career development -2201- jason blackmore & jared witherall r.o.v (remotely operated vehicle)...

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  • Career Development -2201- Jason Blackmore & Jared Witherall R.O.V (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Technician
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  • What is the Salary range in your line of work? My Salary ranges from 75,000 to 175,000.
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  • Was there any other type of career you thought of pursuing? No, going up through high-school I wanted to be a diver
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  • What did you do after High School? After high-school I did Post Secondary for welding, and commercial diving
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  • What are the pros and cons of your job? A con would be how long I am away from home. A pro would be traveling to unique places around the world and being involved in very interesting work
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  • What are the greatest strengths of your job? Knowing a lot about mechanics, and how things work, along with knowledge of hydraulic systems
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  • Do you get any company benefits? Yes, I get medical, dental, eye care, and my family is covered under my medical plan. Along with me retirement fund
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  • How long have you been in this type of job career? I have been working as an R.O.V technician for 14 years.
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  • What made you want to pursue this type of career? I was always interested with being in water, I was always a strong swimmer, I thought becoming a commercial diver would be a great way to continue my interest towards the activity, but as time went on & I got older I got a job as a R.O.V technician.
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  • Do you travel for work? Yes, I travel around the world, to many places with my job. Yes, I travel around the world, to many places with my job.
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  • What is the most enjoyable part of your job, and why? Driving the R.O.V under water, its sort of like a video game and becomes very addicting. You get zoned into it.
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  • Where did you go for your education? I went to Post-Secondary school in Grand falls, then to Seneca Collage in Toronto for underwater skills & diving. I went back to Grand Falls for pipe fitting.
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  • What is your job description? I am an R.O.V pilot technician. (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
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  • What are the skills required by you on a day-to-day basis? Maintenance on the R.O.V needs to be up- to-date, Interfacing tooling for different jobs, and using the R.O.V
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  • Describe one of your particular work days? I wake up, do a safety meeting, discuss what needs to be done or completed for the day, do maintenance on the R.O.V system, launching & flying the R.O.V, along with completing the task that are asked during the flight.
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  • Is your job becoming more in- demand? Yes, because of the ever increasing demand for oil, & how divers cannot work at the depths that R.O.Vs can handle.
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  • Seasons that make your job more difficult? And why? Winter, because of the very cold weather, along with the high seas and working outside in storms can be dangerous. Especially when off shore.
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  • What is your dream job? My dream job would be to open my own Black Smith shop, making unique metal items such as furniture, tables, tools, chairs, etc
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  • Do you work with many other people? Yes, working with people in my career is a very large portion of my job, theres a lot of crossover in my line of work. You work with the same people 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 21 days.
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  • What are some daily problems that you could experience? Some daily problems that could occur would be if the R.O.V breaks and needs repairing within a short period of time to complete a job under the clients scrutiny.
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  • What are the promotions? You go from a Trainee, to R.O.V pilot, to Senior Pilot, to Supervisor, and then finally the Super Intendent.