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National Advocacy Commission

CEAP-National Advocacy Commission Report2010-20111Strategic DirectionCEAP shall take the lead in public policy development especially in the area of Catholic Education.It shall build a network of educators, advocates and legal luminaries who shall steer the public policy development and advocacy programs and initiatives of the Association. Synergy between the center and the regions.2CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesStatements were released for the period September 2010 to August 2011. Copies of statements have been given to government, media other educational institutions and other partners.May be downloaded from the CEAP main website. 3CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesRemembering with Anguish and Pain: A Call for Justice for the Victims of the Maguindanao MassacreCEAP Statement on the Maguindanao MassacreNovember 23, 2010We demand that our civilian and military authorities apply the full force of the law without fear or favor to this case, and bring to justice those responsible for this brutality.4CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesIn Defense of Honesty and IntegrityCEAPs Statement on the issue of plagiarism in the Supreme Courts decision in the case of Vinuya vs. Executive Secretary9 November 2010The Supreme Courts decision abets a culture of intellectual sloth and dishonesty. For plagiarism is not only a legal issue but more importantly, a moral one.

5CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesExemplifying Obedience to the Gospel Being Salt of the Earth and Light of the WorldSupport for Heidi L. Mendoza, Lt. Col. George A. Rabusa and Lt. Col. Antonio Ramon A. Lim8 February 2011We appeal to our government and its law enforcement agencies to ensure that those who dared speak to reveal the truth be protected. We appeal to the judiciary, and particularly the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan, to uphold the truth without fear or favour.

6CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesHeeding the Escalating Clamour for Truth and JusticeImpeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas N. Gutierrez9 March 2011We, the members of CEAP, strongly call for a speedy, fair and decisive conduct of the impeachment proceedings. Corruption must be impeached mercilessly.7CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesLet Justice be the Tie that Binds Us as a Nation: No to a Heros Burial for Marcos!Statement on House Resolution 11356 April 2011How can we bury among our heroes the very man whose dictatorial regime we rejected and ousted during the EDSA people power revolution 25 years ago? It will be nothing less than a desecration and nullification of the Filipino peoples long struggle and victory for democracy which we are proud to have gifted the world as an example of nonviolent political change

8CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesAnd They Spat at HimA statement of CEAP on the Exhibit Politieismo15 August 2011We are deeply saddened, hurt and insulted. The exhibit is an act of vandalism not simply of the sacred images and icons of our Catholic and Christian heritage. Politeismo is a vandalization of our Faith and desecration of our Lord. 9CEAP Statements on Urgent National IssuesSeek Peace.. Pursue It!Statement of support for lasting peace in Mindanao30 August 2011All sectors of society in the Philippines are, then, urged to lend support to this transparent and democratic process that can pave the way to lasting peace in Mindanao.. May the needed national peace accord be forged at the earliest time possible!

10CEAPs Involvement in COCOPEACEAP continues to serve as lead association in the area of Advocacy and Engaged Citizenship for COCOPEA.

CEAP working closely with COCOPEA in consultation efforts on the K to 12 and regionalization efforts of COCOPEA.11

COCOPEAs Roundtable Discussions/Dialogues with Key Education Officials

COCOPEA initiated dialogues with DepEds Br. Armin Luistro, CHEDs Dr. Patricia Licuanan ,TESDAs Joel Villanueva and officials of PRC resulting to:Inclusion of COCOPEA in K to 12 Steering Committee and TWGsConstituting of a TESDA-COCOPEA Task ForceCOCOPEA inputs in the revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic EducationImplementation details and legislative support for K to 12.

