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  • Sulzer Pumps

    The Heart of Your Process

    Sales Program

  • 2Sulzer PumpsSulzer Pumps has been designing and building pumps since 1834. Today the company is recognized the world over for the quality and reliability of its products.

    With a global network of strategically located, modern facilities (including two foundries) Sulzer Pumps combines the advan tages of being a global company with the ability to be your local partner. Control of the entire manufacturing process allows us to maintain the high est quality standards.

    Our centrally administered quality program ensures that, regardless of where the individual component is produced, Sulzer Pumps quality is consistently excellent. The ability to transfer manufacturing of either parts or complete pumps bet ween plants guarantees the most efficient utilization of our facilities.

    The result of this approach is that the users of our products benefit from class leading levels of performance and reliability no matter what the appli cation. Industries ranging from offshore oil prod uction to paper manufacturing depend on the reliable operation of Sulzer Pumps products to keep their facilities running smoothly.

    Global Manufacturing

    Our detailed process and application knowledge has allowed us to develop innovative pumping solutions for our focus segments including custom designed systems if required. Our active research and development supports this customer oriented approach.

    Sulzer Pumps has sales and service facilities in all the major markets of the world to provide fast and flexible re sponse and support.

  • 3Pump Segment Matrix


    Single Stage Pumps

    Two Stage Pumps

    Barrel Pumps

    Ring Section Pumps

    Axial Split Pumps

    Vertical Pumps

    MC Products



    Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon Processing

    Pulp & Paper

    Power Generation

    Water &Wastewater

    Food, Metals & Fertilizers

    Product Types

    Service products available for all segments.

  • 4Focus MarketsAn essential part of Sulzer Pumps' success is our focus on a number of chosen markets. We design and manufacture our products to meet operators' specific needs within these industries. This specialization has allowed us to build a complete understanding of the processes our pumps are used in, leading to more efficient and reliable products.

    Common to all our segments is the value our customers place on the performance of their pumping systems. By choosing a Sulzer pump, our customers place us at the heart of their process.

    Oil & GasCrude oil production and transportation are an essential part of the global energy mix. With production from older fields now running down as they become ever more depleted the discovery and development of new reserves is an urgent and ongoing process. These new reserves are often in challenging locations such as deep water or in remote and undeveloped regions of the world. Producers demand ever higher pressures, flows and levels of reliability. World record breaking products coupled with our unique packaging and testing abilities makes Sulzer Pumps the number one choice for critical upstream pumping and transcontinental pipeline applications.

    HPIRefining crude oil and the production of base chemicals convert natural resources into the wide range of fuels, chemicals and material products without which modern lifestyles would be impossible. As our understanding of the environmental impact of mankinds activities has improved, new processes and environmental operating standards have been introduced. High tempera

    ture, highly flammable and sometimes toxic liquids must be pumped safely, reliably and efficiently. Sulzer Pumps has the most uptodate range of ISO 13709 (API 610) process pumps on the market. Each range is designed to deliver class leading performance with the minimum impact on the environment through energy use, leakage and consumption of external services.

    Pulp & PaperThe production of pulp and paper products is intensive in its use of centrifugal pumps. The pumps need to operate in a wide range of demanding applications within the process and need specific solutions to a number of critical operating requirements. Abrasion and corrosion resistance, an ability to pump liquid with gas entrapped within it, the requirement to eliminate external services, the need to minimize energy consumption and have interchangeable spare parts combine to challenge pump designers to provide economic products that fulfill their diverse needs. As market leader and with the successful introduction of the all new AHLSTARUP range that takes pump performance to the next level, Sulzer Pumps is the choice of paper manufacturers worldwide.

  • 5PowerModern electricity generating plants, be they fossil fuelled, nuclear or combined cycle, rely on pumps as a core part of the generating process. Boiler feed pumps, condensate extraction pumps and cooling water pumps are at the heart of the heat cycle most widely used for power generation. From industrial generating plants through to the latest generation of super critical power stations, Sulzer Pumps' technology is selected the world over both by private and national power generating companies. Sulzer Pumps is also active in the equally important fields of FGD treatment plants and nuclear safety systems. Another important field is the retrofitting of existing plants to increase life and performance while improving reliability.

    Water and WastewaterA ready supply of clean water is one of the basic necessities of life. Supplying water to ever growing city populations or producing drinking water from the sea are both growing activities in response to population demands. With installations ranging from bulk water transportation supporting some of the largest

    cities in the world to ground breaking reverse osmosis plants delivering large volumes of water at previously uneconomic price levels, Sulzer Pumps' technology makes these schemes possible. Pumping water demands the highest possible levels of efficiency, this exceptional performance must be maintained over extended periods of time as the bulk of the cost associated with water supply schemes comes from driving pumps. Specifically matching the pump hydraulics to system demands and the engineering knowledge associated with delivering long operating life are key to Sulzer Pumps' success in this challenging market.

    Food, Metals and FertilizersProcesses as diverse as metal production, sugar refining, fertilizer manufacture and ethanol refining all have a common link. They contain processes that are highly erosive, corrosive or have other particular demands that compromise the life and reliability of traditional process pumps. Sulzer Pumps' unique knowledge of these challenges gained over years of experience in manufacturing process pumps has led to the development of a modular range

    of pumps able to be configured to process operating demands. Hard wearing alloys, corrosion resistant materials, unique sealing solutions and modular bearing assemblies allow operators to specify the right pump for each process while reducing spares and maintenance costs through the use of interchangeable sub assemblies. No matter how extreme the service, Sulzer Pumps has a process pump solution perfectly suited to meet the customers' requirements.

  • 6The Best Production and Test Facilities in the WorldWherever you are, Sulzer Pumps is closeby to bring the latest pumping technology to your unique process. We constantly seek to strengthen our manufacturing base by increasing the efficiency of all our facilities, including our foundry operations in Finland and Brazil. Examples include the use of global supply partners to ensure both raw materials and factored items are supplied to the highest quality standards and investment in stateoftheart machine tools, packaging and test facilities. These continuous improvements will benefit you as we develop an ever more advanced manufacturing philosophy. This work is at the heart of the value we give you.

    New FacilitiesSulzer Pumps recently completed and successfully commissioned two completely new manufacturing plants. Our existing facilities in Brazil and China had, for various reasons, reached their limit for development and expansion investments. The decision was made to move off the existing sites and build new plants in more favorable locations while still retaining the existing employees. This allowed us the dual benefits of custom designed pump factories staffed by our highly skilled workforce. This combination meant the new plants were brought on stream with a minimum of disruption to work in progress.

    InvestmentsAs well as building new facilities, Sulzer Pumps has also invested heavily in existing locations. Examples include the complete reconfiguration of our US plants in Portland and Houston. Using lean principles, the buildings and machine tool layouts were updated and arranged to optimize workflow. The result has been improved productivity and capacity at both locations. In Mexico, investments in machine tools and improvements in plant layout have increased capacity, particularly for products used in refinery applications.

    In the UK, a fourth test bed was installed at the Leeds plant and the main test bed upgraded with an inverter drive for variable speed motors of up to 15 MW.

    Demand for products from our Indian factory resulted in investments to