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Canadian Language & Culture Camps 2012. Experience Canadian culture in a beautiful country setting where you can watch the sun rise and set from a 2500 square foot deck overlooking a grove of trees, a golf course and a lakeyou might even see some deer!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Praxis Group of Schools

Canadian Language &Culture Camps2012

Experience Canadian culture in a beautiful country setting where you can watch the sun rise and set from a 2500 square foot deck overlooking a grove of trees, a golf course and a lakeyou might even see some deer!

Feel the open spaces inside the home-like school where you can read or chat with friends, or write to friends and family in our internet connected sitting area..

Sit in any one of several activity pods where you can work in small groups, play games, or just talk with othersAnd downstairs you have access to 2500 square feet of recreational space with yoga swings, shuffleboard, pool table, darts, treadmill and workout bag

Our facilities are eco-friendly. Our washrooms are bright and cheery with black Spanish marble floors, recirculating hot water showers, low flow rainwater showerheads and composting toilets.. Our sleeping areas accommodate only 4 people per room with beautifully bright windows, lovely hardwood floors, bunk-beds, cupboards and closets.

6Cozy up by the fire under the 16 foot cathedral ceilings on a chilly night in the winter..

or outside by the fire roasting marshmallows singing campfire songs and telling stories.

We have internet throughout the entire facility so learning can take place anywhere, anytime. We love to work with small groups as they build their skills by doing rather than reading and memorizing.

Great activities like painting a building together are fun and create wonderful opportunities to practice language and make friends..

not to mention practicing your painting skills. (Its okay if you get a little on you )

Together, we can make a cake

or pizza. Here, working with their Canadian partner, each student made their own pizza from scratch..

then ate every last bite! It was great fun.

Depending on when you come, we can plan many activities that involve Canadian children. Here we visited a public school to meet new friends and everyone had the opportunity to share their own culture.

We have excursions to wonderful places like Wanuskewin, where you can learn how to build a teepee

or simply take time to relax and hang out with friends, either inside

or on the deck where you can enjoy the open spaces of the prairies .

and be amazed at the natural displays that Canada has to offer...

And of course there is golfing and refreshments at the Solar Garden restaurant. The food is fresh and wholesome and the golf course is just up the hill from a regional park and swimming pool

The Solar Garden Restaurant is a real working restaurant owned by Praxis International Institute. Its a short walk from Praxis and always has fresh treats for its patrons.

And we have special classes in the conference rooms at the Solar Garden when we need lots of work space..

and learn about environmental sustainability. This beautiful stone wall soaks up the heat during the day and keeps the place warm during the night.

Say Goodbye to a wonderful group of students we hosted from Japan in Spring of 2011! They really enjoyed the outdoors and the friendly people in our community..

And another group of youth from across Canada.

Its always hard to say good-bye but lifelong friendships are built .

We would love to host your child too..Camp Activities English language gained through activities, friendship, and teachingOutdoor activities that encourage friendship, exploration and physical activityIndoor activities that encourage learning and cooperationExtracurricular activities that encourage learning about the world around usCamp staff skilled in language and activities for youthSafe, clean and environmentally sustainable facilityPick up and drop off at airportEnglish speaking Youth Language Buddies to ensure support for language acquisitionEasy application process

We believe in global citizenship..FeesStay 1 week to 12 weeksDiscounts apply the longer your child staysIf your child remains and attends Praxis International Institute after the camps, the application fee will be waivedApply today

$1000/week$3500/4 weeks$6500/8 weeks$9000/12 weeksIncludes tuition, activities, room & boardDoesnt include personal expenses such as gifts, treats, personal items, or other personal expenses


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