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nside Issue #2, Caregiving & Health Literacy Issue, - Expert Interviews with Denise Brown of, Helen Osborne of Health Literacy Month Awareness Founder - Cariloop, Kayak of Geriatric Care - When Caregivers becomes Nurses at Home? - Breast Cancer Awareness + Dr Gia Siason graduates from Chemotherapy, Her insights, musing on life - Nursing experts on elder/senior care options - Celebrate American Pharmacy Month - Medication Safety tips - CareNovate Magazine Launches Campaign


  • 1.yourverybest,health&care CareNovate Magazine ASOCIALHEALTH&MEDICATIONLITERACYPUBLICATION w w w . c a r e n o v a t e m a g . c o m DoctorGraduatesfrom Chemotherapy! The Caregiving + Health Literacy Issue Kayak of Geriatric Care Cariloop Expert Interviews Denise Brown. Helen Osborne. Joni Aldrich. Role Switch Caregivers, Nurses At Home? Elder Care Options Part 2 Gluten Food Labeling Update Great News!!!

2. 8 Magazine/January, 2012 3. CareNovate Magazine raising breast cancer awareness NotjustinOcoberbut everyday! FACTS ABOUT BREAST CANCER BreastCanceristhemostfrequentlydiagnosedcancerin Womenworldwide }{}{}{}{}{ ItistheleadingcauseofcancerdeathamongWomenglobally @@@@@@ Morethan 50%ofwomenovertheageof40failtogetamamogram onanannualbasis )()()()()()()()()( Lessthan5%ofUSbreastcancercasesareinwomenunder40 ooooooooooo 1in8USWomanwillbediagnosed XXXXXXXXXX Breastcancerdeathis41%higherinAfricanAmericanwomen thanCaucacianwomenalthoughtheincidenceislower ============== Every3minutes,awomenisdiagnosed :::::::::::::::: Over2000menwillbediagnosedwithbreastcancerin2013 ########### Do your self breast Examinations. Schedule Your Mamogram Today. 3 Magazine/Issue #2 4. CareNovate Magazine The offical publication of CareNovate, LLC Fall/Winter 2013. issue #2 Dr. G. Erowele, Editor in Chief Mr. K. Erowele, MBA, Publisher Dr. Ketra Ikezuagu, Dr. Ojey Ikezuagu: Medical Editor/Reviewer Drs. Darlington & Dr U. Ojiaku: Medical Advisors CareNovate, LLC - Publisher Contributing Writers: Dr Gia Siason, Michelle Seitzer, Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM Advertising/Partnership/ Sponsorship Inquires Media Kit or Question, Comments, Letter to the Editor Stay Empowered, Inspired & Motivated Editorial Office 9119 Hwy 6, Suite 230, Missouri City, TX 77459 832.589.007. Email: @Carenmag 4 Magazine/Issue #2 5. Many Thanks to Our Contributiors. ~ CareNovate Magazine IN EVERY ISSUE 6 Editors Note 7 Events -IMPACT80 Virtual Summit 2014 11 Readers of CareNovate Magazine 18 Books That Inspires HEALTH LITERACY 16 Carenovate Magazine Health Literacy 38 Q & A with Health Literacy Expert. Ms. Helen Osborne MEDICATION SAFETY 10 Discover your pharmacist super powers 10 Celebrate Pharmacist Month! 27 Be Medication Smart & Acetaminophen Awareness Video 28 FDA Update on Gluten Food Labelling CAREGIVING 12 Senior Care Living Series - Private Duty 20 Being the Nurse At Home: When Family Caregivers Become Healthcare Workers FEATURES 23 Dr Gia Siason - Doctor becomes breast cancer patient and musing on Life 101 29 Micheal Walsh, behind the Kayak of Geriatric Services 34 Denise Brown on providing the very first online support to Caregivers 41 Joni Aldrich - Caregiver x 2, to mum & husband CONTENTS 5 Magazine/Issue #2 6. EDITOR'S NOTE Tips for clear health communication Bringafriendorfamily membertohelp Makealistofhealthconcernsto discusswithyourprovider Makealistofcurrentmedications Askyourpharmacistwhenyouhave questionsaboutyourmedications Dear Reader, Humbled, gratitude and grateful are the words that comes to mind when I think about the birth of CareNovate Magazine and how it has crawled and now walking... We are so thankful for your support, words of encouragement, suggestions and emails. We love them all, so please keep them coming. In this caregiving + health literacy issue, we introduce to you amazing folks who are doing innovative things in the caregiving and health literacy space. Exciting interviews with Denise Brown, a pioneer in online support for caregivers and Helen Osborne, the Health Literacy expert with accolades to prove it. We celebrate the lives of all caregivers, families, women and men who has been affected by breast cancer. We are honored to share a survivor story of a physician, patient advocate who became a breast cancer patient. Read her musing on life after graduating from chemotherapy. We also bring you Cariloop, dubbed the "Kayak" of geriatric care service. Learn about this new innovation. Our awesome elder care nurse and author continues to educate on her "Senior Care Living Options" part 2 of 8, focusing on private duty home care. Remember all logos and links are clickable to instant access to our resource page, contributors websites, products and services. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Remember, in Health & Care Goldie Editor in Chief LOVE - All your emails. Continue to send them to me: 6 Magazine/Issue #2 I hopeyoufindthisissuefilledwithinspiration. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing CareNovate Magazine. Continue to share the magazine with friends and families via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Don't forget to take care of yourself. 