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<p>Capterra: Competitive Intelligence Report</p> <p>Capterra Competitors:TechTarget, G2 Crowd, CisionDecember 2015</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSFOUNDING TIMELINE2 of 11</p> <p>18922012</p> <p>1892</p> <p>1999</p> <p>2012</p> <p>1999</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSLOCATION3 of 11</p> <p>NEWTON</p> <p>HIGHLAND PARK</p> <p>CHICAGO</p> <p>ARLINGTON</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSFACEBOOK FOLLOWERS4 of 11TOTAL FACEBOOK FOLLOWERSCOMPANY237,5212,2542,057809</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSTWITTER FOLLOWERS5 of 11TOTAL TWITTER FOLLOWERSCOMPANY43,48514,3878,1305,402</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSOWLER FOLLOWERS6 of 11TOTAL OWLER FOLLOWERSCOMPANY439419</p> <p>417</p> <p>386</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSBATTLE OF THE CEOs7 of 10CEO/TITLECEO RATINGCOMPANY</p> <p>Michael OrtnerPresident &amp; CEOTim HandorfCo-Founder &amp; CEOGreg StrakoschCo-Founder &amp; CEOPeter GranatCEO81%71%64%80%</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSWEBSITE SCREENGRABS8 of 11</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSNEWS ARTICLES9 of 11TOTAL NEWS ARTICLES, OCTOBER 2015COMPANY57</p> <p>22</p> <p>11</p> <p>6</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSBLOG POSTS10 of 11TOTAL BLOG POSTS, Q3 2015COMPANY594700</p> <p>CAPTERRA COMPETITORSACQUISITIONS11 of 11ACQUISITIONS MADE, Q3 2015COMPANY3300</p> <p>See revenue, employee count, likely outcome and more...October</p> <p>GET FULL COMPETITIVE REPORT</p>