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Aerospace & Defense the way we do it Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex Landscape ® About Capgemini With more than 125,000 people in 44 countries, Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Group reported 2012 global revenues of EUR 10.3 billion. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience TM , and draws on Rightshore ® , its worldwide delivery model. Learn more about us at Rightshore ® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini Contact : Application Services France Aerospace & Defense Business Unit [email protected] © Capgemini - June 2013

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Page 1: Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice · Aerospace & Defense the way we do it Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex

Aerospace & Defense the way we do it

Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice

Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex Landscape

® About Capgemini

With more than 125,000 people in 44 countries, Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technologyand outsourcing services. The Group reported 2012 global revenues of EUR 10.3 billion. Together with its clients, Capgeminicreates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeplymulticultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, anddraws on Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model.

Learn more about us at® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini

Contact :

Application Services FranceAerospace & Defense Business [email protected]

© Capgemini - June 2013

Page 2: Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice · Aerospace & Defense the way we do it Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex

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Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice

Capgemini Offers aComprehensive Set of A&DSolutionsCapgemini works collaboratively withseven of the top 10 aviation, aerospaceand defense companies, helping themuse these levers to address the challengesthey face. Our global Aerospace &Defense practice covers the entireecosystem, including system conception,design authorities and system integration;tier 1 and 2 suppliers; operating companiesand regulators; and maintenance.

With more than 30 years of industryexperience and 4,000 Aerospace &Defense specialists worldwide, Capgeminioffers a comprehensive set of solutionsto help companies succeed in this

rapidly evolving sector. Our solutionshelp boost growth, accelerate researchand development, reduce costs, andimprove security and services.

Innovation & LifecycleManagement (ILM)Aerospace & Defense manufacturers areunder pressure to reduce developmentcycles and secure the industrial ramp-upof new programs. Our Innovation &Lifecycle Management solutions enablesecure, efficient collaboration withsuppliers. A recognized leader in thedeployment of major ILM programs,Capgemini is able to cover all aspects oftransformation, including:

• A&D business and functionalknowledge ;

• Technical expertise and architecture ;

• Solution integration expertise ;

• Requirements convergence andbusiness deployment, taking fullbenefits from a “collaborative plateau”.

Capgemini’s ILM solutions for Aerospace& Defense span the full product lifecycle,from idea to design, production, supportand removal. We partner with PLMtechnology leaders, including DassaultSystèmes, Siemens and PTC.

Aerospace & Defense (A&D) companiesmust continually evaluate the way theyoperate to meet today’s challenges,including globalization, financialconstraints and complex informationmanagement. Capgemini’s globalAerospace & Defense practice helpscompanies respond rapidly to thesechanging market demands.

Seven Levers to ManageKey ChallengesTo address this complex landscape,A&D organizations need to manageseven key levers.

1. Sales Growth: Amid indications ofeconomic improvement, organizationsmust turn to sales-focused activities,including bundling their productofferings with value-added services,especially in the aftersales market andcustomer services.

2. Customer Centricity: Customercentric activities need to focus onproviding efficient, innovative services,close collaboration with customersand suppliers, as well as newapproaches such as pay-per-useservices for customers.

3. Operational Excellence: Companiesmust find operational improvementsthrough supply chain managementand logistics optimization, operationalefficiency optimization, demand andinventory planning, and integratedbusiness planning.

4. Innovation: According to aerospaceindustries CEOs, the gap seems to begrowing with the IT. Acknowledingthat IT impacts the entire projectcycle, from design to customerservices, through engineering,manufacturing and supply chain,innovation aims to bring business andIT closer by using disruptiveprocesses, methodologies, mindsetsand ways of working.

5. Product Lifecycle Excellence: Thisincludes leveraging technology partnerrelationships, maximizing digitalproduct lifecycle, and developingclose collaboration with customersand suppliers earlier in the productlifecycle and across the value chain.

6. Cost Reduction: Recessionarypressures are easing, howeveruncertainty still exists. A&D companiesmust continue to focus on reducingtheir cost base by outsourcing non-coreactivities, optimizing the extendedenterprise model with their risk-sharingpartners, leveraging civil technologiesfor defense organizations andharmonizing their information systems.

7. Green Initiatives: As legislation isintroduced requiring companies to bemore accountable in their use ofresources, organizations need todevelop and deploy sustainableproducts and services, provide greenmaintenance services and implementa green IT strategy.

Amid indications of

economic improvement,

organizations must turn

to sales-focusedactivities.

Figure 1: Capgemini Serves the Entire Aerospace & Defense Ecosystem

Page 3: Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice · Aerospace & Defense the way we do it Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex


Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice

Engineering ServicesAerospace & Defense programs arebecoming increasingly complex.Capgemini helps companies takeadvantage of the latest and mostinnovative engineering technologiesto advance in a constantly evolvingindustry.

We bring 30 years of experience in A&Dengineering services. We undertake majortechnical and engineering innovationprojects for the R&D departments ofglobal industrial firms. Through oursubsidiary, Sogeti High Tech, we areamong the top five market leaders inengineering and technology consultingservices.

