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  • July-September 2019Issue - 39

    CareerFLARE A Newsletter of Career Group of InstitutionsQuarterly

    For Internal Circulation only

    Under compliance of Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of MP, and to fulfill the mission for environment protection and cleanliness, Green Cluster NCC and NSS Unit of Career College Bhopal

    th organized 'Hariyali Mahotsav' on 19 Aug 2019. With the theme of “Ek Abhiyaan Dharti k Shringar Ka” Plantation programme, Essay Writing, Speech and Poster Making Competitions were organized. An oath to protect trees was administered by the Director Academics Sir, Dr P N Tiwari followed by plantation drive in the college campus. This activity was planned with the aim of making students aware about environmental protection. Director Prof Pradeep Jain, Principal Career College of Law Prof J P Vyas and Principal Career College and School of Nursing Mrs Soni Toppo and faculty members and students participated actively to make the event a successful one.

    Dept. of Computer Science and NSS/NCC wing of the college successfully organized a one-day Awareness Drive i.e. TwinBins campaign under Swatch Bharat Program in co l laborat ion with Bhopal Munic ipa l

    rdCorporation on 3 Aug. 2019. The Awareness Drive was held at four different locations (Platinum Plazza, 10 No. Market, Bittan Market & Nehru Nagar). 10 Teachers and approx. 105 students participated enthusiastically. The local residents were surveyed by the students in reference to collection of garbage lw[kk dpjk (blue bin) and xhyk dpjk (green bin) campaign being carried out by the BMC .

    thOn 29 Aug. 2019 Paramedical Dept, C a r e e r C o l l e g e Bhopal organized a Free Medical Health Check-up camp at 'Lions Club, Senior Citizen Home' Chunabhatti, Kolar, Bhopal. 17 senior citizens were medically assessed, Physiotherapeucally treated and Blood sugar (Glucose) level was checked. Students of Pathology and Physiotherapy Dept. Interacted with senior citizens and shared their sweet/sour experiences. The students promised to visit them again and also celebrate festivals and other personal occasions with them. Fruits and snacks were also given to them.

    With the blessings and guidance of Hon'ble Chairman Sir Shri Vishnu Rajoriyaji, Hindi Diwas was celebrated in the college with enthusiasm. As a prelude to the 'National Hindi Diwas', a creative writing workshop along with different competitions was

    thorganised by the 'Literary Cell', Career College on 11 Sept. 2019. Keeping the rich and varied folk culture of India in mind, competitions such as group folk song, solo folk song, creative writing, good hand writing (sulekh), dictation (shuddh lekh), and narration of a folk story in traditional dress were successfully conducted by the cell. The resource person for the creative writing workshop was Dr. Lata Agrawal, an eminent author and educationist. She gave valuable pointers to think and write creatively to the students. It was followed by a competition on creative writing. Approx. 90 students from all streams participated with great enthusiasm, zeal and zest.

    thStudents were adjudged for their skills and talents and winners were announced. On 14 Sept. 2019, National Hindi Diwas was celebrated in the college. The Chief Guest was Dr. R. Ratnesh, Upper Secretary, Higher Education. He was welcomed by the Principal Dr. Punam Gupta with a sapling. She introduced the Guest and gave a welcome address. Dr. R. Ratnesh laid emphasis on the importance of Hindi language, how it has evolved and taken its present shape. The Co-ordinator of the programme, Mrs. Nisha Singh Raghuvanshi focussed on the historical background of Hindi Language.

    Hariyali Mahotsav

    Twin Bins Campaign



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    Dr. Anita Bhadoriya Deepti Mehta Shoma Barman Nisha Raghuwanshi Dr. Anju Pathak Tanuja Murab Dr. Madhuri Shridhar

    Dr. P.N. Tiwari Dr. Punam Gupta Dr. K.K. Damade Mrs. Soni Toppo Prof. P.K. Gupta

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    Rashtriya Hindi Diwas

    Free Health Camp

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    Campus Selection

    CongratulationsFL A R E

    C a r e e r

    rd Ÿ Ms. Ashi, Sreelakshmi and Sushmita of Microbiology Dept. won 3 prize in State Level Rock Band Competition.

