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  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    CCNA 4 Practice final exam answers v51Which is a clientless VPN solution for mobile workers?





    'or a VPN( which technolo)* +rovi,es secure remote access over broa,ban,?




    A technician is talkin) to a collea)ue at a rival com+an* an, com+arin) -".

    transfer rates between the two com+anies2 3oth com+anies are in the samecit*( use the same service +rovi,er( an, have the same rateservice +lan2 What

    is the ex+lanation for wh* Com+an* A re+orts hi)her ,ownloa, s+ee,s thanCom+an* 3?

    Com+an* 3 shares the conection to the -".A with more clients than

    Com+an* A2Com+an* A onl* uses microfilters on branch locations2Company A is closer to the service provider.

    Com+an* 3 has a hi)her volume of P60" voice traffic than Com+an* A2%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%



    #ow ,oes an "NP tra+ ai, network monitorin) an, mana)ement?$t fla)s attem+ts to be)in a -o" attack on the network2

  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    $t collects information for the mana)ement station b* usin) +ollin) ,evices2

    $t re+orts to the mana)ement station b* res+on,in) to +olls2It sends an alert message to the management station when a threshold is





    efer to the exhibit2 A PC at a,,ress 172121245 is unable to access the $nternet2

    What is the most likel* cause of the +roblem?0he insi,e an, outsi,e interfaces have been confi)ure, backwar,s2

    0he wron) netmask was use, on the NA0 +ool2

    The NAT pool has been exhausted.Access8list 1 has not been confi)ure, +ro+erl*2




  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    efer to the exhibit2 A network a,ministrator has confi)ure, routers 0A an,

    03( but cannot +in) from serial interface to serial interface2 Which la*er ofthe 6"$ mo,el is the most likel* cause of the +roblem?


    a++licationdata lin



    :A user is unable to connect to the $nternet2 0he network a,ministrator ,eci,es

    to use the to+8,own troubleshootin) a++roach2 Which action shoul, thea,ministrator +erform first?

    Check the +atch cable connection from the PC to the wall2un the tracert comman, to i,entif* the fault* ,evice2

    !nter an IP address in the address bar o" the web browser to determine i"

    #NS has "ailed.

    un the i+confi) comman, to verif* the $P a,,ress( subnet mask( an, )atewa*on the PC2



  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    efer to the exhibit2 A network a,ministrator has confi)ure, router!,)e%outer as shown in the out+ut2 Connectivit* is failin) between

    !,)e%outer an, a non8Cisco router runnin) 'rame ela*2 What shoul, be,one to re+air this .a*er & connectivit*?

    o,if* the 6"P' +rocess8i, from 17 to 12

    $ssue the frame8rela* lmi8t*+e ansi comman, on interface serial 7172Issue the iet" eyword when enabling $rame %elay on inter"ace serial


    $ssue the broa,cast ke*wor, when +erformin) static ma++in) on interface

    serial 7172Correct the $P a,,ress use, in the frame8rela* ma+ comman,2


    itter than circuit8switche,networks are2


    17A network a,ministrator has move, the com+an* intranet web server from a

    switch +ort to a ,e,icate, router interface2 #ow can the a,ministrator

  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    ,etermine how this chan)e has affecte, +erformance an, availabilit* on the

    com+an* intranet?$nterview ,e+artmental a,ministrative assistants an, ,etermine if the* think

    loa, time for web +a)es has im+rove,2Com+are the hit counts on the com+an* web server for the current week to the

    values that were recor,e, in +revious weeks2-etermine +erformance on the intranet b* monitorin) loa, times of com+an*

    web +a)es from remote sites2Conduct a per"ormance test and compare with the baseline that was

    established previously.



    11Which statement ,escribes cable?

    0he cable subscriber must +urchase a cable mo,em termination s*stemC0"@

    #elivering services over a cable networ re*uires downstream

    "re*uencies in the +& to ,-& /0 range1 and upstream "re*uencies in the

    + to 23 /0 range.

    !ach cable subscriber has ,e,icate, u+stream an, ,ownstream ban,wi,th2

    Cable subscribers ma* ex+ect u+ to &: b+s of ban,wi,th on the u+loa, +ath2


    1&Which s*slo) entr* has a severit* co,e that in,icates the most serious

    situation?ar (4 &-5235335 (&.(.(.( 6LIN7)8)9P#:;N5 Inter"ace

    $ast!thernet&'81 changed state to down

    ar 1: 7947& 17212121 B.$N!P606858P-6WN .ine +rotocol on

    $nterface 'ast!thernet7( chan)e, state to u+ar 1: 794&&1 17212121 BC-P848-P.!D%$"A0C# ,u+lex

    mismatch ,iscovere, on 'ast!thernet7 not half ,u+lex@( with NA81272foo2com 'ast!thernet7&4 half ,u+lex@2

    ar 1: 797&1 17212121 B"E"89836600$! 0ime taken to reboot afterreloa, F 551

  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5





    efer to the exhibit2 has the followin) confi)uration

    show runnin)8confi)Hsome out+ut text omitte,H

    interface serial7ban,wi,th 1&;i+ a,,ress 1

  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    A technician has been aske, to confi)ure a broa,ban, connection for a

    teleworker2 0he technician has been instructe, that all u+loa,s an, ,ownloa,sfor the connection must use existin) +hone lines2 Which broa,ban,

    technolo)* shoul, be use,?cable





    Which WAN technolo)* uses a fixe, +a*loa, of 4; b*tes an, is trans+orte,across both switche, an, +ermanent virtual circuits?$"-N

    metro !thernet'rame ela*





    Which two statements about Net'low are true? Choose two2@Net'low can be use, to collect +erformance in,icators such as interfaceerrors( CP usa)e( an, memor* usa)e2

    Net'low traffic collectors use a I+ullJ base, mo,el to ac=uire traffic statisticsfrom +orts of interest2

    Net'low can be use, to monitor traffic statistics( inclu,in) +acket +a*loa,content2

    Net$low is a Cisco)speci"ic "eature that enables the collection o" detailed

    tra""ic pro"iles.

    Net$low can be used to create baseline documentation.

    Net'low is a network monitorin) an, event re+ortin) tool2



    Which three items are normall* inclu,e, when a lo) messa)e is )enerate, b*a s*slo) client an, forwar,e, to a s*slo) server? Choose three2@

  • 7/23/2019 CCNA 4 Practice Final Exam Answers v5


    communit* $-

    checksum fiel,date and time o" message

    I# o" sending device

    len)th of messa)e

    message I#



    1;Which statement is true about NCP?

    NCP establishes the initial link between PPP ,evices2

    NCP tests the link to ensure that the link =ualit* is sufficient2!ach networ protocol has a corresponding NCP.

    .ink termination is the res+onsibilit* of NCP2