Our expertise includes Research &Development, requirements, design,development, testing, integration andoperational maintenance of complexsystems. We have developed five linesof business:

• Consulting ;

• Systems Engineering ;

• Physical Engineering ;

• Software Engineering ;

• Testing.

Manufacturing & SupplyChainAerospace & Defense companies facespecific assembly and integration issues.Capgemini helps them make the mostof their budgets by offering innovative

manufacturing and supply chaintechnologies to reduce costs, optimizethe production cycle and secure theindustrial ramp-up.

We offer clients deep global manufacturingand supply chain experience. This includesover 20 years of implementingmanufacturing execution systems, supplychain management solutions andconsulting services, such as productionplanning optimization and global leaninitiatives.

Maintenance, Repair &Overhaul (MRO)As global air fleets age, the importanceof Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul willbe a key focus for Aerospace & Defensemanufacturers in the coming years.Capgemini helps MRO organizationscapture revenues from this growingservice market.

Capgemini’s extensive MRO experiencecomes from years of working with leadingA&D original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) and major airlines. We deliverMRO business improvement and systemsimplementation efficiently and effectively.With more than 200 MRO specialists,we have a successful track record in theimplementation of SAP MRO for severalleading European Aerospace & Defensecompanies.

Our MRO solutions can help companiesachieve the transformation from aproduct-to service-centric organization.Capgemini offers solutions in:

• Business Process Improvements ;

• Spare Parts Forecasting ;

• Inventory Management.

Technical PublicationsDevelopment and production of technicalpublications is a critical function forAerospace & Defense companies.Capgemini provides a flexible andefficient Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) option to produce high-qualitytechnical publications.From maintenance manuals to partscatalogs, we offer a consistently strongservice level while ensuring strictcompliance with internationalspecifications.

With more than 300 A&D engineers andtechnicians at our center in Bangalore,India, we deliver technical contentmanagement services that provideoperational cost savings and help youimprove customer service. Our solutionsenhance return-on-investment of technicalcontent management outsourcing andstrengthen your competitive advantage.

Space Systems IntegrationSpace infrastructure provides criticalinformation sources to intelligenceservices and offers numerous massmarketapplications. Capgemini’s solutions coverall aspects of space infrastructure fromcritical systems integration to datamanagement.

We offer a combination of global reach,deep industry and business knowledge,and a strong understanding of theunderlying technology. We have over 30 years of experience in the civil andmilitary space industry with three mainareas of expertise:

• Ground Station Systems:development and maintenance ofseveral monitoring and control systemsfor major satellite programs in France,Italy and French Guiana.

• Satellite Mission Programming:development and maintenance ofsatellite programming systems forseveral major European EarthObservation satellites, including themission center for all the SPOT andPléiades satellite series.

• Overall Image Consolidation:post-treatment, recalibration andcorrection of captor defects for bothcivil and defense systems.

• Space Data Management: Our teamof Ph.D. experts is involved in the designof business information managementsystems for extensive space datacoming from observation and scientificcaptors.

Case study : Ground segmentmanagement of geo-positioningprogram for search and rescue

The European Space Agency, has appointedthe Aerospace & Defence division ofCapgemini to implement the ground segmentof the Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR)system, funded by the European Commission.

The Galileo satellite constellation and next-generation ground stations bring high-precision positioning and reducedemergency response times to Europeansearch and rescue agencies.

Satellites will be able to pick up signals fromdistress beacons, emitted by ships, aircraft orisolated individuals. Data transmitted to theground by the satellites will then be dealt withby the ground segment of the Search andRescue system developed by Capgemini,which aims to route them to the Cospas-sarsat Mission Control Centers. The newsystem will locate these people in around tenminutes under operating conditions of morethan 99.8%, compared with several hoursunder the previous arrangements.

Case Study: Aircraft Manufacturer sets up “Change Platforms”to improve its profitability

Capgemini supports a large commercial aircraft manufacturer in designing andbuilding the appropriate organization and ways of working to succeed in qualifying,developing and deploying required improvements projects.

The Situation: The Company wanted to transform the initial business plan of itsnew aircraft by improving the time to market, reducing the engineering work loadand harmonizing process, methods and tools between all the stakeholders, fromdesign to manufacturing.

The Solution: Capgemini accompanied the aircraft manufacturer to succeed in itstransformation plan based on product improvements, supply chain simplicationand reengineering of processes, methods and tools to improve the productstandardisation, rethink workshare between the Company and its engineeringsuppliers, remove PLM system obsolescence. A change management plan wasalso implemented to support the transformation and the deployment of theimprovement projects. Thanks to collaborative and innovative methodologies asthe ASE® and AZ approaches, added to expertises in engineering, PLM, changeand program management, Capgemini set up consistent ways of working betweenchange management, interdependencies management, business case andcommunication all along the project lifecycle that fully participated to theacceleration of the aircraft program.

