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Shell Service Day

Capital One Service DayNew Orleans City Park11/12/13

Volunteers planted gingers and roses, then mulched the area, adding to the beauty of this unique cafMorning Call Caf

Capital One planted cast-irons and roses in the bioswale, an innovative natural drainage area in the parks largest parking lotBioswale

Volunteers planted roses and spread mulch at the parks disc golf course, a unique sport enjoyed by people of all agesDisc Golf Course

50 gingers planted80 knockout roses planted75 cast-irons planted20 yards of mulch spread10 yards of gravel spread150 hardworking Capital One volunteers375 total volunteer hours!1000s of happier City Park visitors


Capital One Bank has a long-standing relationship with City Park and has made several investments in the park in 2013 alone. Local associates Karen Deblieux and Leigh Thorpe serve as members of the board of both City Park and Friends of City Park, respectively, leading capital improvement efforts annually and providing financial guidance whenever needed. Philanthropically, Capital One Bank has invested in City Park's "Lark in the Park", and "Celebration in the Oaks" fundraising events, and has provided more than 150 hours of volunteer capital for the planning, set-up and operations of both events. Lastly, when a team of 150 Capital One Bank associates from across our national footprint requested a volunteer project in New Orleans, City Park was the obvious choice. Associates planted necessary vegetation in two large areas of the park, providing another 375 hours of service in support of this local treasure.A Strong Partnership


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