categorizing facial expressions

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  • 1. Categorizing Facial Expressions

2. Marjorie Ferguson Marjorie Ferguson identified 4 types of facial expressions on the front cover of British women magazines. Chocolate Box Half/ full smile Lips together/ slightly parted Teeth barley visible Full/ three- quarters of face to the camera Invitational Emphasis on the eyes Mouth shut with hint of a smile Head to one side or looking back to the camera Super-smiler Full face Wide open, toothy smile Head thrusts forward or chin thrown back Hair often wind blown Romantic or Sexual Includes male/ female two- somes Dreamy Heavy lidded Overtly sensual/ sexual 3. Sexual/ Romantic 4. Chocolate Box Smile 5. Super- Smiler 6. Invitational 7. Trevor Mullium Seductive Similar to cool/ level Eyes less wide Expression is less reserved but still self-confident Milder Carefree Nymph like Active Healthy Vibrant Outdoor girl Often smiling/ grinning Practical Concentrating Engaged in business in hand Mouth closed Eyes object directed Sometimes a slight frown Hair often tied back or short style Comic Deliberately ridiculous Exaggerated Acting the fool Pulling faces Catalogue A neutral look as of a dummy, artificial, wax like Features may be in any position- but most likely to be with eyes open wide and a smile Looks remain vacant and empty with personality removed 8. Seductive 9. Carefree 10. Practical 11. Comic 12. Catalogue