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  • DAY 1 abandon ~ tangible

    words synonyms abandon , desert, leave, give up astonish surprise, shock bare , naked, uncovered capacity , ability capitalize on take advantage of decay , decompose discern perceive, distinguish eager , avid, enthusiastic extinct die out, outdated fertile productive flourish prosper, thrive grateful thankful, appreciative habitat , dwelling, home ideal model, exemplary immense enormous, tremendous improvised unplanned, spontaneous in charge of , responsible for judicious wise, sensible kin , relatives likely possible, probable literally , really, actually measure determine, mark out mature , ripe, fully-developed nature , characteristic observe notice, perceive on hand , available passionate zealous, enthusiastic radical , drastic, extreme sacred , holy, religious separate divide, part, split taboo prohibition tangible , material, physical

  • DAY 2 abandon ~ tangible

    abandon~tangible words antonyms , abandon adopt astonish expect, bore , , bare dressed, covered , capacity incapability capitalize on treat fairly , decay develop, grow discern neglect , eager apathetic, disinterested extinct alive, thriving fertile infertile, barren flourish decline

    grateful ungrateful,


    ideal attainable, real immense small, tiny improvised arranged, planned , in charge of irresponsible for, judicious careless, foolish , kin unrelated likely unlikely, improbable , literally figuratively, ambiguously measure estimate, guess , , mature immature, growing observe fail to see, overlook , on hand unavailable, unobtainable

    passionate dispassionate,

    unenthusiastic ,

    , radical conservative, moderate , sacred cursed, profane separate bring together, unite , taboo allowance , tangible intangible, conceptual

  • DAY 3 access ~ scrutiny

    words synonyms access , approach adapt , adjust ban prohibit barren , arid, unproductive captivity , bondage carry , transmit, transport clarify , elucidate defect blemish, flaw elaborate , complicated, detailed, detail eliminate , remove, get rid of facilitate make easier famous well-known, celebrated gather collect, aggregate harsh rigorous incorporate combine interfere intervene invaluable precious, priceless keen , sharp, intelligent lack deficiency, want legitimacy , authority maintain sustain meager lacking, short monotonous , boring needless to say obviously neglect disregard, ignore ordinary , routine, customary particular , specific partially incompletely random arbitrary scrutiny examination

  • DAY 4 access ~ scrutiny

    access~scrutiny words antonyms , access egress, depart , , adapt disarrange, dislocate ban approve , barren fertile, fruitful , , carry hold, withhold , , clarify confuse, obfuscate defect merit, strength , , elaborate simple, plain facilitate hamper, hinder famous infamous, unknown , gather scatter harsh mild, friendly , incorporate exclude, separate , interfere leave, withdraw invaluable dispensable, worthless , keen blunt, stupid , lack abundance, sufficiency , , legitimacy injustice , maintain release, let down meager large, abundant , monotonous varied needless to say unclearly, vaguely neglect attend, care , ordinary abnormal, extraordinary , partially completely, wholly random planned, ordered, intended , scrutiny cursory look, glance ,

  • DAY 5 abundance ~ vanish

    words synonyms abundance , plenty, profusion account for explain, describe bend curve catastrophe disaster, calamity chaotic messy, disorganized detest abhor, strongly dislike discrete , separate, distinct eminent outstanding, distinguished establish , institute, found, set up frustrate disappoint govern , regulate, control, manage industrious diligent innovation , change launch establish, initiate lay off fire, discharge melt fuse, dissolve mourn lament, deplore nurture raise, nurse overcome , defeat, surmount perennial , persistent, year-round prospect perspective, outlook reputation repute, fame, renown respond , react, answer shrink , contract, become smaller simultaneously at the same time slight minor territory , land, region tragic mournful, pathetic transparent clear unique , particular, original vanish disappear

