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  • 1. Wikis, Blogs & Web Publishing
    Final Presentation
    Daniel J. Markowski

2. My journey through this course began with a great frustration of how am I going to get the ACT 48 hours I need to meet my 180 hour requirement by June?
However, as the month
progressed, and I made myself more familiar with what was expected, I found the coursework more
and more exciting!
3. The Wonderful World of Wikis!
As with any great cast, collaboration is key.
That is why my first project of creating a wiki
was developed out of the need for good
communication among my fellow staff members.
With all of our unexpected snow
days this winter, we had to make up
school time by turning days,
normally scheduled for faculty meetings, into full days of class.
4. Which led me to create a Faculty Wikispace
that turned out to be a great way to
distribute information to my staff, as well as
a way to sharpen their technology skills!
Creating this wiki led to an awesome sharing of ideas while letting my staff feel as if they had instant input into school issues and concerns without having
to leave their own classrooms!
Convenience right at their fingertips!
5. The Wonderful Thing
About TiggeRRS
My second projectthe RSS Feedwas a great
way of gathering my favorite information about
things that were of interest to me without having to search the internet for individual topics and sites.I used iGoogle, and was EXTREMELY impressed at how easy it was to collect information in one location!
After deciding to book my familys first trip to Disney World, all things Disney became my focus for the next projectthe blog!
6. Whos the Leader of the Blog
Thats Made for You and Me?
As a young child, I was always
fascinated by anything that had
to do with Disney.That fascination carried on through my adulthood, and now as a father of three sons, I cannot wait to share that interest with them as we prepare for our first family visit to
Disney World!
7. From the dream of planning
our family trip came the creation
of All Things Disney
a blog which allows visitors and friends of Disney World, both past and future, to share ideas on any of the following topics:
Best Travel Times * Accommodations * Food
Leisure Activities * Traveling with Kids
and in general
How to get the MOST out of your vacation!
8. http://disneydaddan.blogspot.com
Not only did this blog assist with making the most out of the planning process of our trip, but it provided great insight into other Disney fans experiences!
9. From Animation to Animoto
For my fourth and final project, I went back to
a school focus and created a short video using
Animoto for my graduating 8th grade class.
Not only did the class love the video, (even though it was only 30 seconds), but theyve asked to purchase a larger version so they could create a longer video to be shown at their Graduation Dinner in June!
I was even able to post the short video to my Facebook account to share with friends!
10. Now Its Time To Say Goodbye
To All Our Company
This class has been very enjoyable for me.I began this journey in search of ACT 48 credits and found myself enjoying the projects more and more. The use of Moodle and the on-line community was not only helpful and easy to navigate, but it was convenient for students such as myself who find it difficult to set aside time for an in-class course. The assignments allowed me to venture out into areas of technology I was not familiar with and not only educate myself, but the faculty and students in my school as well!THANK YOU Rich!


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