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  • 8/8/2019 Cavalry Tactics Primer Draft


    Hello cRPG'ers and Strategus warlords. I've noticed a growth in organized cavalry units ingamelately, and thought that a small primer on tactics for light cavalry (including missle cavalry) andheavy cavalry, as well as mixed units may be appropriate. Remember that these are open fieldtactics (very very very rare in NA) and must be adjusted, or thrown out altogether in maps withtowers, bridges, or villages. Either long practice together, or good communication is key here.There IS both an NA and an EU Teamspeak3 server provided for the general population in crpg. Iadvise using them, if you want to try tactics and team play.

    NA : port 7400EU : port 9987


    Light Cavalry :Insert Picture here

    Light Cavalry is the first step for many cavalry players, with some choosing to move on to heavycavalry, and some choosing to stay as light for the rest of that character's life.

    Light Cavalry is characterized by Tier 2 and 3 horses, and lighter personal armor. Many lightcavalry carry a ranged weapon as well as a primary melee weapon (sword or lance/spear), and asecondary melee weapon, such as a lance. For the purposes of this primer, missle cav, evenplated horsearchers on a plated horse shall be grouped with the light cavalry.

    Heavy Cavalry :Insert Picture here

    Heavy cavalry are the big spenders of the crpg world, often in heavy plate armor, with a tier 4 oreven tier 5 horse. Heavy cavalry's tactics are more straight forward, though they are still veryvulnerable to a pike, pikesword, or awlpike thrust. Heavy cavalry can bull through an unawareenemy formation, and the pure fear they engender can be a handy distraction.

    Light Cavalry Tactics :All Tactics Based on Assumption that at least 3 light cavalry are on the same side.

    A light cavalry units tactics are primarily those of support. The light cavalry unit is not being usedto its maximum effectiveness charging headlong into the fray, though at times, the headlongcharge can be very usefull in turning a flank or hitting from behind into tied up enemy infantry.

    You are best used in 3 modes. Harassing archers, screening heavy cav to support their charge,and screening your own lines from enemy cavalry. I will give examples of each below :

    Harrassing enemy archers :

    Picture goes here:

    The above illustration removes the enemy cavalry, as well as any heavy cavalry you have fromthe field. If they are present, then adjust movements as needed. Be aware enough of yoursurroundings to adopt a weaving pattern of forward movement to keep arrow hits to a minimum.Your job in this scenario is to keep enemy archers DISTRACTED, as well as having thepossiblilty to kill unaware enemies. Archers watching you are easy targets for friendly archers,and they will appreciate your help. Having a ranged attack option will make this manuever evenmore fun for you, but be sure to stick to the primary purpose, and not be a K:D whore.

  • 8/8/2019 Cavalry Tactics Primer Draft


    Screening Friendly Heavy Cavalry, in preparation for a charge :

    Picture Goes here :

    The above illustration points out how much damage your heavy cavalry can do, if they have thesupport of their team. The panic and distraction they cause can allow your infantry and archers tocompletely obliterate the enemy in the field. Your job in this scenario is to distractpikemen/spearmen, and distract archers. You must be able to time your attacks into the flanks sothat enemy pikemen attack (possibly killing) YOU, instead of stopping the heavy cavalry charge,so attacking to early is the main mistake here. Give your heavies time to form up and pick a spotin the enemy formation to charge.

    Screening your formations from enemy cavalry :

    Picture goes here :

    The above illustration demonstrates keeping your formations intact and destroying or turningenemy cavalry away. This is a primary goal of light cavalry. For this, I recommend a rangedoption paired with a couchable lance. Notice that at NO time do you meet enemy cavalry head

    on. Light cavalry is a playstyle of angles, misdirection, and quick footwork. Working in tandemwith friendly foot archers, you can completely eliminate enemy cavarly from the round with someskill, timing, and a bit of luck. Enemy light cavalry will be brought down by ranged fire, whileenemy heavies can be dehorsed with a couched lance, or a swung morningstar or barmace, andeasily shot to pieces on foot. Use your speed and maneuverablility against them, and it will payoff for you.


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