    They were facilitated by Smt. Krishna Gour (MLA) for best music band.

    Ÿ Preksha Jain, student of M.Sc. Final Year from Microbiology Dept. scored 84.9% in University Result. rd

    Ÿ Ms. Ashi Shroti won 3 Prize in ‘Open Mike Singing Competition’ in FLIPSIDE DB Mall.

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    www. .comsugarsync Your files and folders hold important information that needs to be protected from loss. SugarSync will make you feel safe, but will also make your work easier because it will sync the files on multiple devices.

    Campus Selection of students in Multinational/National Companies

    Ÿ Shubham Tawar, (BBA)

    Ÿ Kritika Sankla, (B.Com, Economics)

    Ÿ Namrata Vishwakarma, (B.Com, Economics)

    Ÿ Akansha Dubey, (B.Com, Computer)

    Ÿ Rohit Kourav, (B.Com, Economics)

    Ÿ Vineetd Dwivedi, (BBA II Year)

    Ÿ Sunny Soni, (BBA II Year)

    Ÿ Nitish Mirwani, (BBA II Year)

    Ÿ Ashutosh Khare (B.Com III Year)

    Company- ABR Venture

    Company- LG Electronics

    Company- Tele Talk - Safal Lavanya

    ª Companies expected to visit in future : TCS, Jaro Education, L&T Construction, Godrej,

    ICICI Bank, Reliance Jio, etc.

  • 1. Look at this series: XXIV, XX, __, XII, VIII, ... What number should fill the


    2. Five persons F,M,K,J,E are sitting in a straight row, not necessarily in the

    same order. M do not sit in the middle and is the immediate left of J. F and J

    occupy the extreme positions. K sits between F and E. Who is the immediate

    neighbourhood of J ?

    3. Pointing to a man in a photograph, Asha said, "His mother's only daughter is

    my mother." How is Asha related to that man?

    4. Elle walks 24 miles in the direction of east then he turns to his right and

    walks further 7 miles, how far is he exactly from the starting point (in miles)?






    Who was the first to study the solar system?

    Which source is associated with a line emission spectrum?

    Who proposed the idea of debt for nature swap, which is now catching up fast all over the world?

    Which is the most unreadable mathematical classic?

    HTML stands for?











    a 1/4 of your bones are in your feet.

    your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body.

    on your birthday you share it with 9 million others.

    1 googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

    a 1 minute kiss burns 26 calories.

    you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV.

    knowfrogs don't usually swallow water (they absorb most of the moisture they need

    through their skin).

    at birth dalmations are always white.

    hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards.

    a duck can't walk without bobbing its head

    F L A R E

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    Quiz - 39

    Do You Know?

    Management Quotes

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    Q u

    iz Puzzle - 39

    1. Husband 2. Immediate Right 3. E4 4. Four

    Answers of Puzzle - 38

    Answers of Quiz - 38







    Karl Landsteiner.

    Telling time.



    "Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people." - John Rockefeller

    “The Four Keys of Great Managers: (1) When selecting someone, they select for talent … not simply experience, intelligence or determination. (2) When setting expectations, they define the right outcomes … not the right steps. (3) When motivating someone, they focus on strengths … not on weaknesses. and (4) When developing someone, they help him find the right fit … not simply the next rung on the ladder.”

    -Marcus Buckingham

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    Placement Info

    Tips for Students

    F L A R E

    C a r e e r

    LG Electronics Sant Singaji Institute of Science & Management Eligibility : All UG & PG/MBA Eligibility : PG (Scinece Sub.)

    nd thCampus Date : 2 July, 2019 Campus Date : 10 August, 2019

    Package : Attractive Salary Package : 2.16 - 2.4 LPA

    Location : M.P. Location : Sandalpur ( Khategaon)

    Tale Talk- Safal LavanyaABR VENTURE Eligibility : UG & PGEligibility : UG & PG