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Cary High School. 9th Grade to Graduation. Do you know the Student Services Staff?. Do you know the Student Services Staff?. 9th-10th Grade Counselor A-L Ms. Bowers Do you know the Student Services Staff?. 9th-10th Grade Counselor M-Z Ms. Bryant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Cary High School

9th Grade to GraduationCary High School

Do you know the Student Services Staff?

Do you know the Student Services Staff?9th-10th Grade Counselor A-LMs.

Do you know the Student Services Staff?9th-10th Grade Counselor M-ZMs.

Do you know the Student Services Staff?Counseling Intern from UNC-CHMiss

Please return your forms!!!

Do you know the Student Services Staff?Intervention & PEP Counselor9th -10th Grade RepeatersMs.

Do you know the Student Services Staff?SAP CounselorMs.

Do you know the Student Services Staff?Attendance & Intervention Coordinator-All GradesMr. Smith

Where is Student Services located?Our offices are located in 1104, directly beside the main office

9th and 10th Grade 11th and 12th GradeMs. Rock: A-IMs. Boshoff: J-NMr. Johnson: O-UMs. Hofmann: V-ZMr. WoodsMr. HayesDo you know your administrators?What should I do in the 9th grade?Meet your high school counselor!

Plan your schedule to meet graduation and college entrance requirements

What should I do in the 9th grade?Think about which colleges and careers suit your interests

Choose programs, summer workshops and camps that relate to possible career interests

To get to 10th grade you needEnglish ITwo credits from Math, Science, or Social StudiesThree additional courses

Total: 6 creditsPromote or Retain?Review each freshmans transcriptWill this student be promoted or retained?How many credits did the student earn?What is the students GPA? GPA and Quality Points GradeStandard HonorsAP A 4 5 6 B 3 4 5 C 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 F 0 0 0Promote or Retain?CourseFinal GradeQuality PointsSpecial Topics in MathematicsCDrafting IDWorld History HonorsBEnglish IFGeometry HonorsAMicrosoft Word and PowerPointBHealthful LivingAEarth ScienceC

GradeStandard HonorsAP A 4 5 6 B 3 4 5 C 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 F 0 0 0Weighted GPA: Unweighted GPA: Credits Earned: Promote or Retain? Your Turn!In your table groups, calculate GPA, number of credits, and promote/retain

Write your answer on scrap paper and turn it in

The first group to answer correctly wins a prize! GradeStandard HonorsAP A 4 5 6 B 3 4 5 C 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 F 0 0 0Weighted GPA:Unweighted GPA:Credits Earned:Promote or Retain?CourseFinal GradeQuality PointsCommon Core Math 1ACVisual ArtsFWorld HistoryFIntegrated ReadingBCommon Core Math 1BDEnglish ICHealthful LivingAEarth Science HonorsCYour Report CardWhat do I need to graduate?English: 4 creditsEnglish I, II, III, & IVAcademic and Honors Offered for English 9-12AP Offered for English 11-12

Social Studies: 4 creditsWorld History American History IAmerican History IICivics and Economics

Honors and Academic offered;AP US History offered to meet American I & II requirement

Science: 3 creditsEarth ScienceBiologyPhysical Science OR ChemistryHonors and Academic offered; AP Environmental Science offered to meet Earth Science requirement

Math: 4 credits*Students entering 9th grade with 8th Grade Math as their highest math credit Students entering 9th grade with an Algebra 1 credit or higher

Foundations of Algebra and Introductory Math Common Core Math 1A and 1BHS credit for Algebra I taken in middle schoolCommon Core Math 2Geometry or Honors Geometry

Common Core Math 3 Algebra II or Honors Algebra II

4th Math Course to be aligned with the student's post high school plans

4th Math Course to be aligned with the student's post high school plans

*** In the rare instance that a student is unable to complete the math requirements, another plan will be developed, pending principal approval and teacher documentation.Healthful LivingHighly recommended to take freshman year!Can also take JROTC/HL I and JROTC/HL II

World LanguagesNot required for graduation, but required for admission to the UNC system and most 4-year colleges & universities3 Languages offered at Cary High

Electives: 6 credits2 elective credits of any combination from either Career and Technical Education (CTE), Arts Education, OR World Language.

4 elective credits strongly recommended (4 course concentration) from one of the following:Career and Technical Education (CTE)***JROTCArts Education (e.g. band, chorus, theater arts, visual arts)Any other subject area (e.g. social studies, science, mathematics, English)Career Clusters at CHSTalk to your CTE teachers about: Agriculture, Food, and Natural ResourcesArchitecture and ConstructionBusiness Management and AdministrationGovernment and Public AdministrationHealth SciencesHospitality and TourismInformation TechnologyMarketingScience, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

27TOTAL =26 credits to graduate from Cary High School

Attendance11 Absences in a semester class = FF (forced failure!)

2 absences in a block scheduled class is like missing 4 days of learning

See Mr. Smith about attendance contracts or other attendance questionsDriver EligibilityStudents must pass 75% of courses (3 out of 4 on a block schedule) to be able to obtain or maintain their drivers license!

Athletic Eligibility85% Attendance required during the semester prior.

Must have passed 3 courses during the previous semester

Must maintain overall 1.5 GPA

Must not be convicted of a felony

Must live in the school district and enroll no later than the15th day of the present semester

Under 19 on or before October 16th

9th Grade College PlanningCollege Admission Offices pay careful attention to the following:Grade Point Average (GPA)Difficulty of course loadSAT/ACT scoresHigh school and community activities

To get started, visit or

Scheduling ClassesStudents cannot switch out of courses they register for (primary and alternate selections)

Select 8 primary (1st choice) courses and 3 alternate courses

NC ScholarsThis is not a monetary scholarship, but a seal that will appear on your high school diploma designating that you are a NC Scholar.Qualifications needed to be a NC Scholar:Unweighted 3.5 G.P.A.

English IEarth/Environmental English IIChemistry/PhysicsEnglish IIIArts courseEnglish IVForeign Language 1Algebra IForeign Language 2GeometryAdvanced ElectiveAlgebra IIAdvanced ElectiveHigher MathCTE course Biology Thank you, Class of 2017!


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