cat bus by muhammad abbas junaid cpsc 463. introduction  current catbus website

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  • Cat BusBy Muhammad Abbas JunaidCPSC 463

  • IntroductionCurrent Catbus website

  • Red Route

  • Additional Functionalities Easy to useMultiple search optionsGives you the complete directions for a specific destinationUsers have the option of detailed or concrete directionsCan set the reminders

  • Additional FunctionalitiesAdministrators have better control over dataCan keep the catbus schedule up-to-date with minimum efforts.Can update, add and delete information.

  • Two main areas

    Administration AreaSearch Area

  • SearchSearch serves as the Default page. Users can choose between two options.Search by route.Search by starting point and ending point.

  • Search MapSearchCoach_detailsSelect_routeDirecScheduleMult_dest

  • Dijkstras AlgorithmDijkstras algorithm is used for the shortest distance between two locations.The graph is created is a weighted, directed graph. The weight for each edge is set to oneLater modifications can easily be implemented

  • AdministrationAdmin page is the home page for the admin area. Administrators have three options.update time for an existing schedulecreate new route / add another bus to an existing routeAdd domain

  • Administration MapAdminAdd_placeCreate_step2Update_detailCreate_step3Select_scheduleAdd_domainCreate_step1

  • Reminder ServiceThe reminder are stored in the databaseA stand alone application checks for the jobs to be performedRemoval of the completed job

  • Reminder ServiceStandaloneApplication Database

  • DemonstrationWebsite URL:

  • Future WorkExtend the reminder service to collect the information of the busAllow users to access the website using cell phone.Real time GPS trackingReal time mapping of the current position of the bus

  • ConclusionThe implementation of the additional functionalities would make the current Catbus website:More easy to useFaster searchesConcrete directions for a specific destinationReminder service

  • Acknowledgement I would like to thanks Dr. Pargas for his guidance and Josh Austin and rest of the fellow students for their help in making this project successful

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