The Result: On one half year, the series of improvement projects have beendeployed and synchronized. The Business Case has showed a robust baseline with financial and productivity impacts. A simulation tool to verify indicators of the transformation plan has been implemented allowing the head of program tofollow the effects of the initiatives. A strong database with interdependenciesmatrix, projects owners, and initiatives follow-up has been created. A globalchange management plan has been deployed notably accompanied by a relevant impact analysis and transversal communication actions providingconsistent inputs to stakeholders.

Case study: Capgeminiintegrates MRO activities into SAP system

MRO activities belong to aircraftmanufacturer core business. Part ofthose activities include system dataintegration into SAP. The leading European manufactureraddressed Capgemini to solve issuesrelated to end-to-end processes forexternal and internal maintenanceactivities (aircrafts, equipments andcomponents).

To reach this goal, Capgemini built arobust and consistent solution basedon existing system and editor’sstandard functionalities, then improvedby specific developments required bybusiness department and realized usingthe Rightshore™ model. Users weretrained while post-developmentsupport was implemented in order to guarantee the stability of the final integrated system.

Page 4: Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice · Aerospace & Defense the way we do it Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice Helping Organizations Address the Challenges of a Complex

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Capgemini’s Aerospace & Defense Practice

DefenseCapgemini’s solutions for defense addressnational organizations as well as defensemanufacturers.These businesses face the challenge ofinformation systems operability andexponential growth of electronic informationexchange, in a context where strongpressure is put on defense budgetsglobally.

Our commitment to the government anddefense sector has resulted in a trackrecord of sucess, having assisted in themilitary transformations of defensemanufacturers, national governmentministries, defense forces and internationalagencies. Capgemini helps defenseorganizations in two main areas:

• Integration of complex defenseinformation systems: Capgeminirecognizes that the collaborationdemanded in today’s militaryenvironment is both a technology anda business challenge. It represents amajor shift in the way defenseInformation Systems (IS) are designed

and operated. Capgemini has significantexperience in supporting complexdefense IS programs for militaryoperations. We provide strong expertisein the areas of enterprise architecture,system integration, IS security andcomplex program management. We are involved in multi-year IS programsin several countries, for both C4ISR(Command, Control, Communications,Computers, Intelligence, Surveillanceand Reconnaissance) and logisticssystems.

• Technology expertise in the area ofcritical systems: Design, developmentand maintenance of mission-criticalsoftware for defense requires partnersyou can fully trust. Capgemini workswith the most demanding defenseorganizations and delivers excellencein the areas of command and controlsystems, military communication andsimulation. In addition, Capgeminihelps defense organizations reducetheir costs by leveraging civiltechnologies in a military context.

Air Traffic Management(ATM)Air traffic is expected to double within thenext 10 years, and most major airportsare already saturated.Capgemini’s air traffic managementsolutions are designed to help organizationsaddress the increasing complexities ofmanaging air travel.

We are responsible for the applicationmanagement of several safety critical systems for a large European country,and boast a proven track record in ATMconsulting, systems engineering andintegration. Capgemini has also developedextensive expertise in managing themigration of obsolete but safety criticalapplications.

Capgemini offers a broad range ofATM solutions including:

• Flow & Capacity Management

• Controller Workstation

• Obsolete Critical Safety ApplicationsMigration

• Industrialized Complex ApplicationMaintenance of Critical Systems

Our Approach to SolutionDeliveryAs a leading provider of technologyand consulting services, Capgeminibrings a number of proprietary tools andmethodologies to our A&D solutiondelivery. These include:

Accelerated Solutions Environment(ASE). The ASE is an intense collaborativeworking environment that enables largegroups of people to creatively solvecomplex problems much faster than withtraditional methods. Capgemini’s ASE hashelped many Aerospace & Defense clientsquickly reach their objectives.

Wide Span, Fast Track: When FailureIs Not an Option. Aerospace & Defenseprograms are complex, and so are theissues companies must deal with.

Capgemini has a successful track recordof managing complex programs undercritical planning constraints. CombiningCapgemini’s business expertise and theacceleration techniques of our AcceleratedSolutions Environment or the AccelerationZone, we help clients face their toughestbusiness challenges.

Rightshore® Global Delivery. Capgemini’sapproach to global delivery brings togetherour best talents from the right balance ofonshore, nearshore and offshore locationsto work with you as a unified team. Thisbalance enables us to deliver the optimumsolution for your business needs.

Design,developmentand maintenanceof mission-critical

software for defense

requires partnersyou can fully trust.

Figure 2: Capgemini Offers a Comprehensive Set of Aerospace & Defense Industry Solutions

Case Study: Rehosting of the German en route air trafficcontrol system

The German Air Navigation ServiceProvider DFS (Deutsche FlugsicherungGmbH) has entrusted Capgemini acontract for the rehosting of its en routeair traffic control system. Beyond themanagement of obsolescence issuesthat could compromise the smoothoperation of the system, this rehostingwas an occasion to implementevolutions that improved itsperformances.

Thanks to both its skills in Air TrafficManagement and its strong experienceof large migration projects, Capgemini’steam delivered the renewed systemobserving the challenging schedule and with a high level of quality.