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    tEbitrb i.Gnrully f nr 1nrul Qlnurrugr Serving 'Ihe Central Penquis Jlrea

    Vol. 5, No. 44 Thursday, November 3, 1966 Ten Cents

    Candidates Tour Area

    Mr. Canney got an opporturu~ to chat with candidates John McDonald and Kenneth Curtis when they toured the American Threall Co. Mill at Milo on Tuesday~Photos by M. Brigham)

    on A large number of her constituents turned out to greet her in front of Daggett's. Cont'd on Page 14

    Halloween Activities

    Sixth and Seventh grade winners : 6th gr ade, J oanne H.omano, Brian Robinson, Cathy Hall, Brenda Monroe a:td Susan French. 7th grade, Andrea Herring, Becky Hills , Tony Davis, Cindy Hall and Jan Haley . (Photos by Matt Troy)

    Third, Fourth and Fifth grade costume winners: 3rd Grade, David Perkins, Joseph Goulette, Terry Priest, Perry Mc-Kusick, Richard Morrison, and Robin Herr ing. 4th grade: Car-l tonHarvey III, Joel Johnson, Jef( Dauphinee and Nadine Abbot. 5th grade, Cherry Hall, Peter Dean, Pat Elliot, Scott Clukey and Linda Blake. Cont'd on Page 12

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    THE TOWN CRIER is published each Thursday evening by the TOWN CRIER PUBLICATIONS.

    We hope to be of he lp to the citizens of the towns in our coverage through NEWS, INFORMATION, AND LOWER PRICED ADVERTISING.

    We accept no financial responsibility for errors in advertising but will gladly print corrections.

    Copies of most photos appearing in THE TOWN CRIER rnav be obtained through our office . If you have news or available photos of any sort

    we urge you to call an editor or drop in. Dead-line will be Monday Noon but we would appreciate copy r eceived earHer in the week.

    Classified ads 50 cent minimum including up to 12 words, 3 cents for each additional word. Dis-play ad space by the column inch.

    EDITOR - Joanne Brigham Milo 943 -7384

    It yon want to BUY, SELL, RENT or SWAP, try "Town Crier" Classified.

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    FOR SALE Six inch jointer planer , lar-

    ge duel press , bench grinder, all complete $160. 00. Philip Bartram, Dover - Foxcroft, Me. 564-2290.

    APPLES FOR SALE Macintosh and Cortlands $2;00, $ 2 . 51~ and $3 . 00 a bushel.

    Aubr ey Eichel


    GUILFO.RD The annual fair and chicken

    pie supper of the Community church will be held Friday, Nov. 4. Two suppers, 5 and 6.

    The Carpo Club will meet Thursday night at the home Guestnightwill be observed and Mrs. Crocker, teacher , will show the im-provements made in the room. Committee for the evening is Carolyn Alfonso , Helen Libby and Kay Drinkwater.


    A stated mee ting of Abner Wade Lodge #207 will be held Thursday, Nov. 3. Harold Blaisdell, P.J G.W. ofPen-obscot Lodge, Dexter will work the Past Masters degree. A 6:30 supper will precede the meeting.



    ' eommunity

    'lo6pital cn~w., Receptionists are: Friday , Bertha Howland; Saturday, E ffie

    Hamlin and Harriet Ross , Sunday, Adelia Leonar d and Lottie Dorr; Monday, Marguerite Hamlin; Tuesday, Edith Perry; Wednesday, Marion Rutherfor d; Thursday, Fr ances Hamlin. ADMISSIONS WEEK OF OCTOBER 24th Milo:

    Debra Monroe Mark Tibbetts JDhn Q. Livermore Charles A. Dean, Sr. James Brown Ernestine Folsow William Buckley

    Fred Pitman Dorothy Knox Leon Farrar, Jr . Sandra Genthner

    Ea st Corinth Sharon Adams

    BradEord Albert N. Dunfee

    Etna Ira Bragg Bonnie Merrill

    Brownville: Lottie Fletcher Elbr idge Lovejoy Nicki Blake

    DISCHARGES: Bvownville:

    Nina Davis Tommy Bennett Ray Pelkey John Pomelow Marie Michaud E lbr idge Love joy Nicki Blake Lottie Fletcher

    Bradford Car men Scott

    Louis Small Hudson

    Helen Chaples LaGrange

    Florence Long

    Milo: Hilda Morrill Norma Preble Deb1a Monroe Elizabeth McCor mick Evelyn Daggett Lawrence Ho.,:vell Gordon Ellis

    LaGr ange William Long

    YOI1R UANDIDATES OFFICE Govenor U. S. Senate U.S. Represen-

    tative State Senate State Represen-

    tative (1) .State Represe n-

    tative (2) State Represen-

    tative (3) County Sheriff Register of


    RE PUBLICAN John Reed* Margaret Smi th*

    Howard Foley Rodney Ross

    Claude Tras k

    John Meisner*

    Charlo tte White* James Buzzeil*

    Katherine Green

    DEMOCRAT Ken Curtis Elmer Violette

    Bill Hathaway* John McDonald*

    Webber Jones

    Dominic Giordano

    Norman Thombs Ned Hoskins

    Ant ique furniture, spool beds table and , iron pots, old lamps, dishes , glass and wood-en bowls etc. Cftl.l 564-2290.

