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  • 1. DAY 1 abandon ~ tangible abandon, desert, leave, give upastonish surprise, shockbare , naked, uncoveredcapacity , abilitycapitalize ontake advantage ofdecay, decomposediscernperceive, distinguisheager, avid, enthusiasticextinctdie out, outdatedfertileproductiveflourish prosper, thrivegrateful thankful, appreciativehabitat, dwelling, homeidealmodel, exemplaryimmenseenormous, tremendousimprovised unplanned, spontaneousin charge of , responsible forjudiciouswise, sensiblekin, relativeslikely possible, probableliterally, really, actuallymeasuredetermine, mark outmature , ripe, fully-developednature , characteristicobservenotice, perceiveon hand, availablepassionate zealous, enthusiasticradical, drastic, extremesacred , holy, religiousseparate divide, part, splittabooprohibitiontangible , material, physical

2. DAY 2 abandon ~ tangible ,abandon adopt astonishexpect, bore, ,baredressed, covered,capacityincapability capitalize on treat fairly ,decay develop, grow discern neglect,eager apathetic, disinterested extinct alive, thriving fertile infertile, barren flourishdecline ungrateful,gratefulunappreciative ideal attainable, real immense small, tiny improvisedarranged, planned ,in charge ofirresponsible for, judicious careless, foolish,kin unrelated likelyunlikely, improbable,literally figuratively, ambiguously measure estimate, guess , ,matureimmature, growing observe fail to see, overlook,on hand unavailable, unobtainable dispassionate,passionate,unenthusiastic,radical conservative, moderate,sacredcursed, profane separatebring together, unite ,taboo allowance ,tangibleintangible, conceptual 3. DAY 3 access ~ scrutinyaccess, approachadapt , adjustban prohibitbarren, arid, unproductivecaptivity , bondagecarry , transmit, transportclarify , elucidatedefectblemish, flawelaborate , complicated, detailed, detaileliminate , remove, get rid offacilitatemake easierfamouswell-known, celebratedgathercollect, aggregateharsh rigorousincorporate combineinterfere interveneinvaluableprecious, pricelesskeen, sharp, intelligentlackdeficiency, wantlegitimacy, authoritymaintainsustainmeagerlacking, shortmonotonous, boringneedless to say obviouslyneglect disregard, ignoreordinary, routine, customaryparticular, specificpartially incompletelyrandomarbitraryscrutinyexamination 4. DAY 4 access ~ scrutiny, accessegress, depart ,, adapt disarrange, dislocate ban approve , barrenfertile, fruitful,, carry hold, withhold ,, clarify confuse, obfuscate defectmerit, strength,, elaborate simple, plain facilitatehamper, hinder famousinfamous, unknown,gatherscatter harsh mild, friendly ,incorporate exclude, separate,interfere leave, withdraw invaluabledispensable, worthless, keenblunt, stupid,lackabundance, sufficiency ,, legitimacyinjustice,maintainrelease, let down meagerlarge, abundant , monotonousvaried needless to say unclearly, vaguely neglect attend, care , ordinaryabnormal, extraordinary,partially completely, wholly randomplanned, ordered, intended ,scrutinycursory look, glance , 5. DAY 5 abundance ~ vanishabundance , plenty, profusion account for explain, describe bendcurve catastrophe disaster, calamity chaotic messy, disorganized detestabhor, strongly dislike discrete, separate, distinct eminent outstanding, distinguished establish , institute, found, set up frustrate disappoint govern, regulate, control, manage industrious diligent innovation, change launchestablish, initiate lay off fire, discharge meltfuse, dissolve mourn lament, deplore nurture raise, nurse overcome, defeat, surmount perennial , persistent, year-round prospectperspective, outlook reputationrepute, fame, renown respond , react, answer shrink, contract, become smaller simultaneouslyat the same time slightminor territory , land, region tragicmournful, pathetic transparent clear unique, particular, original vanishdisappear 6. DAY 6 abundance ~ vanish,abundancescarcity, dearth, account forconfuse, obscure, bend straightencatastrophemiracle, wonderchaoticcalm, harmonized, detest adore, cherish ,discrete connected, linked, unitedeminentinferior ,establishunsettlefrustrateencourage ,govern mismanageindustriousindolent, lazy,,innovation tradition, custom , launch end, finishlay offemploy, hiremelt freeze, chillmournrejoicenurturedeprive, neglect,,overcome surrender ,perennialfleeting, temporary , reputation dishonor,,respondask ,shrink expand, increase, simultaneously apartslight big, considerable , tragic blessed, fortunate, transparentopaque ,unique standard, vanish appear, arrive, come 7. DAY 7 ambiguous ~ stand for ambiguous unclear, vagueamplify , increase, enlargeburden, load, cargo, responsibilityclassify, categorize, groupcoincidence , occurrence at the same timedevote to , concentrate ondilute, reduce, thin, weakenempower permit, authorizeexchangebarter, interchangefigure, , shape, sculpture, numberfluctuate , move up and down, varyfragrantaromatic, scentedfraud deceit, deceptionguiltycriminal, culpablehazardous