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Be a Superhero for local children on Friday 15th May 2015 by making a donation to Cash for Kids Superhero Day. Radio Borders’s Cash for Kids goal is to support disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable children under 18 living throughout the region – and every penny you donate will help make a real difference to local children so they can live life to the full and reach their potential.




    Scottish Solicitors PropertyCentres - working togetherto benefit our clients

    Be a Superhero for local children on Friday 15thMay by making a donation to Cash for KidsSuperhero Day.

    Radio Borderss Cash for Kids goal is to supportdisabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable childrenunder 18 living throughout the region and everypenny you donate will help make a real differenceto local children so they can live life to the full andreach their potential.

    Staff at Hastings & Co in Kelso will be donningtheir capes to fly into the office on the 15th and willbe using their super powers to persuade membersof the public to donate to this worthy cause!

    An early morning meeting in Perth meant a very earlystart for Executive Member, Ron Hastings, who recentlyrepresented BSPC at the AGM of the Scottish SolicitorsProperty Centres (SSPC).

    Reports from centres highlight new instructions and sales agreed- a significant increase in activity on a year-to-year basis.Statisticsfor the Borders were positive, showing improvement both interms of numbers sold and value of sales, while the averageprice achieved remains steady. Other areas, such as the hotspots in Edinburgh, have experienced a surge and some membersexpressed concerns of a return to boom and bust, however,overheating is not universal and certainly in the Borders the marketis showing a steady and gradual return to normal levels of activity,with neither boom nor bust.

    Much of the discussion was sharing information and experiencesfrom centres around the country - and recognising that we allhave much to gain by a general pooling of resources to forge aone-nation approach in providing cutting-edge services to ourclients. As a result, SSPC has been developing initiatives to meetthe demands of an ever changing and increasingly interconnectedmarket.

    Key to the success of this strategy is the sharing of information and forming a central database with feeds from the variousindividual SPCs and reciprocal links connecting the local andnational databases. The development of a clean and easy to use central web platform makes good business sense.

    Unsurprisingly, much of the discussion centred on the on-goingdevelopment of the SSPC website and the opportunity provided bythe introduction of new players such as On The Market. Reportsfrom around the country showed positive results and levels ofactivity over the past year, with improving market conditions aresult of the full estate agency service offered by solicitor estateagencies a service that gives sellers confidence in knowing theyhave made the right choice of agent and not been panicked byfalse promises or risking their biggest asset selling themselvesshort through the limited service provided by online only anddiscount agencies.

    From a local perspective, the Borders has a distinct characterbest served by those based in the Borders who know the areawell, while geographical challenges are being overcome byimproved transport connections and the much-heraldedcoming of the Borders Railway. In this digital age connectivityis key and the BSPC performs well, serving the whole of theBorders across a broad range of property types. The additionalconnectivity with the development of the national website can onlyadd to what we are able to offer clients in the Borders.












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