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<p> 1. CATHEDRAL 2. SCENE 1Robert and the narrator meet 3. QUESTIONS What do you notice about the characters in the firstscript and the characters in the second script (pay specialattention to how the characters respond)? Do you think if the author included the charactersconscience that the story would have ended differently? List emotions that all of the characters were feelingduring this scene 4. SCENE 2Robert and the narrator draw a cathedraltogether 5. QUESTIONS What do u notice when Roberts conscious istalking?Do you think the narrator feels bad that he madethat nasty comment to Robert?Draw a picture of what you think Robertsconscious looks like? 6. SCENE 3 What happens after Cathedral? Robert and the narrator become best friends and visit acathedral 7. QUESTIONS How would you like the story to have ended? Do you think its possible that the characters could havebecame best friends at the end? How do you think it wouldve changed the ending ifRobert had a different disability? </p>