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Cans to candelaria. University of Northern Colorado Weld Food Bank Annual Fall Drive. 2011 6 th Annual Drive. Black Out Hunger. What is cans to candelaria. Cans to Candelaria is a campus-wide food drive/competition that benefits the Weld Food Bank. Cans and cash are accepted. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • University of Northern ColoradoWeld Food BankAnnual Fall Drive

  • Black Out Hunger2011 6TH ANNUAL DRIVE

  • Cans to Candelaria is a campus-wide food drive/competition that benefits the Weld Food Bank.

    Cans and cash are accepted.

    A $1 donation is equal to 6 pounds of food.WHAT IS CANS TO CANDELARIA

  • The drive is based on CSUs Cans Around the Oval program.

    It was created by Dr. Lee Anne Peck and her senior PR students in the spring of 2006.

    In 2011, the Student Dietetics Association took over the drive.BACKGROUND INFORMATION

  • Weld Food Bank feeds 10,000 families per month.

    Weld County is considered one of the neediest in Colorado.

    Weld Food Bank gives good to more than 100 local non-profit agencies.

    Weld Food Bank is the primary intake and referral for Emergency Food Service in Weld County.WELD FOOD BANK

  • Demand for food has increased by 239%.

    Hunger is at its highest point in history.

    Weld Food Bank does not have enough food to meet its growing demand.


  • In 2009, more than 50,000 pounds of food were collected.

    In 2010, almost 60,000 pounds of food was collected.

    In 2011, we aim to collect 70,000 pounds in food and cash.FUTURE GOALS

  • September 19 Registration DeadlineSeptember 22 Drive Day

    All food and money will be collected. $1 is equivalent to 6 pounds of food.Contributions will be tallied and awards will be presented.IMPORTANT DATES

  • 1. Create a team.2. Fill out a registration form online at .3. Collect cans and money by organizing events or challenges.4. Bring donations to the parking lot west of Candelaria Hall between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on September 22nd.


  • Participants in the competition have many incentives to donate as much as possible.

    The top winner receives a trophy and lots of recognition.

    Steer your team to victory by participating in challenges and events!COMPETING

  • 20102009

    200820072006Facilities Management (3,603 lbs)School of Journalism and Mass Communications (12,327 lbs)Student Dietetic Association (3,204 lbs)Alpha Kappa Psi (603 lbs)Student Dietetic Association (424 lbs)PREVIOUS WINNERS

  • Dr. Alana Cline(970) 352 us on Facebook!CONTACT US