Carpe Opportunitas! - Seize the (Professional Development) Opportunity

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Discuss how volunteer opportunities can enhance and add valuable experience to your resume and portfolio in order to increase the chances of netting your ideal job or promotion that you deserve!


<ul><li>1.Key Learning Objectives Discover opportunities for your resume Build these opportunities over time Expand your network of professionals Find opportunities related to technical communication</li></ul> <p>2. What AreYour Goals?Flickr/LifeSupercharger 3. ExpandYour NetworkFlickr/wwworks 4. ExpandYour NetworkFlickr/wwworks 5. ExpandYour Network Twitterverse Follow: @stc_org, #techcomm, #STC, #a11y, #l10n Anyone you meet at #STC13 Summit LinkedIn Society forTechnicalCommunication ContentWranglerCommunity Documentation andTechnicalWriting Management TechnicalWriter Forum 6. ExpandYour Network Quora Follow professionals Follow people in other professions mySTC Create discussion groups Network with professionals who interest you 7. WriteYour Next Career Blogs Create your own Online Magazines TechWhirl STC Notebook STC Intercom Academic Journals TechnicalCommunication Business andTechnicalCommunication 8. Join Multiple Communities++++++ 9. Crossover Communities Local non-profit groups Marketing and Communications Toastmasters Area Professionals Small Business and Entrepreneur Groups 10. Build your portfolio Save example work Ask permission for re-distribution Post it online on LinkedIn SlideShare YouTube 11. BuildYour PortfolioFlickr/sixmilliondollardan 12. Share your experiences What worked? What didnt? What helped you get the job you are at? What is your strategy? </p>