.6603 -98.0586</p><p>Kunde 429 Kunde Lane --in back pasture 29.4965 -98.0886</p><p>Leach (Wilson Co.) North east corner - Nockenut Rd. &amp; Hwy 1681 29.3486 -97.9065</p><p>Leesville-Gonzales Co, East side Hwy 80 at FM 1682 29.4072 -97.7348</p><p>Lehmann Hwy 123 north from Zorn-left on Braune Rd.-left on centerpoint Rd. to sharp right turn-left on first lane</p><p>29.7613 -97.9697</p><p>Lenz South side Hwy 467 at Elm Creek-mile into pasture 29.4257 -98.0638</p><p>Lewis Hwy 2623 past Boenig Rd. - fence on right by creek 29.6691 -97.9426</p><p>LindemannHwy 90 west-south on hwy 725-lsouthwest corner </p><p>on marble masters 29.5516 -98.0278</p><p>Linne 2 mi. south of IH10 on Linne Rd. 29.4948 -98.1022</p><p>Linne (spanish)Behind Linne white cemeteryonortheast corner of </p><p>Limnne and Kunde Rd. 29.4948 -98.1020</p><p>Loep Zuehl Rd. off IH10-left on Caffey Ln.-1/8 mi. on left 29.5047 -98.1657</p><p>Lone Oak Next to Friedens Church -Geronimo 29.6706 -98.0037</p><p>Lone Oak -(Caldwell Co.)one fourth mi. south of Eagle Dr. on hwy90(E. Pierce </p><p>St.)-north side 29.6652 -97.6196</p><p>Longbranch Hwy 123 at Hays county line-east on J. Kraak Ranch 29.8030 -97.9345</p><p>Lopez Driebrodt Rd.-right on Gustav Lane 29.7523 -97.9340</p><p>Luling Jewish -(Caldwell Co) Southwest corner -Hackberry &amp; Trinity 29.6902 -97.6533</p><p>Marines Off Gander Slough Rd.-north of Hwy 90 29.6708 -97.7315</p><p>Marion Off Wetz Rd.-Marion 29.5749 -98.1423</p><p>Martindale - Martindale Hwy 1979 -north on Hwy 80 - east on Quail Rd. 29.8568 -97.8456</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>A B C D</p><p>CEMETERY LOCATION LATITUDE LONGITUDE</p><p>157</p><p>158</p><p>159</p><p>160</p><p>161</p><p>162</p><p>163</p><p>164</p><p>165</p><p>166</p><p>167</p><p>168</p><p>169</p><p>170</p><p>171</p><p>172</p><p>173</p><p>174</p><p>175</p><p>176</p><p>177</p><p>178</p><p>179</p><p>180</p><p>181</p><p>182</p><p>183</p><p>184</p><p>185</p><p>186</p><p>187</p><p>Martindale #1West of intersection - Lockart St. &amp; NW River Rd., </p><p>Martindale 29.8416 -97.8458</p><p>Masonic at Fentress Callihan Rd. off Hwy 80 29.7455 -97.7513</p><p>Matthies Hwy 466 across from Vivroux Ranch Rd. 29.523 -97.7822</p><p>Maxwell - Caldwell Co, Southeast corner - FM 142 and Railroad St. 29.8790 -97.7880</p><p>Mayor/TaborHwy 123 south-right on Land Ranch Rd. to Tabor </p><p>Cemetery Rd 29.4770 -97.9532</p><p>Mc Kinney #2 1400 Hwy 1339 29.7161 -97.9546</p><p>McGehee - (Hays co) 1200 Old Bastrop Hwy-by old cabin 29.8559 -97.8887</p><p>McKinneyIH10 to Luling rxit Hwy 80-north left on Disposal Rd. </p><p>to end in pasture-400 yds behind Raymond Dietert </p><p>House29.6545 -97.6702</p><p>Medlin Hwy 2438 to New Salem Rd.-2nd lane east 29.5868 -97.8339</p><p>Mehlitz N. Hwy 123-left on Braune Rd. to Centerpoint-south on Centerpoint-half mile on left-mile back in pasture</p><p>29.7695 -97.9591</p><p>Memorial Lawn - Martindale Northeast corner -Hwy 80 &amp; Hwy 1984 29.8637 -97.8699</p><p>Mertz Behind house at 2708 West Kingsbury 29.5587 -98.0205</p><p>Meyer - (Gonzales C0.) 1.5 miles west of Guadalupe-Gonzales county line on FM 466 Capote Rd-on north side by road</p><p>29.5054 -97.7243</p><p>Mission Park Retama - (Bexar)Southeast of intersection-Lookout Rd. &amp; Mandelane </p><p>Dr. 29.5827 -98.3322</p><p>MofieldIntersection of Dowdy and Cross Rds-about 1 mil...</p></li></ul>


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