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Med school cardiology radiology


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Dilated descending aorta Ectasia 1

Azygous vein dilation 2

Dilated ascending aorta4

Dilated mediastinum 5

L. Main pulmonary Artery dilation 6

Enlarged L. atrium 7

Enlarged LA LV and outflow tract 8

Interstitial pulmonary edema 9

Alveolar pulmonary edema 10

Mitral Stenosis: Dilation of LA only11

Mitral regurgitation: Dilation of both LA and LV Apex dragging down


Aortic Stenosis: Dilated LV and Aorta13

Aortic Regurgitation: Dilated LV and aorta (greater dilation than aortic stenosis)14

Left Atrial Enlargement: Esophagus bulging in barium swallow15

Active increased vascularity: shunt from left to right 16

Passive increased vascularity: blockage of blood from lungs17

Right sided outflow obstruction: enlarged RA 18

VSD: Enlarged Pulm artery, no cyanosis, increased vascularity, enlarged LA, LV19

PDA: Enlarged Pulm A, aorta, LA, LV20

ASD: Enlarged Pulm A, increased vascularity, normal LA, LV21

Endocardial Cushioning Defect: Increased vascularityChamber enlargements22

Truncus Arteriosus: Increased vascularity Increased cyanosisBig LA, LV23

Type I TAPVR: SVC Enlargement24

Tetralogy of Fallot: Bootshaped heart25

Coarctation of aorta: Rib notching26