ccna routing and switching lesson 13 - switching - eric vanderburg

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CCNA Routing and Switching Lesson 13 - Switching - Eric Vanderburg


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2. Port Security Switchport port security mac-address mac-address Switchport port security mac-address sticky learn first MAC used and restrict to that one 3. Switch modes Store & forward waits until entire frame is analyzed to forward Fragment free looks at first 64 bytes before forwarding Cut through forwards ASAP Adaptive cut through acts like cut through unless many errors are encountered. If so, switches to store & forward Switching-mode store-and-forward 4. STP 802.1d Used to reduce forwarding loops Allows redundancy without looping Elects root bridge based on lowest bridge ID (MAC & priority) Root ports are put in forwarding state, others in blocking Root switch enables all ports 5. Other features EtherChannel allows multiple trunk links to be used as one (2-8 links) PortFast ports connected to hosts can be enabled at once as soon as the first frame is received 6. RSTP 802.1w Faster convergance PortFast & Etherchannel are both built-in Does not work when hubs are on the network Can negotiate a new path to root automatically without a link going down first 7. VLANs Segment into multiple broadcast domains Requires layer 3 device to send data between VLANs Requires trunking to move data to VLANs spread between switches 8. Trunking ISL (Inter-Switch Link) IEEE 802.1q encapsulates Default VLAN Changes headerTrunk Types On Off Desirable Auto 9. VTP VTP allows configuration changes to be propagated to other switches in the same domain VTP modes Server mode Client mode Transparent mode VTP pruning does not send VTP info to a switch that has no ports in that VLAN 10. Switch commands Interface fastethernet 0/0 Duplex full / half / auto Speed 10 / 100 / 1000 / auto Spanning-tree cost cost changes priority Channel-group # - enables etherchannelShow spanning-tree view info on rootID, bridgeID, & ports that are blocking or forwarding Show vtp status shows number of VLANs, operating mode for this device, & domain name, 11. Trunking interface fastethernet 0.1 encapsulation isl 1 encapsulation dot1q 2 (do not set for main interface because that will be default vlan) 12. VLAN comands Vlan database SW1(vlan)# Vlan 1 name Test Vlan 2 name Sample Vtp domain SampleDomain Exit must exit for changes to take placeVtp pruning turns pruning on in global config Interface fastethernet 0/0 Switchport mode access not trunk Switchport access vlan 1Interface range fastethernet 0/1 10 13. 1900 switch Interface fastethernet 0/0 Vlan-membership static 2 Exit Set up vlans in configure terminal instead of vlan database 14. Trunking commands Interface fastethernet 0/0 Switchport mode dynamic desirable Switchport mode dynamic auto Switchport mode trunk Switchport mode access Interface ethernet 0.2 Encapsulation isl vlan# Encapsulation dot1q vlan#