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Ok Ladies, this issue is celebrating the men in our lives. I just thought we needed a reminder that we are only half without a good man. Celebrate the man in your life and let them know You Love You Some Him!


  • -3- June 2011 Diamond Diva

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    On The Cover

    Photos by Vincent Brocks

    Ladies, Ladies, LADIES!!! This month this issue was really for you. Not only are we

    still about Empowering the Essence of a Woman but this month we thought we

    would Empower Your Eyes as well. We dedicated June strictly to our men. We

    let them have free reign over our pages and we are sure you will be satisfied with

    the outcome!

    Managing Editor, Christina, and myself cried, sweated, and shed some blood

    ok not really, but almost over this edition. First off, we wanted to introduce you to

    the man simply known as Seven. Based out of New Orleans, LA, he is a

    motivational speaker, author, talk show host, and all around inspiring man.

    Often times than not we search the internet for some inspirational quote to help

    us through the day, well he writes his own. When you read, Inside the Mind of

    Seven Johnson, we are pretty sure you will be sending him a friend request

    almost immediately.

    We also have Lamont LP Pettiway He truly is He Who Wears Many Hats. As

    you read thru his story you will have a new found respect for the title 'Superman'.

    Can't forget about Daren Beatty, a single father still on his grind and making a

    difference in his boys life as well as those he comes in contact with.

    We have tributes to the men in our lives from some of our readers, myself

    included, and of course we still have our Hunk of the Month.

    When you are turning the pages of this issue, getting to know these men through

    the eyes of our writers, remember to tell your man how much you LOVE YOU

    SOME HIM!!!




  • Inside the Mind of Seven JohnsonBy: Christina L. Mial

    Picking up the phone to call for this interview I couldn't

    help but to mentally prep myself for how it was going to

    go. Would I ask the right questions? Would he answer?

    What is he like? Is he just as much a strong presence as his

    words on screen? WHO IS SEVEN JOHNSON?

    By the time you finish reading this issue, if you didn't know

    who he was before you will definitely know his name

    when done. Not only is he a Father, Friend, and

    Motivational Speaker He is an author and a talk show

    host as well.

    Introduced via Facebook by a mutual friend, publicist

    Kay Harris, Seven was described just as being a man who

    wrote his own quotes. Speaking from someone that loves

    to be inspired, I quickly searched his Facebook page to

    find what exactly is it that he says that had captured

    everyone's attention. The very first piece I read had me

    snapping my fingers as if I were at Open Mic Night at

    Warm Lyrics Caf looking on stage mesmerized by the

    words of this strong, positive, black man. He is like the

    father schooling his daughter, the brother protecting his

    little sister, and the man many wish they had.

    When I was getting to know him one of the things I and I

    believe every other person he has affected, wanted to

    know was what made you start doing this? He tells me

    the story of a young lady who read one of his posts that

    he just happened to put up. She was contemplating

    suicide he says. I put myself in the mindset that it is

    something I have to do.

    So from reading your posts and seeing your pages, I see

    that you have a lot of followers. My question is what does

    success mean you to you?:

    For me to be successful means to be in a position to

    help. When you can look around and see the difference

    that you make, that is success. I like to think of it like a

    rollover effect. If I help one person and they are able to

    turn around and help someone and then they are able

    to turn around and help someone that is success.

    Ok, so going back to what I said earlier and this kind of

    goes with the question of what made you start doing

    this what motivates you to say the things you say?:

    I say things that a lot of people say they just don't know

    how to word it. When I write, I am talking to my daughters

    when they were your age. I am telling them what a man

    should be. I want them to know just what it would take for

    a man to get with them. If they get with a man and he

    breaks her heart, it will be because she genuinely loved

    him and not because he bought her a pair of shoes. I try

    not to listen to Steve Harvey and other writers.not

    because I don't like them or respect them, but because

    when I write it is from my own thoughts. I don't want to

    write something thinking it is my thoughts and it is not.

    So what do you think of role models and this generation

    in general?

    I think this generation is lazy. There is no more hard work.

    People found out they could become millionaires just by

    rapping or becoming a model. Kids don't set their

    standards to be doctors or lawyers anymore. They see

    what Lil Wayne has and that is what they want. They

    don't realize that this to takes hard work. They don't

    understand that it may be easy to make a million dollars

    but if you are ignorant when it comes to finances you will

    not have it in a couple months. People use to say it starts

    at home. They see how kids act and they say, well it starts

    at home. That is not true for this generation anymore.

    Gone are the days of the father going to work to supply

    for his family and the mother staying home to raise her

    kids. These kids don't have that. So there is nothing at

    home for them to start with. Mothers are barely able to

    feed their kids. By the time our kids grow up, they can't

    even get

    c r e d i t


    t h e i r

    c r e d i t

    w a s


    d at a

    y o u n g

    age from

    a young

    Diamond Diva June 2011 -4-

    Continued on page 6

  • Diamond Diva June 2011 -6-

    mother putting her lights in their name. I feel bad for our existence. I was listening to a conversation between two

    women; one looked to be in her 60's and the other, I guess was her daughter, looked like she was in her 40's. These two

    women sat and had a conversation on the train and every other word was mf this and n***** that. I was just in awe

    because these types of women criticize the youth for talking the very language they were using.

    Hmmmm, that was deep. But you are so right.

    So what is it that you think your female fans should know that they

    might not know?:

    Men hurt too. They may not say it, but they do. For just as many

    females out there that say that she was hurt by a no good baby

    daddy there is a man who was hurt as well. It is not always just the

    woman who is affected by a relationship that didn't work out. A

    lot of the things that I write, come from my male fans, they just don't

    say it for all to see.

    Speaking of which, why do you think you have so many women


    I say things that the man should say. I congratulate them on

    different areas and I let them know that I am listening. A man will

    say what he needs to say, but he won't say what needs to be said in

    response to what she is saying. I just appreciate her the way her

    man should.

    What would you like to leave us with?:


    God puts my words in an understanding way but I think my

    thoughts are a lot of people's thoughts. It's a knack and an ability

    to encourage someone. I may not be able to do it like you do it,

    but God gave it to me the way I need to do it. So if I encourage you,

    thank Him, because He makes it all possible.

    Want to get to know more about Seven and/or read more of his


    He can be found in The Heat Magazine . Also you can buy a subscription to One Ten

    Magazine by visiting . Seven also has a Facebook fanpage::



    Inside the Mind of Seven Johnson Continued



    ) 4(919 10-6812

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