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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>hgd </p> <p>In the name of ALLAH </p> <p>DIAGRAMATIC REPRESENTATION OF BONE MARROW PLURIPOTENT </p> <p>PCV or Hematocrit57% Plasma</p> <p>1% Buffy coat WBC</p> <p>42% RBCs</p> <p>Blood componentsInterpretation of </p> <p>CBC- complete blood count</p> <p>Results of lab.testsMay be affected byActivityDietStressGeographymedicationsTime of the day</p> <p>Component of the CBC White Blood Cells (WBCs) Red Blood Cells (RBCs) Hemoglobin (Hgb) Hematocrit (Hct)Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)mean corpuscular hemoglobin(MCH) Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) Red cell distribution width (RDW)Platelet ( PLT )</p> <p>6</p> <p>RBCRBC (varies with altitude): </p> <p> M: 4.7 to 6.1 x10^12 /L F : 4.2 to 5.4 x10^12 /L In : 4.8 to 7.1 x10^12 /L </p> <p> Function: - transport hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lung to the tissues -acid base buffer. </p> <p>7(Hgb/Hb)</p> <p>M: 14 to 18 g/dL F : 12 to 16 g/dLIn: 14 to 24 g/dl</p> <p> 5&gt;Hgb&gt;20 Emergency</p> <p>Hemoglobin8Hematocrit(HCT /PCV)</p> <p>It is ratio of the volume of red cell to the volume of whole blood. </p> <p>M: 42 to 52 % F : 37 to 47 % In: 44 to 64 %</p> <p> 15&gt;Hct&gt;60 Emergency</p> <p>MCV = mean corpuscular volume HCT/RBC count = 80-100fLsmall = microcyticnormal = normocyticlarge = macrocyticMCHC= mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration HB/RBC count = 26-34%decreased = hypochromicnormal = normochromic</p> <p>MCV&amp;MCHC</p> <p>10MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin) HB/HCT = 27-32 pg</p> <p>RDW (red cell distribution width)</p> <p>It is correlates with the degree of anisocytosis</p> <p> _ Normal range from 10-15%MCH &amp; RDW 11ADULT REFERENCES OF RED BLOOD CELLS_________________________________________________ Male Female_________________________________________________Hemoglobin (g/dl) 14 18 12 16</p> <p>Hematocrit ; PCV (%) 42 -52 37 47</p> <p>RBC count(X1012/l) 4.5 6.2 4 5.5</p> <p>Mean Cell Volume 80 -95 80 - 95 MCV (fl)</p> <p>Mean Cell Hemoglobin 27 -34 27 - 34 MCH (pg) </p> <p>Mean Cell Hemoglobin 30 -35 30 -35 Concentration(MCHC)</p> <p> Normal CBC </p> <p> RBC</p> <p>Physiological responseHypoxiaPOLYCYTHEMIA VERAAcute dehydration </p> <p> RBC </p> <p>AnemiaHemorrhage.nutritional deficiency Kidney diseaseLeukemiaAnaemia</p> <p>HypoproliferativeHemolyticRetics &lt; 2Retics &gt; 2Hb% &lt; 12, Hct &lt; 38%Anaemia Workup - MCVMicrocyticMCVNormocyticMacrocyticIron Deficiency -IDAChronic InfectionsThalassemiasSideroblastic Anemia</p> <p>Chronic diseaseEarly IDAHemoglobinopathiesPrimary marrow disordersCombined deficienciesIncreased destructionMegaloblastic anemiasLiver disease/alcoholMetabolic disorders</p> <p>The causes of a hypochromic microcytic anaemia. These include lack of iron (iron deficiency), or of iron release from macrophages to serum (anaemia of chronic inflammation or malignancy). Failure of protoporphyrin synthesis (sideroblastic anaemia) or of globin synthesis (Alpha or Beta Thalassaemia). RDW </p> <p>Megaloblastic anemias</p> <p>IDA</p> <p>Hemoglobinopathies</p> <p>Hemolotic anemia </p> <p>Microcytic Hypochromic - IDA </p> <p>Macrocytosis -MBA </p> <p>Norms of leukocytes(WBC) A :4-11000/mm3 In:9-30000/mm3 </p> <p>30000</p>