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  1. 1. MARUTI SUZUKI GROUP 4 Presented By Ayush Mittal 69 Saima Nigar - 56
  2. 2. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS 1. Strong brand image 2. Ease availability of spare parts 3. Strong presence in second hand car market 4. Low maintenance cost 5. Diversified product range 6. Well distribution network 7. Widely available after sale services
  3. 3. WEAKNESSES 1. Internal management issues 2. Low interior quality 3. Inability to capture market share in SUVs 4. Inability to penetrate into international market 5. Lack on spending in R&D
  4. 4. Opportunities Developing hybrid cars Increase in purchasing power Greater growth in two-wheelers market Consumers preference for safer products Make in India Campaign Growing demand and upward growth of Hatchback cars
  5. 5. THREATS Substitute mode of transport Competition from global players like Ford, GM, Honda Consumers willingness to try new products Competitors spending too much on advertising Chinese companies to enter into India with lower range cars
  6. 6. BCG Matrix Star Swift, Swift Desire , CIAZ Question Mark Ertiga, Grand Vitara, A-Star Cash Cow Alto, Wagon -R Dog Baleno, Versa,Omni
  7. 7. Recommendations Focusing on the R&D for improvement in interiors and ensure better safety. Interiors may be customized to some extent In-built music system can be added Better alloys can be offered to the customers More leg space Adjustable steering wheel Develop Hybrid Cars New cars especially focusing on women They can introduce Lease Financing as an offer to the customers Concentrate more on the production of Hatchbacks Cars rather than producing SUVs or Sedans. Enhance their presence in Two-Wheeler segment market (almost 80% of the market share) by introducing a new big bike in rural areas as consumers preference is for big bikes.
  9. 9. Domestic Sales
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