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    TECHNICAL INFORMATIONResponsibility for the contents of the published articles falls entirely on the authors. Opinions, ideas, results of studies published in the Ro-manian Journal of Cardiology are those of the authors and do not refl ect the position and politics of the Romanian Society of Cardiology. No part of this publication can be reproduced, registered, transmitted under any form or means (electronic, mechanic, photocopied, recorded) without the previous written permission of the editor.All rights reserved to the Romanian Society of CardiologyContact: Societatea Romn de Cardiologie Str. Avrig nr. 63, Sector 2, Bucureti Tel./Fax: +40.21.250 01 00, +40.21.250 50 86, +40.21.250 50 87; E-mail: offi

  • Whats new for ESC Congress 2013? 127Keith AA Fox

    Th e analysis of coronary fl ow on non-culprit coronary arteries inacute coronary syndrome single-vessel patients treated with coronaryangioplasty 129R. M. Chreih, D. Deleanu, Carmen Ginghin

    Almanac 2012: interventional cardiology 136P. Meier, A. Timmis

    Left ventricular noncompaction review 148Mihaela Rugin, L.M. Predescu, Mihaela Slgean, I. M. Coman, . Bubenek-Turconi

    Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension, present updateand future directions 154T. Constantinescu, M. Bogdan

    Sudden cardiac death - a reality in current cardiology practice 161Meda Maria Anghelu

    Coronary angiography: Th rombus and severe spasm in a case of acutemyocardial infarction 164E. Bou, A, Negoi, M. Postu, D. Deleanu

    Echocardiography: Intramyocardial hydatid cyst 166Monica Roca, Diana Maftei, R. Iacob, C. Clin, Carmen Ginghin, B. A. Popescu

    Updates in Cardiology 168

    2012 focused update of the ESC Guidelines for the management ofatrial brillation 171

    National and International cardiology agenda 2013 204

    Instructions for authors 207

    Vol. 23, No. 2, 2013










  • Ce va fi nou la Congresul ESC 2013? 127Keith AA Fox

    Analiza fl uxului sanguin la nivelul arterelor coronare neresponsabilen sindromul coronarian acut la pacienii unicoronarieni tratai prinangioplastie coronarian 129R. M. Chreih, D. Deleanu, Carmen Ginghin

    Almanac 2012: cardiologie intervenional 136P. Meier, A. Timmis

    Noncompactarea de ventricul stng 148Mihaela Rugin, L. M. Predescu, Mihaela Slgean, I. M. Coman, . Bubenek-Turconi

    Hipertensiunea pulmonar cronic postembolic, date actuale idirecii viitoare 154T. Constantinescu, M. Bogdan

    Moartea subit cardiac- o realitate n practica cardiologic curent 161Meda Maria Anghelu

    Coronarografi e: Tromb i spasm sever ntr-un caz de infarctmiocardic acut 164E. Bou, A, Negoi, M. Postu, D. Deleanu

    Ecocardiografi e: Chist hidatic intramiocardic 166Monica Roca, Diana Maftei, R. Iacob, C. Clin, Carmen Ginghin, B. A. Popescu

    Actualiti n cardiologie 168

    Actualizarea ghidului de management al fi brilaiei atriale al SocietiiEuropene de Cardiologie 2012 171

    Calendarul manifestrilor tiinifi ce cardiologice 2013 204

    Instruciuni pentru autori 207









    Vol. XXII, Nr. 1, 2007

    Vol. 23, No. 2, 2013


  • Romanian Journal of Cardiology | Vol. 23, No. 2, 2013


    Whats new for ESC Congress 2013?(Amsterdam, August 30th September 4th 2013)Keith AA Fox, MD

    Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh Contact address:Keith AA Fox, MD, Duke of Edinburgh BHF Professor of Cardiology.Chancellors Building, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh, 49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16

    The innovative Spotlight of the Congress is Th e heart interacting with systemic organs. For our pa tients, the interaction of cardiac conditions with other organs is fundamentally important to outcome, to safety and to clinical management. Related specialty areas have much to learn from each other and the ESC Congress 2013 will attract specialists from other organ systems to help understand disease mechanisms and improve the management of our patients.

    A personalised and interactive congressAt ESC Congress 2013 we can each develop a persona-lised curriculum, depending on specialty interests and training needs. Th is is a truly international meeting - the largest number of abstract submissions were from Japan! We have joint sessions with many societies aro-und the world and 16 linked sessions and direct oppor-tunities to interact with experts and thought leaders. For the fi rst time this year we have rapid fi re posters followed by interactive discussion around an electro-nic display featuring the key fi ndings from each of the presented studies (Figures 1-3). Also for the fi rst time, poster presentations will be stimulated by discussants who are experts in that fi eld of investigation. Another innovation is Meet the Legends in Cardiology, where participants will be able to post questions in advance or during the session to individuals who have changed our understanding and helped determine the shape of cardiology in 2013.

    Villages of linked topicsTh ere is huge and international enthusiasm for parti-cipation in the congress with a record number of sub-missions for scientifi c planned sessions (more than 400 were selected) and the second highest ever number of abstracts were submitted (10,490). To make the con-gress more manageable we have again arranged the congress into villages of related topics. Th us, a village

    may include presentations in one room on heart failure and in an adjacent room on heart rhythm disturban-ces. Th rough the village concept the congress beco-mes more manageable and interactive. Important new guide lines will be presented at the ESC Congress 2013 on arterial hypertension, cardiac pacing, diabetes, and sta ble coronary artery disease. Linked to these will be de dicated scientifi c sessions, case based Focus Sessions.

    Figure 1. Discussions around a poster at ESC Congress.

    Figure 2. Round table discussions at ESC.

  • Keith AA FoxWhats new for ESC Congress 2013?

    Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol. 23, No. 2, 2013

    Why should someone come and participate in the congress?Summaries of the Hotlines will appear online but to re-ally understand the signifi cance of the new research we need to discuss the fi ndings with our colleagues. As Na-tional Society members we are all also members of the ESC! Th e ESC Congress provides the opportunity to decide what may infl uence understanding of innovati-ons and practice at a national level. Editors of National Society Cardiovascular journals are provided with the Hotline presentations and the Hotline extracts can be translated and printed in local cardiovascular journals.

    Th e ESC Congress 2013 is the largest cardiovascular international congress and its true international nature provides exciting and innovative opportunities to dis-cuss and interact with colleagues from all around the world. You have the choice: be part of the frontiers in cardiology and practice, or be an observer!

    Figure 3. Summary features of the ESC Congress 2013 Hub (ESC website).

  • Romanian Journal of Cardiology | Vol. 23, No. 2, 2013


    The analysis of coronary flow on non-culprit coronary arteries in Acute Coronary Syndrome single-vessel patients treated with coronary angioplastyR. M. Chreih1,3, D. Deleanu2, Carmen Ginghin2,3Article received on the 15th of March 2013