dangerous, riskyhealcureintentional purposeful, plannedinvent, devise, createjeermock, ridiculelaborious , demanding, diligent, industriouslook, gaze, staremaxim saying, proverbmake sense, be logical toornamental, decorativeodorsmell, scentperish, disappearpioneer , take the leadqualify ~ entitlereplace substituterequest entreat, supplicateslavery bondage, enslavementstand for , symbolize, represent 8. DAY 8 ambiguous ~ slaveryambiguous certain, clear, definite,, amplify compress, abridge, decrease ,declassify, disorganize,, classifydisorder , coincidence design, plan,, devote to disregard, neglect,, dilutethicken empower disallow,exchangehold, keep , fluctuate steady, unchanging,fragrantstinky, unscented fraud integrity, honesty guiltyinnocent hazardous safe, secure healget worse, aggravate intentional accidental, unintentional jeerapplaud, cheer,, laborious effortless, easy ,, make sensedispute, ornamentalplain odorstench , perishlive, survive ,, pioneer follow, succeed , ~qualify disqualify request answer, reply slavery liberty, emancipation , 9. DAY 9 adverse ~ wealth adverse, negative, unfavorablealternative, option, substitutebeneficial advantageouscautious , careful, prudentcontemporary current, moderndiscriminate , distinguishdeterpreclude, prevent, inhibitencouragemotivate, promoteexotic , unusualfamiliar close, friendlyfidelity loyaltyguide, direct, leadhumble unassuming, modestillusion , impressionimpartialunbiased, disinterestedmagnificent, superbmanifest , obvious, apparentnervousuneasy, excitableoperativeeffective, efficientoriginateinitiate, emanatepotential, possible, promised, possibilityprimitive, prehistoric, earlyretire withdraw, retractretrospect , looking backspan period, durationsoar rise, ascendteaseirritate, bothertrade, barter, exchangevertical upright, erectvalidjust, logicalwealth abundance 10. DAY 10 adverse ~ wealth, adverseagreeable, beneficial,, alternativenecessity beneficial harmful, useless ,, cautious incautious, careless contemporary ancient, historical,, discriminate indiscriminate ,deterstimulate, help,encouragedampen, discourage , exotic familiar, native ,familiar alien, strange fidelity disloyalty, unfaithfulness ,, guidefollow humble arrogant, bold , illusion reality,impartialbiased, partial, magnificentuninspiring , manifest hidden, secret nervouscalm operativeinactive, invalid originateterminate , primitivemodern, recent ,retire advance, go forward soar plummet teaseappease, mollify vertical horizontalinvalid, unacceptable, ,valid wrong wealth poverty, paucity , 11. Day 11 announce ~ witty announceproclaim, declare anticipateexpect, foresee, forecast anticipated , foreseen barrier , obstacle behaviorconduct competent qualified, capable confirm assure, verify decline , refuse, decrease deliberatecareful embarrass confuse, perplex emphasize , stress faith , pride, belief favor , approval gorgeouswonderful, magnificent hollowempty impede, hamper, prevent integralessential. crucial jeopardizeendanger, threaten laudpraise, applaud levy, impose, draft meticulouscareful moderatetemperate negligencecarelessness object, goal, aim pride self-esteem refrain fromcease share , portion significant , important, remarkable terrestrial , earthly, land thoroughlycompletely witty clever 12. DAY 12 announce ~ thoroughlyannounce conceal, keep secretanticipate be surprised, doubt, anticipatedunnatural, exceptional ,, barrierpassage, opening incompetent,competent ineffectiveconfirmdeny, cancel ,, declineaccept, progress ,deliberate unconcerned, careless, emphasizede-emphasize, soften ,, faithdisbelief, skepticism,, favordisfavor, disapproval,gorgeous ugly, unattractive ,hollow full, solid, impede facilitate, help ,integral incidentaljeopardize protect, shield,laud condemn, criticize ,, levy paymeticulous sloppy outrageous,moderate unreasonablenegligence energy, willingness,, object purposelessnessprideshamerefrain from carry on, start, unimportant,, significant , insignificant, terrestrialcosmic, heavenly incompletely,thoroughly somewhat 13. Day 13 affection ~ yearning affection love, amity agree assent, accede condemn blame, censure comprehendunderstand, grasp delicacy, sensitivity, frailty dim , faint effectresult, outcome element component frightenscare, terrify fusion, union gradual slow, steady hybrid, combination, mixed breed incredibleremarkable inherentinborn jealous envious lavishwaste, squander modification, , alteration, change multiplicityvariety noxious , noisome, striking obedientsubmissive palliatealleviate patienceendurance rageanger, fury , revolutionize dramatically changeseize grab, grip sequencesuccession typical common, usual universal general vulgarcoarse, mean withstand resist yearningdesire 14. DAY 14 affection ~ yearningaffection coldness, hatred , agree decline, disagree, dissentcondemn compliment, praise , comprehendmisapprehend, misconceive ,delicacydurability ,dim illuminated, shiningeffectcause, reason, element composite, compound, frightencalm, s