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Training Material 2011


<ul><li> 1. CDN Business Prospects : 2011 Dr.Ir.Joko SuryanaPT.LAPI ITB</li></ul> <p> 2. Outline CDN Business Intro CDN Players CDN Market Size CDN Market Drivers CDN Existing Services CDN Market Barriers CDN Telcos Reason Entering CDN Business Entry Strategies Positioning Indonesian CDN Telcos 3. CDN BUSINESS INTRO 4. CDN Market trends : PlayersThe CDN market is composed by a myriad of players, with different strategies.Number of active players in the CDN industry : Leading CDN are mostly pure Internet player CDNplayers Building internal solutions (Google, Akamai (US based) Microsoft, DailyMotion, etc ) Limelight Networks (US based) e en sol tions third parties Edgecast, Highwinds Offering solutions for third- ChinaCache, CDNetworks in Asia(Amazon CloudFront) Consolidation in progress within Equipment and solution vendorspure playersalso positioning Panther Express, Velocix Traditional vendors : Cisco, Juniper,Alcatel- Lucent (Velocix), etc Telco CDN Specialized players : JetStream Level 3, AT&amp;T leading players for Ericsson : Mobile Cloud Acceleratorbackbonewith Akamai BT, KPN most advanced for access 5. CDN Market trends : Market Size The CDN marketrepresented around $ 1.6billion worldwide in 2009(video and non-video) Should reach 3.5 billion by2012 with 28% CAGR Still not enough CDN market growth </p>