case interview practice session led by: ohdcc. what is a case interview? a case interview is a job...

Download Case Interview Practice Session Led by: OHDCC. What is a Case Interview? A case interview is a job interview in which the applicant is given a situation,

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Case Interview Practice Session

Case Interview Practice SessionLed by: OHDCC

Introduction as alumni of TC and overview of professional background (Q&A at end of session)1What is a Case Interview? Acase interviewis a jobinterviewin which the applicant is given a situation, problem, or challenge and asked to resolve the situation. Thecaseis often a business situation in the areas of strategy, market entry, profitability, or human capitalIt dependsType of caseCompanyInterviewer Interview RoundTime Limit Job level

What does the case interview look like?

Source: Duke-Fuqua 2009-2010 DMCC Case Book

4Overall Flow of a Case

Source: 2009 Wharton Consulting Club Casebook**estimated times5RecommendationsListen to the questionTake notesSummarize the challengeVerify the objectivesAsk clarifying questionsOrganize your answerWork the numbersBe coachableBe creative and brainstormBring closure and summarizeImportant: Summarize the question, verify the objectives, be coachable6What Not to DoJump to conclusionsApply canned frameworks to problemsGet too stressedShow low energySource: Case in Point (2011)Jump to conclusions without first coming up with a framework for analysis. The process is more important than the solution.Apply canned frameworks to problems. In our experience, 2-3 frameworks (e.g., Porters, 3Cs and profitability) are all you need for 80% of the cases. Sometimes, no standard frameworks will fit the problem, so dont be afraid to come up with your own simple frameworks.Get stressed out: Remember the poise and confidence test we spoke about earlier? o At some point, an interviewer may make you feel uncomfortable(sometimes even on purpose.) Now that you know its coming try not to worry about it. o Yes, you will be asked to multiply 7 * 13 or other random numbers. Dont panic! Talk out loud, do your best to pick easy numbers when you have options and let the interviewer know that you are going to be rounding the numbers off. You can use scratch paper for calculationso It is okay to ask the interview for 20-30 seconds in the beginning to come up with a framework or a few seconds to regroup in the middle of the interview7Case Practice3 minutes to read case description2 minutes for clarifying questions5 minutes to form potential solution10 minutes to present solution and probeConclusion and Risks

Note about nature of the Case: This is a Human Capital Case and thus contains an approach much different from the usual Strategy case. However the candidate should not abandon the use of a framework. Here the focus isnt so much on the bottom line as it is on the approach needed to manage the proposed changes in the organization. The case should be carried out in a conversational format with hints and clues to push the candidate alongside the case prompt. 8KGFs Learning Management System

9Case DiscussionDevelop a planUse a framework if applicableMake hypothesisInclude data analysisConclusions/Recommendations/Follow-up

Individual review of case, then groups of 4 for discussion/sharing of ideas. 10Helpful SourcesCase in Point - Marc P. CosentinoVictor Cheng ( Graduate Consulting Club(CGCC)Strategy/Management Cases