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CCP Report CSR. 15 February 2012. Mandate CSR . Advisory body to the SCC Oversees all matters regarding restaurants/cafeterias/vending machines Ensures contracts are being respected Acts as two-way channel of information Addresses investment/health/safety issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Report CSR15 February 2012CSR meetingMandate CSR Advisory body to the SCCOversees all matters regarding restaurants/cafeterias/vending machinesEnsures contracts are being respectedActs as two-way channel of informationAddresses investment/health/safety issuesLiaises with specialists e.g. dieticianConvenes approximately 4 times a year

Composition of the RSC in 2012- Chairman: T. Lagrange / FP- Technical contract manager: I.Mardirossian / GSL. Scibile / GS- Commercial contract manager:F. Najeh / FP- Medical Service: E. Reymond / GSF. Lebrun-Klauser- Staff Association members 2012 :O. Andujar M.N. Beaumont Y. Sillanoli - ACCU member: M. Campanelli - Secretary: C. EcarnotMajor change in 2011Now one contractor for the 3 restaurants:NOVAE

Smooth transition during 2011:R2 = spring / R3 = autumn

Good feedback, both from users and NOVAE(home made fresh fruits/vegetables/fish cleanliness)Number of meals/day200420052006200720082009201020111'3451'2991'4811'5191'8571'9612'0972175 R1495539600651587633687

680 (May-Dec.)(NOVAE) R2387412435384301255270

344 (Oct.-Dec.)(NOVAE) R3Number of meals/day

2012 main outlines (1/3)Improvements in the infrastructure (R2 + R3 need urgent consolidation work)

R2: building with problems in many areas: floor in the kitchen, heating, toilet

R3: dish washer to be replaced.

2012 main outlines (2/3)New campaign from the medical service regarding food/health (project)Better follow-up with NOVAE + dietician regarding hygiene, diet, quality,Satellite cafeterias: NOVAE has recently hired one person dedicated to study the best places to set up satellite cafeteriasand to review the offer.

NOVAEs satellite cafeterias concept

2012 main outlines (3/3)A satisfaction survey amongst the customers of the three restaurants will be launched by NOVAE.Strong request from customers for animations in the restaurants: NOVAE has already provided the list for 2012 (~ a few days every two weeks).

Outstanding issuesElectronic paymentCapacity building 774 on Prvessin siteGroups of visitorsWaste sorting (GS)GlobeRESTAURANT n1ANAN%AN BAN% BAN (N-1)AN% (N-1)Ventes (HT)10'107'659100%10'208'314100%9'867'873100%Ventes (HT) / jour40'58941'18839'219Rsultat II1'078'85210.7%1'094'68210.7%1'159'45611.7%Rsultat III421'8544.2%431'1424.2%518'0455.2%Nbre jours249248252Nbre couverts/jour2'1552'0942'067RESTAURANT n2ANAN%AN BAN% BAN (N-1)AN% (N-1)Ventes (HT)1'755'066100%2'074'928100%0Ventes (HT) / jour7'0758'340Rsultat II24'3711.4%162'6957.8%Rsultat III-75'954-4.3%27'8251.3%Nbre jours248249Nbre couverts/jour682500RESTAURANT n3ANAN%AN BAN% BAN (N-1)AN% (N-1)Ventes (HT)172'622100%Ventes (HT) / jour2'976Rsultat II-17'342-10.0%Rsultat III-29'252-16.9%Nbre jours58Nbre couverts/jour345