    P r ob ate Judge There wi ll be a Baked Bean County Attorney

    and Ham Supper on Wod. Nov. County Treasurer 9th at St Paul's Parish Hall, County Commis -from 5 to 7 P.M. Hunters wel- s ioner

    Millard Kimball F.'. Davi.s Cla r k * Ju


    JCT. HEALTH COUNCIL The Brownville Jet. Health

    Council has announced that the physicals were held this week at the Elementary School with c 100% parent participation.

    The Council sponsors these examinations in three grades each year as well as the physi -cals for those in athletics.

    This year the council will al-so supervise a program of iro -munization against measles.


    Back up slowly, says the Mmne Safety Com!r'ittee. Fast backin~ can lead to a quick crackup if another fast driver failed to spot you in time tore -duce his speed.

    Pumping brakes with a rapid intermi ttentaction is the saf-est.way to stop a car onroad surfaces made slippery by ice or snow, says the Maine High-way Safety Coromittee.

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    ion Honors Del

    l[iant A Chang~ For Piscataquis County

    (Photo by Mike Brigham)

    A meeting arranged by Mrs. Ward Scripture, Chairmanof Gi rls ' State and Paul Valente, Chairman of Boys' State for Milo was helC: Wednesday, Oct. 26 at the American Legion Hall, for the Boys' and Girls' State delegates and their parents.

    A delious ham supper was served by the following committee:




    Mrs. Mary Kelly, Mr s. Elnora Ellis and Mrs. Ethel Perry. Waitresses were Jane Osgood, Rhoda Gould, Ada Nutter, Sar ah Clement, Mrs. Audrey. Brockway, Mrs. Alta Valente, Mrs. Eva Scripture, music was furnished by Mrs. Adelia Leanard.

    Guests wereMr. &Mrs. James Boyle of Waterville, Mrs. L. MargaretMurow of Newport and Principal & Mrs. Harry Deil and Neil Arbo, County Commander of ihe American Legionand the following delegates and thei r aprents ; Nathaniel Crosby, son of Mr. & Mrs. Luthan Crosby, sponsoredbytheCountyCouncil; ' KendallLord, sonofMr. &Mrs. LinwardLord and Sheldon Mc -Lean, son of Mrs. John McLean, both sponsored by the Ameri-canLegion;Charles Horne, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hor ne, andJohnMasterman, sonof Mr. & Mrs. J ohn Masterman J r., both sponsored by the Lion 's Club; Rodney Bushway, son of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bushway and James Degerstrom, son of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Degers trom, both sponsored by the Derby Im -provement Society. Joanne Lovell, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dana Lovell, sponsored by the Audya Club; Stephanie Leavitt, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Leavitt, sponsored by the Am -eric an Legion and P. P . Par ley; Stephanie Howard, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Howard, sponspred by the Nurses Guild; Georgia Hamlin, daughter of Mr. & Mr s. George Hamlin, spon-sored by the D. of U. Vet & Penquis Barracks Aux. and Janice Buzzell, daughter of Iris Buzzell, sponsored by the Derby Im-provei]]l)ent Society.

    Roger Stanchfield introduced all the guests and Mr. James Boyle gave a very interesting and informative talk on how the Boys' and Girls' State were formed and the purpose o the grow -ingorganization. Mr. Boyle was the first Adjutant of the Am-erican Legion in this state and has l:}eld that office for 45 years.

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    ZEPHHYUS CLUB The Zeph:ryus Club mel Wed .

    . ght ~ t the Rome Ec. room wit1~5 l,~ewlx,rs and 1 guest pr.::sert. Mr.. Allyn Ward, Elt:/,10Etary ~~tpervisor spoke en the surnmer school program :.eLl tl

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    ' / , .. r~~/; _, ; ';' ', ~ j;\ I '

    ~ t:~r r~;~ ~ ! l. '

    ~ ,., ...

    . .. - ~ ...

    The I. S.M. A. Baton Contest was held in the Foxcroft A cad-

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    Re-Elect Your State Senator




    Two years ago you elected me your State Senator. I ha\'c tried to serve you faithfully - to repres ent you all - to look after your best interests .

    I fought for more school subsidies, for the crash program for the University of Maine, for cheaper electric powct, for the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, for higher minimum wagel; and for more industrial development.

    For two years I have tr ied to be the b est Senator I know hO\Y to be. I have not been inte r ested in collec ting ti ties or in spend -ing the taxpayers ' money traveling all over the countryside to attend conventions. What I have been doing is attending legisla-tive sessions and working for you.

    As a working man, I have done my best to represent you. If you want responsible representation to help move Maine for-ward, I would deeply appr eciate your support.

    ~~rv'J & ~, c '/1-t, fYvc.. 'I i emy gymnasium last Saturday with participants coming from as far away as


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