12CEAPs Roundtable Discussion with Key Legislators Rep. Salvador Escudero III (Sorsogon, 1st District), Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara (Aurora, Lone District), Rep. Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar (Zamboanga City, 1st District), Rep. Antonio Tinio (PL-ACT Teachers), Rep. Mariano Piamonte (PL-A TEACHER), Rep. Fatima Aliah Dimaporo (Lanao del Norte, 2nd District), Representatives of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Edgardo Angara. Held at the Hotel Sofitel, 8 February 201113CEAPs Roundtable Discussion with Key Legislators CEAP Presented 3 policy concerns for the consideration and support of the legislators:Amendment to the PRC Modernization Act of 2000Amendments to the EGASTPE* LawK to 12 Legislation or the Enhanced Basic Curriculum Act of 2011Expanded Government Assistance to Student and Teachers in Private Education. (SB 2035-Angara) 14CEAPs Roundtable Discussion with Key Legislators Resulting from this Discussion, the same congressmen filed the following bills:HB 4198 An Act Amending Section 11 of Republic Act 8981 otherwise known as the Professional Regulation Commission Modernization Act of 2000.HB 4199 an Act Enhancing and Increasing the Number of Years for Basic Education (Escudero) HB 4219 an Act Enhancing the Curriculum and Increasing the Number of Years for Basic Education. (Belmonte) 15CEAP Position on SB 489Opposition to SB 489 An Act Strengthening the CHED Removes academic and experiential qualifications of the commissionersPlaces substantial power in the Executive DirectorEffectively removes efficient collegial governance by CHED

16CEAP Position on the Proposed Magna Carta for StudentsNAC submitted a position paper to the Office of Sen. Gringo Honasan on the various objectionable provisions in the Magna Carta BillRight to choose a field of study and remain there up until graduationOne student representative for the screening of incoming faculty membersRepresentation in the highest policy-making bodyCreation of a school board fee restricting the right of the school to impose fees subject to reasonable limitations

17CEAP position on the STRAW billStudents Rights and Welfare Bill (HB 2190 and SB 1475) A softer version of the Magna Carta for Students.A position paper has likewise been prepared by COCOPEA with CEAP-NAC additional inputs addressing the questionable provisions of the bill as the latter restricts the constitutionally protected academic freedom of private educational institutions. 18On Education service Contracting (ESC)CEAP sought for status quo on the ESC guidelines, additional ESC slots and increased ESC grants.

Amendments in the implementing guidelines detrimental to small and financially-challenged private schools.

CEAP sought for the suspension of the veto of the President pertaining to EGASTPE.Affected direct subsidy to private schools

19CEAP Support for Family Courts Act of 1997NAC wrote letters to the President, Chief Justice, Senate President and Speaker of the House to support its implementation.Once implemented, Family courts shall be properly equipped to facilitate the appropriate justice and healing for victims of VAWC.Favorable responses coming from the legal affairs office of the President, Office of the Court Administrator Supreme Court, House of Representatives20Position on the Anti-No Permit, No Exam PolicyCEAP and COCOPEA submitted a position paper to the Senate Committee on Education opposing the Bill.The bill negatively impacts on the schools as the regular collection of tuition in affordable amounts is the operational lifeblood of the schools.The bill is unconstitutional insofar as it constitutes an impairment of contractual obligations. Yet, passed in the House of Representatives (7 June 2011) and pending in the Senate. 21Report on NAC other ConcernsTax ConcernsDean Cesar Villanueva (ADMU Law) has written a proposed Comprehensive Tax Exemption Bill for Non-Profit, Non-Stock Educational Institutions.The proposal has been approved by the CEAP Board.NAC is currently discussing with Rep. Villafuerte on the sponsorship of this bill in the lower house. 22Report on NAC other ConcernsReproductive HealthNACs efforts have been successful as some of the contentious provisions in the HB were already deleted: No clear listing of abortifacient drugsEmployers responsibility to provide reproductive health services to the employees deletedParents have the option to disallow their children from going through the mandatory sex education.

23Report on NAC other ConcernsEnvironmentNo to mining stance with CBCP (Mining Act 1995)NAC studying the Minerals Management Bill (HB 3763).Currently consolidating the list of people who are experts on mining and environmental science to do research on mining and validate or substantiate CEAP positions24NAC Members and Champion Schools

25NAC Members and Champion Schools

26NAC Members and Champion Schools

27NAC Members and Champion Schools

Atty. Faye RisonarAteneo de Davao UniversityPres. Assistant for Research & Advocacy28NAC Members and Champion Schools

29NAC Members and Champion Schools