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Everyone has a story to tell. Stakeholders’ Reports Brand Identity Interactive Media Advertising & Marketing

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  • 1. Stakeholders Reports Interactive Media Advertising & Marketing Brand Identity Everyone has a story to tell.
  • 2. Our Firm From corporate reports to community outreach to branding, for more than 40 years Curran & Connors has helped organizations tell stories in ways that inform, intrigue and inspire their key audiences. We deliver a unique blend of creative solutions and dedicated project management to help clients effectively This is communicate their messages to a variety of audiences. our story.
  • 3. Our Footprint 40+ years communications design experience 16 locations Sales Office 4 design studios Client Service Office Design Studio Salesperson team 70+ Office Sales Office Design Studio Design Studio/Sales Office Design Studio Office Client Service Design Studio Design Studio/Client Service OfficeHeadquarters/Design/Client Services Design/Client Service Corporate Headquarters Design Studio Design Studio/Sales Office Corporate Headquarters
  • 4. Our Approach Dedicated project managers who oversee a program from beginning to end. Award-winning creative team who translate your Team Synergy message into brand communication programs that connect with In-house production key audiences. team of Web developers, retouchers, print specialists, typesetters and proofreaders ensure that every detail of a Curran & Connors best-of-breed approach to communications design program is covered. allows team members to perform their roles at the highest level of performance in their areas of expertise.
  • 5. S&P 500 Clients Fortune 500 Clients Celgene Corporation Anixter International Inc. Cooper Industries, Ltd. Coventry Health Care DeVry Inc. Hormel Foods Corporation Hormel Foods Corporation Huntsman Corporation International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Kellogg Company Medtronic, Inc. Medtronic, Inc. Pall Corporation Pulte Homes, Inc. Pulte Homes, Inc. Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Safeway, Inc. Safeway, Inc. Sealed Air Corporation Sealed Air Corporation Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Tech Data Corporation Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Corporation Curran & Connors assists many of Americas leading corporations with their investor communications programs.
  • 6. Our Expertise: Stakeholders Reports Non-Profit Municipalities Corporate We design and produce a variety of print and online reports Not-for-Profit that connect with a diverse audience of stakeholders, patrons, communities and other critical constituencies.
  • 7. Our Expertise: Interactive Media Web Sites e-Marketing Presentations We combine our award-winning design capability with in-house Advertising technical expertise to deliver Internet and interactive solutions that are intuitive, user-friendly and visually captivating.
  • 8. Our Expertise: Advertising & Marketing Advertising Media Services Brand Collateral We create strategically targeted campaigns, develop Direct Marketing powerful messaging and design sophisticated communication materials that connect with your desired audience.
  • 9. Our Expertise: Brand Identity Positioning Visual Identity Brand Systems From positioning refinement and tag line creation to logo design Brand Integration and graphic standards development, Curran & Connors translates branding strategies into verbal and visual identity components that can enhance brand image and shift brand perceptions.
  • 10. Case Studies Outreach: Financial Business Curran & Connors provides clients with a resource for Community creative talent, industry experience, program experience and a complete range of communication design capabilities.
  • 11. Case Study Annual Report Online Annual Report Fact Sheet and Presentation Notice & Access Brochure Kellogg Company Corporate Communications Materials Kelloggs engaged Curran & Connors to create compelling and focused investor relations materials that highlight their product lines and key attributes, while adhering to the companys strict brand standards. Leveraging the iconic Tony the Tiger catchphrase, the printed and online annual reports tell investors what makes Kelloggs A Gr-r-reat Company. The Notice & Access brochure was mailed to all shareholders to explain e-proxy and direct them to the companys investor relations site.
  • 12. Case Study Direct Response Broadcast Print Advertising Online Media e-Marketing HUB International For more then 10 years, HUB International has relied on Curran & Connors to communicate with a diverse audience of business executives, high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, investors and employment candidates. From targeted print advertising and direct marketing campaigns to shareholder reports and trade show booth design, we have assisted HUB with its diverse marketing outreach needs.
