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  • Carmen Lomas GarzaA report by Coraima Aguilar, Justin Rebboah and Katie Wiesen

  • Carmen Lomas Garza

    Born: 1948 Kingsville, TX

    Schooling: Texas Arts &

    Industry University, Juarez-

    Lincoln/Antioch/ Graduate

    School, San Francisco State


    Activism: Chicano Movement


    Art style: Narrative

    Types of Art: Painting,

    Illustrated Prints, Cutouts,



  • The Carmen Lomas Garza

    Primary Center Los Angeles, California

    March 2007

    Bilingual Curriculum

    10 class rooms

    200 students

    Pre-Kindergarten to Second Graders

    1st, 2nd, 3rd generation Mexican


  • Popular Themes in Artwork

    Chicano family themes

    Everyday lifestyleCommunity

    InclusivenessCultural Gatherings

  • Artwork Depictions

    Barbecues Quinceaneras

    Harvesting Crops/Family Dinners

    Rituals for getting rid of Evil Spirits, Curandero

    Wedding Day Blessings

  • Barbecue

  • Quincenera

  • Harvesting Crops/Family Dinners

  • Rituals for Evil Spirits/Curandera

  • Wedding Day Blessings

  • Dia de los Muertos

  • Cutouts

    Flora and Fauna of Mexico/Turkey

    Pedacito de mi corazon

  • Cutouts Explained

  • Childrens Books

    1. Family Pictures/ Cuadros de Familia

    2. In My Family/ En Mi Familia

    3. Magic Windows/ Ventanas Magicas

    4. Making Magic Windows: Creating Papel Picado

  • Whats the purpose of her childrens books?

    To educate the youth of the cultural heritage and important Chicano themes.

  • Everytime I paint, it serves a purpose- to bring out pride in our Mexican American heritage-Carmen Lomas Garza

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