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  • Welcome to Tom Peters PowerPoint World! Beyond the set of slides here, you will find at tompeters.com the last eight years of presentations, a basketful of Special Presentations, and, above all, Toms constantly updated Master Presentationfrom which most of the slides in this presentation are drawn. There are about 3,500 slides in the 7-part Master Presentation. The first five chapters constitute the main argument: Part I is context. Part II is devoted entirely to innovationthe sine qua non, as perhaps never before, of survival. In earlier incarnations of the master, innovation stuff was scattered throughout the presentationnow it is front and center and a stand-alone. Part III is a variation on the innovation themebut it is organized to examine the imperative (for most everyone in the developed-emerging world) of an ultra high value-added strategy. A value-added ladder (the ladder configuration lifted with gratitude from Joe Pine and Jim Gilmores Experience Economy) lays out a specific logic for necessarily leaving commodity-like goods and services in the dust. Part IV argues that in this age of micro-marketing there are two macro-markets of astounding size that are dramatically under-attended by all but a few; namely women and boomers-geezers. Part V underpins the overall argument with the necessary bedrockTalent, with brief consideration of Education & Healthcare. Part VI examines Leadership for turbulent times from several angles. Part VII is a collection of a dozen Listssuch as Toms Irreducible 209, 209 things Ive learned along the way.

    Enjoy! Download! Stealthats the whole point!

  • NOTE: To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess], you need Microsoft fonts:

    Showcard Gothic, Ravie, Chiller and Verdana

  • Celebrating you!

  • Over-rated:

    Big companies! Cool industries!Famous CEOs!

  • Over-rated:

    Big companies! Cool industries!Famous CEOs!

  • Dick Kovacevich: You dont get better by being bigger. You get worse.

  • I am often asked by would-be entrepreneurs seeking escape from life within huge corporate structures, How do I build a small firm for myself? The answer seems obvious: Buy a very large one and just wait.

    Paul Ormerod, Why Most Things Fail: Evolution, Extinction and Economics

  • #1 Exporter?

  • #4 Japan

  • #4 Japan#2T China#2T USA

  • #4 Japan#2T china#2t USA#1 Germany

  • Reason!!!


  • Over-rated:

    Big companies! Cool industries!Famous CEOs!

  • Jims Group

  • Jims Mowing CanadaJims Mowing UKJims AntennasJims BookkeepingJims Building MaintenanceJims Carpet CleaningJims Car CleaningJims Computer ServicesJims Dog Wash

    Jims Driving SchoolJims FencingJims FloorsJims PaintingJims PavingJims Pergolas [gazebos]Jims Pool CareJims Pressure CleaningJims RoofingJims Security DoorsJims TreesJims Window CleaningJims Windscreens

    Note: Download, free, Jim Penmans book: What Will They Franchise Next? The Story of Jims Group

  • etc.

    PRSX/Paragon Railcar Salvage*

    *Salvaged railcars into bridges, etc.

  • *Lived in same town all adult life*First generation wealthy/no parental support*Dont look like millionaires, dont dress like millionaires, dont eat like millionaires, dont act like millionaires*Many of the types of businesses [they] are in could be classified as dull- normal. [They] are welding contractors, auctioneers, scrap-metal dealers, portable toilets, dry cleaners, re-builders of diesel engines, paving contractors

    Source: The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley & William Danko

  • Over-rated:

    Big companies! Cool industries!Famous CEOs!

  • Mission impossible?


    minus $675M/07

  • Market capitalization lost per day, 1998-2007: $10,000,000/Day

  • Over-rated:

    Big companies! Cool industries!Famous CEOs!

  • Whats Left?

    SMEs! Real industries!Excellent CEOs!

  • Tom Peters X25*


    Mind Consulting/Bologna09 November 2007

    *In Search of Excellence 1982-2007

  • All you need to know

  • 25

  • a blinding flash of the obvious Manny Garcia

  • All you need to know

  • A man without a smiling face must not open a shop. Chinese Proverb

  • This is it:All you need to know

  • TP: How to flush $500,000 down the toilet in one easy lesson!!

  • < CAPEX> People!

  • This is it:All you need to know

  • R.O.I.R.

  • Return On Investment In Relationships

  • You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Dale Carnegie

  • Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.

    Henry Clay

  • Happy Birthday!

  • The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.

    William James



  • The only thing you need to know

  • Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating his life, was asked, What was the most important lesson youve learned in your long and distinguished career? His immediate answer: remember to tuck the shower curtain inside the bathtub

  • Hands On!People!Relationships!Sweat the small stuff!

  • Tom Peters X25*


    Mind Consulting/Bologna09 November 2007

    *In Search of Excellence 1982-2007

  • 1982.(NOVEMBER)A BOOK.

  • Excellence1982: The Bedrock Eight Basics

    1. A Bias for Action2. Close to the Customer3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship4. Productivity Through People5. Hands On, Value-Driven6. Stick to the Knitting7. Simple Form, Lean Staff8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties

  • Breakthrough 82* People! Customers! Action! Values!

    *In Search of Excellence


  • Why in the World did you go to Siberia?

  • Enterprise* ** (*at its best): An emotional, vital, innovative, joyful, creative, entrepreneurial endeavor that elicits maximum

    concerted human potential in the wholehearted service of others.** **Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Communities, Owners, Temporary partners


  • I have always believed that the purpose of the corporation is to be a blessing to the employees. * Boyd Clarke

    *TP: An organization is, in fact and after all is said and done, a/the house in which most of us live most of the time.

  • Organizations exist to serve. Period.Leaders live to serve. Period.

    Passionate servant leaders, determined to create a legacy of earthshaking transformation in their domain create/must necessarily create organizations which are no less than Cathedrals in which the full and awesome power of the Imagination and Spirit and native Entrepreneurial flair of diverse individuals is unleashed In passionate pursuit of jointly perceived soaring purpose and personal and community and client service Excellence.

  • We are a Life Success Company.Dave Liniger, founder, RE/MAX

  • EXCELLENCE.the rules.

  • Cause (worthy of commitment)Space (room for/encouragement for initiative) Decency (respect, humane)

  • It was much later that I realized Dads secret. He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president. He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.

    Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect

  • Cause (worthy of commitment)Space (room for/encouragement for initiative-adventures) Decency (respect, grace, integrity, humane) service (worthy of our clients & extended familys continuing custom)excellence (period)

  • Cause (worthy of commitment)Space (room for/encouragement for initiative-adventures) Decency (respect, grace, integrity, humane) service (worthy of our clients & extended familys continuing custom)excellence (period) servant leadership

  • Cause Space Decency serviceexcellence servant leadership

  • EXCELLENCE. one idea.1966-2007.

  • What makes God laugh?

  • People making plans!

  • try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Screw it up. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Screw it up. it. Try it. Try it. try it. Try it. Screw it up. Try it. Try it. Try it.

  • drill.

  • This is so simple it sounds stupid, but it is amazing how few oil people really understand that you only find oil if you drill wells. You may think youre finding it when youre drawing maps and studying logs, but you have to drill.

    Source: The Hunters, by John Masters, Canadian O & G wildcatter

  • try things.

  • We made mistakes, of course.


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