  • 13. Case Study Achieve. Grow. Build. ...The Full Potential of This copy is not intended to be read. It is merely a representation of what the text of this DeVry University piece may look like set Achieve... in this type. Legibility image clarity, consistent let- ter and word spacing, character design look like set in this type size and style. The criteria for quality typography have image application of lgibility, image clarity, co, consistent letter and word and layout remain the basic qualities not changed with the application of spacing, characte mputers and state by which we judge. The criteria for computestyle. The criteria for quality of the art technology.Legibility, image quality typography have not changed typography have not changed with the application of lgibility, image clarity, with the application of computers and application of computers and state of cont letter and word spacing, characte John SmithDeVry Student This copy is not Technical Consultant at state of the art technology. Legibility, the art technology.Legibility, image mputers and state of the art technol- This copy is not ABC Corporation intended to be read. It is image clarity, consistent letter and clarity, consiste, consistent letter and ogy.Legibility, image application of word spacing, character d typography word spacing, characte mputers and lgibility, image clarity, consistent letter intended to be read. It is merely a representation have not changed with the ece may state of the art technology.Legibility, and word spacing, character design merely a representation This copy is not of what the text of this piece may look like set of what the text of this intended to be read. It is piece may look like set merely a representation in this type. in this type. of what the text of this piece may look like set Edward KimDeVry Student AT A GLANCE Special Care Veterinarian ABC Corporation Jamie SmithDeVry Student in this type. This copy Nursing ABC Hospital is not intended to be read. It is merely a rep- DeVry At A Glance resentation of what the text of Edward KimDeVry Student Special Care Veterinarian ABC Hospital A Year of Achieving, Growing and Building 5 DEVRY UNIVERSITY AND KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL APOLLO COLLEGE WESTERN CAREER COLLEGE CHAMBERLAIN COLLEGE ROSS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL ROSS UNIVERSITY BECKER PROFESSIONAL STALLA REVIEW FOR OF MANAGEMENT OF NURSING OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF VETERINARY EDUCATION THE CFA Apollo College and Western Career College provide a com- MEDICINE DeVrys largest division, DeVry University and its Keller prehensive offering of high quality career-oriented healthcare Chamberlain offers exible Since 1978, Ross For more than 50 years, Stallas approach to prep- Graduate School of Management (KGSM), serves nearly programs ranging from entry-level programs such as Medical and progressive academic University School of Since its founding in 1982, Becker Professional aration for CFA Institutes 70,000 undergraduate and graduate students at more than Assisting, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, and nursing programs with a Medicine (RUSM) has Ross University School Education has helped Chartered Financial Analyst 90 locations in 26 states and Canada and online. DeVry Healthcare Administration, to advanced programs such as student-focused learning been providing an out- of Veterinary Medicine equip professionals and (CFA ) examination is University offers 20 undergraduate degree programs in busi- Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technology, Medical environment. Chamberlain standing medical edu- (RUVM) has graduated their companies for the rigorous, comprehensive, ness, technology and healthcare technology. Sonography and Respiratory Therapy. These healthcare offers the following under- cation to prospective over 2,300 veterinarians. challenges of tomorrow in and grounded in a holis- program offerings capitalize on powerful demographic graduate nursing degree physicians. In fact, RUSM RUVM maintains a tech- the Accounting, Finance tic, highly structured KGSM offers seven masters degree programs in manage- trends driving the increasing demand for qualied healthcare programs: Associate has proudly graduated nologically advanced and Project Management methodology. ment as well as 13 graduate certicates. Since 1975, DeVry professionals in the United States. degree in nursing; over 7,000 physicians campus in St. Kitts, part professions. has graduated more than 235,000 students at the under- Bachelors degree in during its three decades of the Federation of graduate level. Of graduates in the active job market, Western Career College and Apollo College serve more than Becker is a global leader nursing, with an online RN of service. In the past St. Kitts and Nevis in the 90.3 percent were employed in career-related positions 10,000 students at 18 campuses located in high-growth in professional education, to BSN degree comple- year, RUSM placed Caribbean. Its broad- within six months of graduation. markets. Western currently has eight locations in northern providing world-class web- tion option. On the gradu- roughly 600 physicians in based curriculum provides California. The ten Apollo campuses are located in Washington, the foundation for an based and live in-house www.devry.edu ate level, Chamberlain U.S. residenciesmore Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. excellent education and continuing professional offers an online Master of than any other medical entry into a variety of education for accounting www.apollocollege.edu Science in Nursing degree school in the world. A Year of Achieving, Growing and Building | 2009 ANNUAL REPORT program. career pathways in vet- and nance professionals. www.westerncareercollege.edu Students choose Ross Its CPA Exam Review and erinary medicine. www.chamberlain.edu because of its faculty, Stalla Review for the CFA curriculum, technologically RUVM is proud to be Exams are the largest and advanced campus and afliated with 21 (out of a longest-running review pro- because of its well earned total of 28) American grams worldwide. More reputation for providing Veterinary Medical than 400,000 individuals the education that enables Association (AVMA)- have beneted from our students to pass their accredited schools of vet- exam review and continuing U.S. licensing exams and erinary medicine. This professional education obtain excellent residen- extensive network of afli- programs. cies. Ross has clinical ations makes it possible education centers in for students to receive Miami, FL, and Saginaw, superior education while MI. A new clinical educa- completing their clinical tion center opened in training in the United Freeport, Grand Bahama, States. The roster of afli- in January 2009. ated institutions includes many of the top veterinary http://www.rossu.edu schools in the country. http://www.rossu.edu Investor Outreach Annual Report Web Site Corporate Brochure DeVry Inc. When DeVry Inc. joined the S&P 500, they wanted to make sure the investment world was aware of their milestone achievement. So naturally DeVry turned to Curran & Connors to design and place full-page print advertisements offering 500 scholarships to workers recently affected by corporate layoffs. The ad ran in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Curran & Connors also assisted DeVrys corporate communications team on the development of the annual report, corporate Web site and corporate brochure.
  • 14. Case Study Outdoor Online Print Stakeholders Report Capital City Bank Capital City Bank relies on Curran & Connors for media targeting and media buying services. We replaced a local ad agency that was not up to the task of placing ads cost-effectively in the multiple communities served by the bank. Curran & Connors delivers a level of expertise, dedication and media pricing savvy that few local agencies can match. The bank also utilizes our creative team to develop print, online and outdoor advertising campaigns.
  • 15. Case Study CSR Report CSR Section of Annual Report Online CSR Report CSR Many Curran & Connors clients nd it important to showcase their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and achievements. For some, like Cooper Industries and ASUR, we design and produce standalone reports targeting key stakeholders. For others, including Levis, FEMSA and Pulte Homes, we help incorporate a strong CSR message in printed or online annual reports. In addition, eco-friendly production techniques are used to further communicate sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • 16. Over the past four decades, Curran & Connors has evolved to meet the challenges in a continually changing corporate environment. Our ongoing evolution translates into enhanced design capabilities, cutting-edge technology and better service to our clients. With design studios in New York, Chicago, Florida and California, and account executives across the country, we continue to offer an unparalleled diversity of talent coupled with local representation to tell the unique stories of our clients.