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  • February 2018


    C A R I B B E A N E X A M I N A T I O N S C O U N C I L




    NAME OF CENTRE: __________________________________ CENTRE CODE: _____________YEAR OF EXAM: ________

    NAME OF CANDIDATE: _______________________________ CANDIDATES REGISTRATION NUMBER: ______________

    TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT: _____________________________________________________________________________

    PROJECT DESCRIPTORS PROFILE TEACHERS MARK Project Title - Clear and concise title that relates to a real-world problem

    (1 mark) K

    Introduction - Clearly stated objectives that relate to the title (1 mark) K

    - Comprehensive description of the project (2 marks) C

    - Detailed contents page with page numbers (1 mark) K

    Method of Data Collection - Clearly described and appropriate data collection method

    (2 marks) C

    Presentation of Data - Accurate and well-organised data that is genuinely obtained

    (2 marks) C

    - Clearly and logically presentedtables/graphs/diagrams/formulas/proofs, that are labelled correctly, used appropriately and reflect the data collected (2 marks)


    - Accurate use of mathematical concepts (1 mark) K

    Analysis of Data - Detailed analysis of findings which is coherent and reflects the

    data collected and presented (2 marks) R

    Discussion of findings - Statement of findings clearly stated (1 mark) R

    - Statement of findings follows from data collected (1 mark) R

    Conclusion - Conclusion is based on findings and relates to the purpose

    of the project (2 marks) R

  • February 2018

    PROJECT DESCRIPTORS PROFILE TEACHERS MARK Overall Presentation - Information is communicated logically using correct

    grammar (2 marks) K


    K (6) C (8) R (6)

    Total Score (20 marks)

    Teachers Signature*: ________________________________ Date: _________________________

    * Please note that there is a choice to either print and then manually sign this form or the next option is to digitally sign the formwhen the Teachers Signature field is clicked. It should be noted, however, that once the signature has be digitally created in thefield, it cannot be removed and therefore it is strongly suggested that a blank copy is saved for further use. Also please note, that ifyou create a digital signature, it generates a signature file on your PC that can be used to sign other editable PDF forms.

    Name of Centre: Centre Code: Year of Exam: Name of Candidate: Candidate's Reg No: Topic of Assignment: Proj: Title:

    Objectives: Description: Contents Details: Data Collection: Organised Data: Presented Evidence: Math Concepts: Detailed Analysis: Findings Statement: Data and Findings: Conclusion: Overall Pres: K: C: R: Total Score: 0Date:


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