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Carambola Craze

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Carambola Craze

Carambola Craze is a food brand which helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on the fruit Carambola.

The next trend is using Carambola in yogurt, as a drink, and as a flavour. It can be used in so much and there are health benefits too.


"The carambola is the new essential fruit." !

We have a concept store in London where people can find information about the health benefits of carambola and where they can find some products and related informations.

!We discover the health benefits of the carambola : it is known as a good source of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants but low in sugar and sodium. We find it in the Indian Subcontinent

and Southeast Asia. In this origin, it is believed that it may have originated from Sri Lanka or Moluccas, Indonesia. We finally decided to import the carambola in England to let people

know this good fruit.

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Our ideas

Two ideas for an infographic : !- Infographic with a recipe about the carambola !- Infographic with the health benefits

Carambola  slice

Orange  juice

Lemon  juice






Carambola  Craze’s  cocktail

Our ideas

An idea for a video series : every week a little video on Vine, about decoration plate with the Carambola. !An idea for an interview series : every week a little interview of a head chef who gives recipes on the carambola !An idea for Real Time : a picture with a christmas tree but it's not a star at the top of the tree, it's a star fruit, the Carambola. To wish a happy christmas to our fans. !An idea for own post curation : a cooking blog which talks about top 5 articles of our Facebook page Carambola Craze !An idea for a team post : an other picture with a christmas tree but it's not Christmas decoration on the tree, it's a starfruit garland. To wish a merry christmas to our fans.

Our headlinesMystery unknown : What is the real name of the Starfruit ? !« That one thing » : The one health benefit of Carambola they never told you about !How to : choose the perfect Carambola !Twist on current news : How the latest freak weather have affected the harvesting of Carambola in 2014 !3 ways to use Carambola in a cocktail !3 steps to make a bikini top out of 2 Carambola !The unexpected ways carambola is used in Russia. !2 parter headlines : What is the Carambola ? The new trend in 2014 !


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