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National Black MBA Case Competition Winning Presentation


<ul><li> 1. Maintaining the Strength of the RetailGiant</li></ul> <p> 2. Continued Success No. 1 Retailer in the world First discount store in 1962 All 50 states &amp; 14 other countries 2.1 million associates worldwide Revenue of $408 billion 3. Walmart Formats NEIGHBORSUPERSTORE HOODMARKET TRADITIONAL DISCOUNT WAREHOUSE STORE STORE 4. Tesco on the Rise First store in 1929 in North London Currently No. 4 Retailer in theworld Holds 30% of the UK market Now exists in 14 countries 851 million international profit THREAT TO WALMART IN THEUS* 5. FORMATS1. Extra2. Home Plus1. Superstore1. Metro1. Express* 63 4 56. One-Stop 6. SuccessesFailures Branding Name Rapid revenue Lack of researchgrowth Customer service Provide for Formattingcustomers issues InternationalSuccess Full U.S. Extensive research assimilation Rapid expansion No name Internationalrecognitionsuccess Lack of variety Smaller stores Lack of name brands 7. Shrink Size, Boost Buys Customers straying from large store formats Tesco expands small size most Only 4 exist; concentrated on the east coastSo Increase number of marketside stores Build in new Walmart territories Reach neglected markets 8. Walmart Formats SUPERSTORE NEIGHBORHOODMSMARKETTRADITIONALDISCOUNT WAREHOUSESTORE STORE 9. a Walmart for All*Carts Answers are with consumers Specific store data gathered by focus groups Permanent focus group establishedAnd Different ethnicities in different areas Advisory board to tailor local needs Niche market created 10. Projected Endeavor InvestmentPercentage increase (in %)Years of investment 11. Projected Growth Years of Increase 12. BenefitsRisks Keep lead retailer status Lose Brand Power Increase revenue Increase monopoly Gain new customersinfamy Increase customerretention New branding recognition</p>