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Case Study : Training in action at infosys

Prepared By Kindly restrict the use of slides for personal purpose. Please seek permission to reproduce the same in public forms and presentations. Manu Melwin JoyAssistant ProfessorIlahia School of Management StudiesKerala, India.Phone 9744551114Mail

Case study - InfosysInfosys is one of Indias leading information technology services companies. The top management of Infosys has always placed a strong emphasis on training and development.

Case study - InfosysThe education and research center housed in the companys headquarters in Bangaluru can train 1000 software engineers simultaneously. It comprises fully equipped classrooms, labs with video conferencing units, individual faculty rooms and a 30,000 square foot library with a capacity of 10,000 books.

Case study - InfosysThe education and research department of Infosys offers courses in business, e commerce, data base management and many more. Full time faculty teaches 75 % of these courses, professionals teach 10 % and outside vendors offer the rest of the courses. The full time faculty comprises 40 individuals from academics and industry.

Case study - InfosysAll fresh technology recruits of the company receives 14.5 weeks of training. This includes three days of orientation (eg: corporate culture, customers), five weeks of foundation courses (eg: programming, system development, interpersonal skills), seven weeks of technology courses(eg: C++, UNIX, HTML), and two weeks of group projects.

Case study - InfosysTraining is also provided as a part of continuing education.Beyond entry level training, people may nominate themselves for the scheduled courses.Close to 100 courses are offered each quarter, with varying duration of one day to six days. Most courses are presented in classrooms, some in laboratories.In addition, courses may be offered on request.

Case study - InfosysCompany assesses the training needs through various mechanisms. Segment wise technology requirements are determined by the management and communicated to the education and research department. For example, the E&R department may be informed of the requirement for 500 people with knowledge in internet technology in the near future. Specific skills needs such as interfacing with microsoft or Java may be determined through a deeper analysis.

Case study - InfosysRegular planning meetings are also held to assess training needs. In these meetings, the expected projects for the coming years are forecasted. These projections determine skill requirements ( Eg: 300 to 400 project managers for 500 projects). Based on current skill availability and skill demand, training need is determined.

Case study - InfosysInfosys also offers training and development support to academic institutions by providing exposure to industry, in the forms of sabbaticals at Infosys, training programs and sharing courseware.