Celebrities and Ordinary People

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Celebrities vs. Ordinary People 1. Introduction Who is a celebrity? Celebrities are people who are in limelight. They are well known and easily recognized in society. Often they are known for their artistic abilities, good looks. The word celebrity is derived from a Latin word celebrita. Who are ordinary people? In my opinion ordinary people are usual/normal who have no special qualities/skills. They are capable of doing things that everyone knows in a normal way. Someone who is below the average. 2. Popularity Celebrity: Celebrities appear on the media very frequently. They are always the first target, so we can constantly know what is happening with them, like what they are wearing, where they are going or what they are interested in. Ordinary people: On the other hand ordinary people are obscure. They don't come on T.V or Newspaper. 3. Privacy Celebrity: Celebrities don't have the privacy as ordinary people. The most personal details of their lives are splashed all over. Even a celebrity's family is hauled into the spotlight. And when they try to do the things like normal people do, eat out or to attend a football game they get surrounded with people for autographs or photos. Ordinary People: Whereas ordinary people are not like that. They don't have privacy issue. They can easily go out and can do the stuff whatever they want to do. 4. Influence Celebrity: As celebrities are popular because people like them so they also have a great impact on people's life. The first important effect is on our look and appearance. Ordinary people: In contrast Ordinary people are not famous so they don't influence on any person's life. Who is a celebrity?Who are ordinary people?Celebrity:Ordinary people:Celebrity:Ordinary People:Celebrity:Ordinary people: