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Manufacture and supplier large variety of Cars Scanner in Naraina, New Delhi, Available all brands Cars Scanner, Multibrand Cars Scanner


  • --scnn I Standard in Diagnostic 2z nology
  • ,amP.Bo .SCAJI A truly accurate and reliable scan tool you can trust The true market leaders of Japan and Korea have allied and created the best scan tool the market has long been demanding. reliability Designed as the Hyundai and Kia original equipment. Powered by the synergy of '100% OE compatibility for Korean cars and precise and accurate Japanese engineering for Japanese cars. Outstanding Asian car coverage being its forte, G-Scan also provides competitive coverage for major Europan brands. Allied engineerlng efforts are being made to extend G-Scan's coverage to additional auto makers to meet the needs of grater majority of the local customers. quality l4anufactured by the Hyundai & Kai OEM supplier in compliance with the Japanese standards, G-Scan guarantees unmatched quality in production of hardware and software as well as customer support. lnstantly after is official launch in Japan, G-Scan was title the best selling scan tool in 2009-10, the most challenging and demanding market in quality, reliability and accuracy. A reliable quality scan tool with rapidly evolving coverage is always looked after by the satisfied customers. Touch Screen and Keypad User-fdendly design operating on both intuitive touchscreen and familiar key strokes. Dual CPU Equipped with 2 CPUs working together to maximize the processirg speed. CAN Enabled Onboard Latest CAN-bus cofi munication protocols enabled on-board. No external module required-
  • Competitive for multiple brands World best for Asian cars Strategic business coalition between the malket leaders of Japan and Korea enabled the creation ofthe best scan tool forAsian cars nearing the OEM capability, which has been dreamed by many but never has been taken into action. lnter Support ("lNS") is a Japanese company that has been dedicated to development of the diagnostic tools like "Vehicle Monitor ll" that provided extensive coverage and in-depth functionally for all J-panese cars for 10 years. GIT is a Korean corporation the is the OEM scan tool and car assemble line inspection system supplier for. Hyundai and Kia. lts aftermarket solution mirroring complete OEM performance for Hyundai and KIA and close-to-OEM functionality for the other Korean brands has shared 70% of the domestic aftermarket for a decade. In 2007, the 2 companies formed strategic alliance and have collaborated to develop a truly reliable and accurate multi-brand aftermarket scan tool. The duo established a new company, EZDS in Korea, wholly committed to software development for nonAsian majors and various local brands, completing the strategic tri-ad structure for worldwide coverage expansron. Besides the Japanese and Korea cars, G-Scan provides competitive coverage for German cars and OEM performance for Malaysian local brands Proton and Perodus, and its coverage is expanding at greater velocity in order to meet the various market demand. In March 2008, G-Scan made its successful debut in Japan to be named the Best Selling Scan Tool 2008 in the first year of the market entrance. Quality, reliability and performance have been proven by satisfying the most demanding and cautious Japanese customers. ln 2009, G-Scan is widely used around the world and being sold while getting the greatest of praises. @Q_@l^@. .e-.A @> f I ,",,,, @(D@;l= @eo@ w9iee:^
  • Design6d to provide quick response and high speed performance by adopting Dual CPU system-one is fully assigned for conlrol of communications with the cars, while the other solely undertakes user Intorface and screen display control. relalionship. Touching lho 'pen'icon in the upper corner simply czrptrrres lhe curenl 9green end it becomes your notepad, You can add your quick hand written noles and remarks on th scEen CEn be saved and reloaded for your future refrarence. User inteface though Touch Scren allows the great expedence of the easiest and lhe most intuitive use the diagnoslic scan tool. Use of 12 buttons is also supported at the same time, Without having to make allthe menu seleciions to identily the car you are lesting, simply choose the "System Search" function for the menu ofeach brand. G-Scan will automatically check lhe Availability of system in the cr and counl the number of fault codes ln each system, then report you back. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery is included in the basic kit, which enabls the us of product wilhout external power supp,y for an hour. Designed on the latst technology incorporating hardware components needed No extmal module Iorallknown communication protocols including CAN-BUS. or separate CAN adapter's is required. 1 ; ,l*' ". *" -EIf,ilFGililEilll Whn the communication fails, G-Scan can tell you whether the scan tool has the problem or it is just a connecior problem, The mostwidely used storage solution is adopted. The immense up lo 4GB SD card sufficiently acmmmodates enlre software applications needed virtually for all brands around lhe globe economically and flicieniy. No more hassles ofsending the base unit to the dislributer iust for a simple wirinq defuct. High defnition 5.6' 16.9 scale 480X234, TFT LCD provides the great readability and pleasance of data reading and touch screen operations. Through WiFi conneclion, G-Scan provides wireless PC inlerface funclion much fasier and mole stable than Bluetoolh conneclion- G-Scan fully prepared toTPMS functions thatwill be released as the opljonal package. Specification CPU Mcm^ru . operatrng lemperalure FYrarn.l ARN, g (400MHz) &ARN4I (234 MHZ)Dual CPU lln ln 4GB SD Car.l 0 o - 45'C (When charging) - so'C lwhcn l'sino) 5.6" lnput Device Operating Voltage rFT LCD (480X234) Touch Screen + Power ON/OFE ENTER, ESC, 4-direction, F1-F6 Function keys 7 - 35 DCV PC + ABS &TPE Shroud 194 (W) x 129 (H)X 59 (D) mm High / Low / Single CAN fully supported on board - Supported vehicle list is updated frequently and the specification is subjectto change without notice. Refer to our website for the latest information. Auth. Dealer AMPRO TESTING MACHINES CB-152,2nd Floor, Ring Road Naraina, New Delhi-110028 Ph. 91-11-32002400, 011-25775600, Fax : 91-11-47618444 lVlobile : 98 11890900, 9311890900, 9654600606 E-mail : website :


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