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<ul><li> 1. Group Influences and Diffusion of Innovation! Crest Whitestrips. Cocaine Energy drink. </li></ul> <p> 2. Consumer Reference Groups Environmental influences: Family Friends Co-workers Experts Companies Celebrities 3. Societys influence on consumermotivations WESTERN CULTURESOUTHEAST ASIAN CULTURE People with white teethWomen with bloody lips viewed as being more:and black teeth viewed Attractive as being more: Confident Beautiful Trustworthy Healthier And financially successful Stronger Alert 4. Crest Whitestrips + Dentists Endorsed by dentists. Associated with celebrity; Ryan Seacrest through commercials. Made around $100 million in sales their first year 2001. Product sold to over 14 million people worldwide since 2001. 5. Dynamically continuous innovation Procter and Gamble have significantly altered a process which once was done, uncomfortably and expensively at the dentist, but can now be done cheaply in the comfort of your own home! 6. Most products fail in first 2 years! Nine out of ten new products fail. Common Reason: Company hasnt understood the consumer decision making process and has failed to make or meet customer motivations. Key example: Cocaine. 7. Cocaine Energy Drink Banned by the FDA for inappropriate association to an illicit drug. Failed within 6 months. Associated with a substance which causes: untold death, family destruction, and corruption. 8. Misunderstanding the Energy DrinkConsumer Redbull successfully associated itself with sports, health, and mental help for college exams things their consumers were motivated to achieve and aspired too. Cocaine misunderstood its market by assuming a gimmicky brand would entice loyalty from customers. Not even retailers were prepared to risk association with Cocaine 7-11 wouldnt carry it. </p>