  • DAY 6 abundance ~ vanish

    abundance~vanish words antonyms , abundance scarcity, dearth , account for confuse, obscure , bend straighten catastrophe miracle, wonder chaotic calm, harmonized , detest adore, cherish , discrete connected, linked, united eminent inferior , establish unsettle frustrate encourage , govern mismanage industrious indolent, lazy , , innovation tradition, custom , launch end, finish lay off employ, hire melt freeze, chill mourn rejoice nurture deprive, neglect , , overcome surrender , perennial fleeting, temporary , reputation dishonor , , respond ask , shrink expand, increase , simultaneously apart slight big, considerable , tragic blessed, fortunate , transparent opaque , unique standard , vanish appear, arrive, come

  • DAY 7 ambiguous ~ stand for

    words synonyms ambiguous unclear, vague amplify , increase, enlarge burden , load, cargo, responsibility classify , categorize, group coincidence , occurrence at the same time devote to , concentrate on dilute , reduce, thin, weaken empower permit, authorize exchange barter, interchange figure , , shape, sculpture, number fluctuate , move up and down, vary fragrant aromatic, scented fraud deceit, deception guilty criminal, culpable hazardous dangerous, risky heal cure intentional purposeful, planned invent , devise, create jeer mock, ridicule laborious , demanding, diligent, industrious look , gaze, stare maxim saying, proverb make sense , be logical to ornamental , decorative odor smell, scent perish , disappear pioneer , take the lead qualify ~ entitle replace substitute request entreat, supplicate slavery bondage, enslavement stand for , symbolize, represent

  • DAY 8 ambiguous ~ slavery

    ambiguous~slavery words antonyms ambiguous certain, clear, definite , , amplify compress, abridge, decrease ,

    , classify declassify, disorganize,


    , coincidence design, plan , , devote to disregard, neglect , , dilute thicken empower disallow , exchange hold, keep , fluctuate steady, unchanging , fragrant stinky, unscented fraud integrity, honesty guilty innocent hazardous safe, secure heal get worse, aggravate intentional accidental, unintentional jeer applaud, cheer , , laborious effortless, easy

    , make sense dispute ,

    , ornamental plain odor stench , perish live, survive , , pioneer follow, succeed , ~ qualify disqualify request answer, reply slavery liberty, emancipation ,

  • DAY 9 adverse ~ wealth

    words synonyms adverse , negative, unfavorable alternative , option, substitute beneficial advantageous cautious , careful, prudent contemporary current, modern discriminate , distinguish deter preclude, prevent, inhibit encourage motivate, promote exotic , unusual familiar close, friendly fidelity loyalty guide , direct, lead humble unassuming, modest illusion , impression impartial unbiased, disinterested magnificent , superb manifest , obvious, apparent nervous uneasy, excitable operative effective, efficient originate initiate, emanate potential , possible, promised, possibility primitive , prehistoric, early retire withdraw, retract retrospect , looking back span period, duration soar rise, ascend tease irritate, bother trade , barter, exchange vertical upright, erect valid just, logical wealth abundance

  • DAY 10 adverse ~ wealth

    adverse~wealth words antonyms , adverse agreeable, beneficial , , alternative necessity beneficial harmful, useless , , cautious incautious, careless contemporary ancient, historical , , discriminate indiscriminate , deter stimulate, help , encourage dampen, discourage , exotic familiar, native , familiar alien, strange fidelity disloyalty, unfaithfulness , , guide follow humble arrogant, bold , illusion reality , impartial biased, partial , magnificent uninspiring , manifest hidden, secret nervous calm operative inactive, invalid originate terminate , primitive modern, recent , retire advance, go forward soar plummet tease appease, mollify vertical horizontal

    valid invalid, unacceptable,



    wealth poverty, paucity ,

  • Day 11 announce ~ witty

    words synonyms announce proclaim, declare anticipate expect, foresee, forecast anticipated , foreseen barrier , obstacle behavior conduct competent qualified, capable confirm assure, verify decline , refuse, decrease deliberate careful embarrass confuse, perplex emphasize , stress faith , pride, belief favor , approval gorgeous wonderful, magnificent hollow empty impede , hamper, prevent integral essential. crucial jeopardize endanger, threaten laud praise, applaud levy , impose, draft meticulous careful moderate temperate negligence carelessness object , goal, aim pride