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  • 7/23/2019 CCM - Crisis and Crowd Management


    Seagull AS is certified in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Simulator CentresAnd DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Centres.

    Crisis & Crowd Management on board training courses


    The on-board Crisis & Crowd Management courses cover the minimum mandatory training requirements forpersonnel on passenger ships. These two CBTS Crisis Management, (CBT#73) and Crowd Management (CBT#82)are based on the requirements defined in the STCW 95 code. They consist of CBTs and a workbook for practicalexercises. The procedures, assessments and other requirements are all included in the training package.

    Relevant legislations and referencesSTCW 95 Section A-V/2, V/3 and table A-V/2IMO Model Course 1.28IMO Model Course 1.29The course is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate andthe Bahamas Maritime Authority.

    Course topics- Human Behaviour- Equipment and Plans- Crowd Control Techniques- Crowd Control Procedures- Emergency Procedures- Emergency Drills- Emergency Resources- Leadership- Stress- Communication- Assessment

    Target groupAll levels Deck and Engine.


    DurationDependant on experience and knowledge of the individual participant.

    CreditsSeagull AS

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