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  1. 1. WHERE WE PADDLE WHAT IT COSTS WHO WE ARE C anoe & Kayak Oregon is an orga- nization dedicated to encouraging and enhancing paddling in Oregon. Were fortunate to live in a beautiful state that offers such a wide variety of paddling opportunities within easy drive of most paddlers. While many states offer paddling in rivers, creeks, and lakes, Oregon offers those opportunities plus coastal paddling along spectacular shorelines featuring rug- ged cliffs, caves, estuaries, rocky outcrop- pings, and a diverse wildlife population. Canoe & Kayak Oregons focus is family and recreationally oriented. The group was started to cater to inexperienced paddlers and paddlers new to Oregon who are unfa- miliar with the wide range of paddling op- portunities Oregon has to offer. There are a number of paddling clubs in Oregon, but the majority of them focus on whitewater C anoe & Kayak Oregon and its members through its affiliated Face- book group host frequent flatwater paddle trips on lakes and slow-moving riv- ers and creeks throughout Oregon. Favorite paddles include the Tualatin River, Beaver Creek, and Waldo Lake. Other locations weve paddle include the Yamhill River, Willamette River, Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, Williamson River, Spring Creek, Drift Creek, and Siletz Bay. The trips that we host are suitable for families and paddlers of all skill levels. N ada, nothing, not one penny. You heard me right, membership is free. Most paddling organizations charge you to belong to the group. Canoe & Kayak Oregon requires no membership fees. In fact we dont want a dime. It makes filing taxes so much easier. Some of our trips involve barbecues and picnics, so we ask partici- pants to chip in money to help buy or supply the food, but other than that membership is free. Now doesnt that sound good? paddling. Canoe & Kayak Oregon is differ- ent. Our primary focus is paddling flatwa- ter and overnight canoe/kayak campouts. Canoe & Kayak Oregon is comprised of members with all levels of paddling expe- rience. Radford Bean, the administrator of Canoe & Kayak Oregon, has 48 years of paddling experience. Our membership con- sists of canoeists and kayakers who are very willing to share their paddling expertise and knowledge of places to paddle in Oregon. Canoe & Kayak Oregon works closely with the Tualatin and Willamette Riverkeeper or- ganizations by supporting their paddle trips and even serving as trip leaders.
  2. 2. FIND OUT MORE C anoe & Kayak Oregons website at www.canoeandkayakoregon. org provides a wealth of informa- tion for paddlers, especially those new to paddling or Oregon. On the website you will find a monthly video highlighting a paddling destination or technique, infor- mation about paddling destinations by re- gion and launch sites, various upcoming paddle events that Canoe & Kayak Oregon and local non-profit organizations are host- ing, photos, and a list of resources about paddling manufacturers and retail stores, books, and how-to videos. Theres also a blog where you can read articles and mus- ings about subjects pertinent to paddling. Canoe & Kayak Oregon maintains a group Facebook page where you can sign up for trips hosted by other Canoe & Kayak Or- egon members. To join the group, simply go to dkayakoregon. CANOE&KAYAKOREGON 1787SWFellows McMinnville,OR97128 To find out more, contact: Canoe & Kayak Oregon 503-857-0833 CANOE & KAYAK OREGONEncouraging and Enhancing Paddling in Oregon


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