Caribbean Fishery Management Council December 15, 2010

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  • Caribbean Fishery Management CouncilDecember 15, 2010

  • OverviewGenesis of Recreational Fisheries Engagement InitiativeRecent focus and activitiesSummary of the RecFish SummitOverview of the Action AgendaChallengesSolutions

  • Initiated by Dr. Lubchenco in October 2009Acknowledgement that the relationship between NOAA and the recreational community is strainedRealization that NOAA could better fulfill our stewardship responsibilities collaborativelyUnderstanding of the need to be proactive

  • Regional NMFS Rec. Coordinators National Policy AdvisorMAFAC Recreational Fisheries Working GroupSaltwater Recreational Fishing SummitRFEI initial commitments

  • Visible communications with recreational communityRFMCs, HMS Advisory Panel, rec. advocacy organizations, fishing clubs, etc.Recreational fishing mediaDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill Recreational ResponseDWH Communications teamFacilitate recreational constituent participation in NOAA leadership, Commerce Sec., and White House eventsParticipate in town halls and constituent meetingsRegular communications w/ GOM recreational constituents

  • Recreational Summit and Follow-ThroughInitiated dialogue to develop a trusting and productive partnershipHeard first-hand recreational concerns and proposed solutions from constituentsDeveloped an Action Agenda with tangible deliverables based on input from summit participants

  • For-hire vessel owners/captainsPrivate recreational fishermenTournament OperatorsTackle manufacturers/retailersNational interest groupsOutdoor writersFishery Management Council & Commission membersMAFAC Recreational Fisheries Working GroupOver 100 recreational constituents

  • Visions Themes for a Successful FutureBetter communications, cooperation, and increased trust Improved quality, quantity, and timeliness of data & scienceImproved fishery management decisions based on a more complete understanding of socio-economic contributionsImproved access to the resource and expanded recreational fishing opportunities

  • Top Ranked Priority Actions (Overall)Integrate the values of recreational fishing into the NOAA mission statement.Improved data i.e. social and economic data.Recognize the uniqueness of recreational fisheries and manage those to their best economic advantage (e.g., do not treat recreational catch in the same manner as commercial catch).Greater representation of recreational interests on the Councils.Increased recreational influence within the marine spatial process.

  • Identifies five Signature Issues with tangible objectivesEnsure balanced representation on FMCs and advisory bodies Formalize input of NPA re: FMC AppointmentsIntegrate recreational fishing principles and values into the NOAA/NOAA Fisheries mission and culture NGSPImprove recreational socio-economic, catch, and effort data MRIPCatch shares and allocation Catch Share PolicyCooperative research and monitoring Barotrauma workshop

  • Five overarching goals w/tangible objectivesImproved recreational fishing opportunitiesCoordinate with NOS Sanctuaries program to recognize recreational prioritiesImproved recreational catch, effort, and status dataImplementation of MRIPImproved social and economic dataUnderstand the impacts of the DWH oil spillImproved communicationsEngage MAFAC RFWGInstitutional orientationIdentify budget opportunities to advance rec. priorities

  • Array of Regional, National, and International IssuesLegislative, Policy, Management, Data, Science, CommunicationsMagnitude/distribution/diversity of constituencyConstituent MistrustConstituent ExpectationsAll things to all constituentsAvailable Agency ResourcesInstitutional Attention/Inertia

  • Internal/External Communication & PartnershipRegular & sustained communication w/constituents @ regional/national level to ID issues, roadblocks, solutions, and highlight successesCommunication, engagement & collaboration w/regions, science centers, etc.Regional adaptation, engagement, implementation of Action AgendaCollaboration with non-NOAA agencies/bodiesDemonstrating NOAA commitment Quickly building/communicating a record of success Showing sustained effort

  • Release of Action AgendaBarotrauma Workshop GrantFormalized input mechanism re: council appointmentsGOM For-Hire Survey Increased sampling & expedited data reporting Catch SharesIncorporated recreational considerationsDeepwater Horizon Disaster Relief Appropriation

  • Thanks for your attentionQuestions??

    ****Also in attendance:From the White House, Chief of Staff from the Center for Environmental QualityUSGCNOAA ENOcean Service

    ParticipantsPre-summit Survey resultsSummit events overviewSummit ResultsImplementationMAFAC



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