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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Celebrate National Nutrition Month</p> <p>March is National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate,BrightStar Carereminds you of the importance of good nutrition and a healthful diet. Although this is the month of recognition, BrightStar Care focuses on nutrition throughout the year and encourages you to do the same. </p> <p>When choosingsenior care servicesfor yourself or your family members, be sure to discussmeal preparation servicesand how they support health and well-being.</p> <p>Special Diets Some people have special nutritional needs that require careful attention. For instance, people suffering from high blood pressure require a low-salt diet and should eat plenty of greens and high fiber foods, such as oatmeal. Others may require a low-sugar diet or a food plan that addresses other specific nutritional needs.</p> <p>Make a Plan A BrightStar Carehome caregivercan help you develop a weekly plan based on your healthcare needs as well as food preferences. Home care providersunderstand the importance of portion size and know which snacks are most healthy. </p> <p>Planning a menu also ensures a more cost-effective way to eat. Youll buy fewer non-essentials and only ingredients needed for your meals.</p> <p>Make Meals Ahead of Time Making food ahead of time is another practical solution that ensures nourishing food will be served at mealtimes. Our companion care providers can heat up pre-made meals for clients that have difficulty preparing food on their own.</p> <p>Companion care providers also offerhome support servicessuch as light housekeeping and help with laundry. Ourcaregivers also providesenior companionshipfor conversation or activities such as games, puzzles, hobbies or crafts.</p> <p>Celebrate National Nutrition MonthNutrition is an essential component of good health. It can help reduce the symptoms associated with some chronic conditions, support your immune system and help ward off illness. Many foods can even boost energy and reduce the symptoms of depression. Take time to learn the essentials of good nutrition. By infusing nutritious foods into your meals, you can enhance the health of your loved one.</p> <p>Find Quality Care Now Locate a BrightStar Near You! </p> <p>Find a location in CanadaFind a location in the US</p>


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