7. IMPACT 80Global & Live Virutal Event Conversations By Women for Women & Caregivers February 11th, 2014 *About Caregiving. Health Care Social Media. Women's health. Health Literacy. Cost of Health Care. Medication Safety. & Much More REGISTER BRANDING & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE 8. ACTION OF A TRUE CARENOVATOR ********************* Takecareof yourbody; itsthe onlyplace youhave tolive Jim Rohn what's new online Find more of what you love about CareNovate Magazine: Health news, caregiivng tips, medication use and safety insights and tips for safe & healthy living This Month... Soon, CareNovate Magazine can now be found on Amazon and in the Apple Store! Y ou can find us on the bookshelves. Click on the ipad picture, to the right! WRITERS!!! Love WRITING about health care, women health, Caregivers and medical innovation? Send us your writing sample. Email Subscribe now - Click here or visit 8 Magazine/Issue #2 9. is secure and easy-to-use online family management journal that helps busy families manage what matters most family memories and household information. CareNovate Magazine readers and subscribers can sign up here for FREE or use this discount codes to get premium membership CARENOVPENNY: $0.01 for the first month of Premium of Premium Plus. No expiration. CARENOVATE20: $20 for the first year of Premium or Premium Plus. Expires 4/1/2013 9 Magazine/Issue #2 See Your Name In Print Send us your favorite 30 minute receipe. We are looking for easy, quick, delicious, healthy receipe to share with our extra busy readers. It could be a dish, salad, baked goods or soup. There's not limit to the origin of the meal, thats the exciting part. If your receipe is selected to appear in our next issue, you will receive a Whole Food gift card! Email your receipe to: 10. October is CareNovate Magazine Message Pharmacists are medication experts! Pharmacists truly are the last line of defense against medication dosing errors, drug interactions, and allergy screening. It's true. While you are a the drugstore or grocery, take the time to speak to your pharmacist, ask questions and plan to have them review your entire medication profile, including over the counter (OTC) medicines, vitamins and herbal supplements. Inform them of your health conditions, medication and food allergies, and let them know if you prefer to utilizing cost-saving generic medications. By maintaining an ongoing relationship with your pharmacist, you can help to protect yourself and your family. Get to know your pharmacist always your partner in good health. 10 Magazine/Issue #2 Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. Several studies have debated the adequate dose of Vitamin D. A critical study finds that Vitamin D 600 - 800 iu per day is sufficient KEY POINTS: Before taking any OTC medication, please discuss with your doctor, provider or pharmacist to make sure that it is safe or even necessary. To avoid vitamin D deficiency at all ages and to optimize bone health in adults and older patients, according to authors of a recent review of randomized controlled clinical trials. SOURCES: Bouillon R et al. Optimal vitamin D status: a critical analysis on the basis of evidence-based medicine. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2013;98:E1283E1304. Over The Counter (OTC) Medication Tip: Vitamin D 11. Your magazine is a work of art! I read it from cover-to- cover. Again, congratulations on an incredibly information e-magazine. I can't wait for the next edition to come out! I will be recommending it to all of my followers! Rob Harris - RobCares: Caring for "The magazine looks awesome!! Its very eye catching and I like the little boxes of statistics and highlights throughout the magazine. Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM. Author, Speaker, Consultant, National Eldercare Expert - The Elder Boom 11 Magazine/Issue #2 Our Readers ...Their Voice THANK"Carenovate Magazine is a valuable resource for caregivers of all kinds. Many times, caregivers are so focused on their loved ones, they neglect to attend to their own needs. I'm grateful that a publication such as Carenovate Magazine exists to help those of us who are so busy looking out for others that we often miss looking out for ourselves." Ms Starks of Misty Blue Media Caregiver to Mom We will looooove to hear from you! Give us your opinion. Send us your comments to info@carenovate. com *Missed the Premier Issue, Get it here OurReaders ...Their VoiceTHANK YOUOur Readers...Their Voices... THANK YOU!!!. The magazine has a lot of really superb information! I love the platform. The content is great! There is a lot of helpful, very current, 'appropriate' health & caregiving information. The information boxes are great!" Karen Estrada, M.S. Military & Veteran's Health Advocate, Educator; Military Family Support OurReaders ...Their Voice What a lovely magazine! I'm so impressed by the beautiful layout and great content. Really, its so good. Congratulations. Martine Ehrenclou, M.A -